Huron County Photos


Photos and Info submitted by Mary Freeman.

1st Photo
The Old Family Homestead was on Route 61 and the barn said C. Herner 1908. The Herner family lived in the towns of Monroeville, Norwalk and Huron, Ohio. Vitus Herner and George Adam Hoerner arrived from Germany around the Civil War and established their families in the Monroeville area.

2nd Photo
Marriage photo of my grandparents, Charles Herner (b. April 20, 1873, d. April 10, 1953) and Margaret Herner (b. Feb. 28, 1879, d. Dec 23, 1973). They lived on a farm in Huron county in the Monroeville area.

3rd Photo
Margaret Herner holding her infant daughter Dorothy Mae Herner (later Mrs. Howard Mellein, she was born Jan 21, 1912, died Nov. 13, 1966).

4th Photo
Simmons School Nov. 10, 1914. The boy on the far left is my father, Raymond Carl Herner (b. Nov. 6, 1904, d. Dec. 10, 1984). I think the third boy from the left in the back row is one of his brothers, Earl Herner, but I'm not positive about that.

5th Photo
Dad's eighth grade picture. He is the second boy from the right (Raymond Carl Herner). The taller boy to his left in the back row is his brother Earl Clinton Herner.

6th Photo
Greenfield basketball team of 1924-1925.
My father writes about them in a book of memoirs he wrote for my sisters and I. They were called the Greenfield Night Hawks. Apparently every crossroads community had a basketball team and this team played mostly at the Peru Community House, but did their practicing in the Herner barn. The players are labeled on the back, but part of the writing is cut off. Left to right:
Clarence "Cocky" Herner
Wray "Dutch" Aumend
Alfred "Al" Schaechterle
Floyd "Bish" Bishop
Earl "Stub" Herner

7th Photo
The 3 gentlemen in the one photo, are all relatives. Charles Herner is the one standing, Dan Grine and Fritz Herner are the other two. I think, this postcard was made at Cedar Point.

6th Photo
Herner Model T car, probably my dad in photo.

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