Smiths Journey From Connecticut


Submitted by Rowlan R. Smith

Huron County First Families Member #232

HARCY SMITH was born 14 December 1787 in North Haven, New Haven Connecticut, the son of OLIVER SMITH and THANKFUL BROCKETT. He died 14 June 1853 in North Farifield, Huron County, Ohio and was buried in North Fairfield Cemetery (old), North Fairfield, Huron County, Ohio.

On 03 June 1812, he married SARAH GOBEIDE in North Haven, New Haven, Connecticut. Sarah was born about 1790 also in New Haven, CT. She died about 1875 in Riley Township, Clinton Co., Michigan.

Sometime before the birth of their first child, LAMBERTON who was born about 1813, they moved to Turin in Lewis County or Black River County, NY. Between 1813 and 1828, eight more children were born, all in the village of Turin; GOBEIDE about 1814, MERVILL (MERVILLE?) about 1815, FRANKLIN A., about 1817, LUCINA (LUCINDA) about 1819, MELINA (MELINDA) about 1820, HERSHEY about 1823, ORDELIA A. 21 February 1824 and OEL THAYER, 04 July 1827.

On 11 August, 1835, HARCY purchased 30 acres for $250.00 in section two of Fairfield Township, Huron Co., Ohio from V. W. and RUSINIA RATHBONE of Huron Co., Ohio (Note #1). HARCY mortgaged the 30 acres for $400.00 to BENAJA GARDINER on 21 April 1849 (Note #2). Executors of HARCY's estate later canceled this mortgage on 22 AUG 1853. BETSEY KIMBALL, as executor of MOSES KIMBALL estate sold to HARCY SMITH of Fairfield 56 acres in section two of Fairfield township (NOTE #3). HARCY had contracted for this sale on 07 OCT 1835 for $350.00. The deed was dated 12 JAN 1850. Executors of HARCY SMITH'S estate sold to JAMES DAVIS (Husband of LUCINA SMITH) for $2,600.00, 56 acres plus 30 acres in deed dated 06 AUG 1853 (Note #4). There also is a deed whereby the Executors of HARCY SMITH sold 16 acres to JOHN HARVEY in section two of Fairfield township on 05 NOV 1854 (NOTE # 5). This acreage was purchased 19 JUNE 1850 by HARCY from STEPHEN and ALVIRA DAY of Prebble, Courtland County, NY for $50.00 (Note #6).

In about the year 1849, MELINA (MELINDA?) wife of WILLIAM B. DAVIS died leaving her husband and four children.

On JUNE 14, 1853, HARCY died leaving a will dated 01 JUNE 1853dividing his estate among his wife, SARAH, and his eight living children and his four grandchildren born of MELINA (MELINDA?) and WILLIAM R. HARRIS. In his will, filed 22 JUNE 1853, he made bequests totaling $2,939.00 out of an estate inventory of $3,055.64 filed 07 AUG 1853 (Note # 7).

HARCY'S ninth and last child OEL THAYER married MARANDA ROSE ROGERS, born 06 SEPT 1826 in Sempronius, Cayuga County, NY on 08 MAR 1848 in North Fairfield, Huron Co., OH (Note# 8). Of this union, seven children were born, six of them in OH: BYRON SETH 12 JULY 1849, MELVILLE DELOS 25 JAN 1852, FAYETTE WILNEY 09 MAR 1855, HENRY and PHOEBE about 1860 (both died in infancy) and MAGGIE LOUISA 29 JUNE 1866 born in Gratiot County, MI. OEL had moved to Gratiot Co, MI about April 1866 and about a year later to Clinton Co., MI (NOTE # 9).


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