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Huron County Ohio Genealogy

Huron County Courthouse

2 E Main St Norwalk, OH 44857
The hours are Monday through Friday - 8:30am to 4:30pm. Closed Saturday and Sunday
The people working within the courthouse are doing just that. Working.
They can not do your research for you or answer research questions.
They can, however, direct you to where you can find the public records.

*Probate Court *Marriage records from 1815 to the present.
*Birth and Death records from 1867 to 1908. Remember that it was not the law to record births or deaths until 1867.
*Guardianship records and Settlement records and Appointment of Administrator/Executor from 1815 to the present.
*Final record volumes, Civil Docket volumes and Court Journal volumes from 1851 to the present.
*Delayed Birth Registrations from around 1866 to the present.
*Estate Packets from 1852 to the present.
*County Recorder
*Sufferers records from 1792 to around 1811.
*Land deeds, Mortgage records and Plat records from 1808 to the present.
*Soldiers' discharge Civil War to the present.
*Soldiers' burial miscellaneous.
*Miscellaneous records 1815 to the present.
*County Auditor (Some records on microfiche.)
*Personal & Real Estate Tax records from 1815 to the present (incomplete).
*Clerk of Courts (Many records are on fiche from 1815 forward.)
*Journals from 1870 to the present.
*Law records from 1870 to the present.
*Chancery records from 1870 to the present.
*Supreme Court record - Law and Chancery from 1870 to the present.
*Partition records from 1820 to the present.
*Divorce Records from 1900 to the present.
*County Engineer - Map Department
*Road records, current tax and township maps, older atlases and land owner maps.
*County Commissioners, 180 Milan Ave, Norwalk, OH 44857
*Commissioners' Journals from 1950 to the present.

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