As seen in Picturesque Huron, 1896

Eleutheros Cooke died at his home in Sandusky December 27 1864.  For nearly a half century, his name was identified with  many public enterprises and improvements incident to settling the Firelands.  He was the pioneer of railroad enterprise in the West, having been the original projector and earnest co-worker in the construction of the Mad River Railroad, which was the first railroad built west of the Alleghany  Mountains and the fourth in the United States.   He served in both branches of State Legislature and as a member of Congress.  As a lawyer he had few equals in Ohio.  He was born in Granville, N.Y., December 25, 1787,  the year in which the constitution of the United States was framed by the general convention, and his name Eleutheros was given in commemoration of that event. He was at one time a resident of Lyme Township, at Cooke's Corners, this county, and a view of his home, the birth place of his son, the eminent financier, Jay Cooke, is given elsewhere in this volume. 

   p. 288

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