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The Chicago Times

(NOTE: Willard, Ohio was previously know as Chicago Junction and Chicago, Ohio.)

Chicago Times 16 JAN 1885
David Hillis died at his residence in Chicago Junction on Sunday, Jan. 4, '85 in the 71st year of his age.
He was born in Chester County, PA, Sept. 30th, 1814.
At the age of 18, he moved to the State of Ohio where he has since resided.
He left in triumph with blessed hope of a glorious resurection.
The funeral sermon was preached by Rev. B. L. Knoll,
from St. John 11th chapter and 25th verse.

Vol.V., No. 34 Chicago Ohio Friday, January 27, 1888
$1.25 per year

Again has an impressive warning come to teach us that in the midst of life we are in death. Mary Lucinda Smith departed this life at the residence of her mother, with whom she recently made her home, on Monday morning, January 16, 1888, at half past ten o'clock, aged 50 years, 10 months and 7 days. r
Mary Lucinda bishop was born in Huron County, Ohio, March 8th, 1837, and remained with her parents, in that place until forty-five years of age. At the age of 45 she was untied in marriage to Philander W. Smith, a prominent and wealthy citizen of San-Luis obispo, California, to whom she was devoted, with an ardor that many waters could not quench.

In April 1882, in company with her husband, she left the parental roof to enjoy the happiness of her future home in California. They remained there but a period of six months, in the meantime making complete arrangements of matters of importance to them, they again took leave of friends and home and returned to California, where they expected to enjoy the blessedness of marriage; the fruits of their joint labor, and where they should lead each other hand in hand down the western slope of life's steep hill to rest together at its foot in a long repose.

But soon after their arrival there Mrs. Smith's health became broken. She was attacked with rheutism of that peculiar type know as "stiff jointed." The best medical aid to be obtained was summoned to treat her but to no avail," it had come to stay." Fully realizing her condition, Mr. Smith decided to bring her to Ohio, where she would be nearer her friends, and sincerely hoped the change would be beneficial to her.

Accordingly in the spring of 1887 they arrived in Ohio. Since their arrival here the efforts of physicians who have made this disease a specialty have signally failed. the fatal strke came last Monday and she was called away--not to darkness--but to serener light and angelic ministry, where the stars are brighter than day, and where mortality assumes immortality and where life becomes an endless splendor...affectionate wife and society a valuable member. She died with a blessed hope of heaven, and by her death gave evidence of a well-finished life. She died only to live again.

She is only waiting for that call which is to summon the sea and earth to give up their dead, when she will join the "white robed throng" around God's celestial throne andenjoy the music which gladdened hearts of the stately sons and dark-eyed daughters of Israel.

Appropriate funeral services were held in the Universalist church in Havana, O. Rev. C. P. Nash delivered on of his eloquent sermons, taking for his text " To die is gain." The remains were interred in Norwich cemetery. The bereaved husband and friends have the heartfelt sympathy of the entire community. But may they have consloation in Him who said "I am the ressurection" and wait patiently for the "dawning of the morning" when they shall wake to weep no more. G. and G.

Steuben Stipplings

The ladies of the Second Congregational Church gave a dime social at the residence of Wm. McMorris on Wednesday evening of last week. It was an enjoyable affair, a large number being present, the evening being spent in social chat and listening to good music. The receipts were $12.15.

Fred Davis is teaching in Miss Cora McMasters' room in the public school this week ,as she has been suffereing with a severe attack of quinsy.

Tuesday, Jan. 10, being the 58th anniversary of the birth of Thomas Davis, a large number of his friends gathered at his residence while he was at church and of course he was surprised when he reached home to find his quiet home the scene of such merriment. Tom was the recipient of many nice presents, which were presented by Wm. McMorris in a neat little speech. It will be an occasion long to be remembered by him, and if you were to see him with his nice fur cap, scarf, comfortable artics, etc., you could imagine how he feels.

Steuben can boast of something new--a barber shop. Did you ever! I expect all the girls will have their hair cut pompadour and the boys theirs cut curly now, but when you want a clean shave call on Mort. O.J.C.

Centerton Items

The happenings are of their usual sober character and it is improbable that the people here will be required to vote on the local option question.

A place of amusement has been started by Mr. Byers but seems to be of a strictly temperate character.

We can report no weddings or deaths. Geo. Letts is happy over the acquisition of a daughter for a heir.

Some of the citizens have commenced an interesting suit before Justice Robbins to determine where the center of the highway is located. One party claiming that the other had his fence built on public property, he thereupon used physical force and removed said fence... lawyers Severance and Beil are counsel for the parties.

The young people are fixing a series of dances in Gage's Hall every two weeks from Wednesday, Jan. 25. Some pleasant parties have been reported. Mr. Reely continues to ship timber from here to Sandusky, having snipped about 600 cord.

Last Friday evening, Mr. Buzzard's school indulged in a spelling contest. The honors were divided between Madge Bradley and Gay Prouix.

A number of our citizens anticipate a considerable elevation of temperature--probably next August, as they are storing their ice houses.

We should not forget to mention the activity of our millers, Messrs. White & Miller who are operating a feed mill, grinding every Thursday. They report considerable work, requiring two and three days to complete what is brought in each week.

Administrator Sale of Real Estate

In pursuance of an order of the Probabe Court of Huron County, Ohio, I will offer for sale at public auction, on Saturday, February 4th 1888 at one o'clock p.m., upon the premises, the following described real estate, subject to the dower and homestead of Nancy Sweet, widow of Benjamin Sweet) situate in the County of Huron and state of Ohio to wit:

Being sixty-two and one half acres (62 1/2) off the south end of Lot No. twenty-seven (27), Section one (1) of Norwich township, in said county of Huron. Appraised at $2000. Terms of sale:--One third in hand, one third in year and one third in two years from the day of sale, with interest; the payments to be secured by mortagage upon the premises sold. Lewis Kirkwood,"Adminstrator of Benjamin Sweet,deceased

Daisy Belle, daughter of James and Anna M. Duncan. Born October 17, 1880, at Iberia, Morrow County, Ohio. Died January 16, 1888 at Chicago, Ohio aged 7 years, 2 months and 29 days. A brief service was held at the house, conducted by Revs. Long and Keesy, Tuesday morning. The remains were taken to their former home at Iberia, and the funeral service was held in the Presbyterian Church conducted by Rev. A. C. Christ.

The grand and petit jury for the February term of court are as follows:


WM. Stark, 3rd Ward city.
G. D. Fuller, Hartland.
James Robertson, New London.
R. A. Atyeo, Ripley.
Jno. P. Lee, Clarksfield.
Henry Robinson, Hartland.
G.M.Ryerson, Peru.
F.C. Linder, New Haven.
Chas. Burgel, Ridgefield.
W.F. Snyder, Peru.
Cordon Harrington, Fairfield.
Richard Kirkpatrick, New London.
Geo Peadon, Ridgefield.
J.K. Cole, Townsend.
Thos. Jarret, Townsend.

Petit Jury

B. F. Day, Fairfield.
J. E. McCullow, Greenwich.
Lemuel Merry, Lyme.
W.R. Little, 1st Ward City.
Peter Hobler, Peru.
E.M. Carpenter, Fairfield.
Emory Robinson, Fitchville.
Chas. Jones, Fitchville.
N. Rupp Ridgeville.
Martin Sattig, 1st Ward City.
Jno. D. Mahl, Sherman.
A.F. Blair, Townsend.
W.M. Robinson, Norwich.
Alfred Foreman, 2nd Ward City.
Chas. Butler, 3rd Ward City.
Joseph Vonthron, 3rd Ward City.
Frank Mason, Lyme.
Wm Himberger, 2nd Ward City.
T.L. Mead, Greenwich.

The Grand Jury will be summoned to appear on Monday, February 13th and the Petit Jury on Monday, February 20th.

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