The Carl & Hawkins Families

The CARL & HAWKINS Families
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The CARL & HAWKINS Families

WIlliam CARL was born 15 March 1784 in Greenwich, Fairfield County, CT. According to a letter dating 1908 from his daughter Sarah M. (CARL) CULVER, to her niece, Almeda (CARL) BARKER. William was of Welsh decent. His father's name was Adoniram and his mother's name was Millie. Adoniram died when William was six years old and he was adopted by a Quaker family. He had only one brother and two sisters. His brother died when a young man. One sister married Silas BARTON and lived a few miles east of Albany, New York.

William CARL was in the War of 1812 for a short time. He married Martha WEED on March 4, 1812 and came to Huron County, Ohio in 1830. Seven of the children were born in Greenwich, CT. They are Mary Jane (CARL) GRIFFIN b. 22 Nov 1813; Daniel Hait CARL b. 10 Feb 1816; John M. CARL b. 18 Nov. 1818; Nathan CARL b. 05 May 1821; Rhoda Ann (CARL) HAWKINS b. 26 May 1823; Elvira (CARL) FOWLER b. 09 Mar 1827; and William CARL b. 26 Apr 1829. Sarah M. (CARL) CULVER was b. 08 May 1833 in Greenwich, OH and Emily L. CARL was b. 08 Mar 1836 in Greenwich, Ohio. William died 03 Jan. 1864 at his residence in Greenwich Station, after a short illness. He is buried alongside his wife, in Edwards Grove Cemetery in Ripley Township.

Martha WEED, wife of William CARL was born in Stamford, CT 06 Feb 1793. Her father's name was Enos WEED and was a cousin of Thurlow WEED of Albany. Martha had two sisters and one brother, Daniel Hait WEED. At one time, according to family history, he lived in Medina, Ohio and built the Court House there. Later he moved to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin and died there in 1852. Martha died 25 Mar 1870 and is buried in the Edwards Grove Cemetery in Ripley Township.

Daniel H. CARL, son of William CARL was born 10 Feb 1816 in Stamford, CT. He came with his parents to Greenwich. He married Elizabeth Hine HAWKINS who was born in Cortland County, NY. She had come to Ruggles, Huron Co. around 1840 and was the daughter of Eleazer HAWKINS b. 08 Mar 1786 in Derby, CT. Daniel and Elizabeth CARL had four children: Emily Jane CARL who was born around 1842 and was one of the first women to earn a literary degree from the ladies deparment of Oberlin College. Atlanta M. CARL was born about 1844, and Arthur Winfield CARL was born 14 June 1846 in Ripley. Arthur W. CARL married 30 May 1877 to Delila MORRIS, daughter of Myron MORRIS and Elvira BLODGETT.

It is interesting to note that Daniel H. CARL's sister, Rhoda Ann CARL married Samuel Sperry HAWKINS, a brother of Elizabeth. And that John M. CARL, brother to Daniel and Elizabeth CARL also married Harriet HAWKINS, sister of Elizabeth and Eleazer HAWKINS. So there were three siblings of the CARL family that married three siblings of the HAWKINS family. In a book, written by my grandmother, these ancestors were referred to as "double cousins."

Elizabeth (HINE) HAWKINS was born 15 June 1818 in Cortland County, NY. She came to Ruggles about 1840. She married Daniel H. CARL 15 Oct 1841 in Huron County. As noted above, she was one of three HAWKINS siblings that married three CARL siblings. She died 10 Feb 1899 in New London.

Myron N. MORRIS was born in Gorham, NY 16 May 1813. He came to Ashland County, Ohio in 1834 but is found to be in Clarksfield by 1845. Myron married 18 May 1834, Elvira BLODGETT while still in Gorham. He died in New London 12 Jan 1885 and is buried in Grove Street Cemetery along with his wife.

Arthur Winfield CARL was born in Ripley, Huron co., Ohio 14 Jun 1846, son of Daniel H. CARL and Elizabeth H. HAWKINS. My grandmaother wrote of him having a long white beard like Santa Claus that kept him warm in the winter. As the story is told, Arthur CARL worked on the Greenbrier Hotel in Alderson, West Virginia when it was being built. When Grandma was a child, Arthur had a buggy shop on West Main Street in New London. He repaired buggies, made new wheels for them and put rubber tires and other hard rings on the wheels. Grandma remembered going to the shop with him to watch him work. He apparently was a very economical man. When he lived alone he ate mostly eggs and sour milk. It would only cost him $1.00/week for food. He was a very kind man who enjoyed visiting his granddaughter.

Eleazer HAWKINS was born 08 Mar 1786 in Derby, CT. His parents were Samuel HAWKINS and Hannah FRENCH. He married 24 Dec 1807 Polly SPERRY in New Haven, CT. Polly SPERRY was born 10 Nov 1786 in Woodbridge, CT to Medad SPERRY and Elizabeth HINE. In October 1809, they removed to Cortland County, NY with their infant son, William. There they remained until 1839 when they came to Huron County, Ohio. Eleazer HAWKINS was a carriage maker by trade. He and Polly had six children: William b. 21 Sept 1808; Caroline b. 1811; Emily b. 1813 d. 1877; Maria b. 1815; Elizabeth Hine HAWKINS b. 1818; Samuel Sperry HAWKINS b. 1821; and Harriet HAWKINS b. 1824. Eleazer HAWKINS died 28 Dec 1869 at Ripley, Huron county, Ohio.

Moses Ransom DAY was born in 08 Apr 1806 in Vermont. He and his brother, Oliver were cousins of Ephraim DAY. He had other brothers as well, but they went west to Iowa. Moses R. DAY is first found in Huron County in 1837. He first lived with his cousin Ephraim and Upton CLARK and later in New London, where he died. Moses married Sarah Jane BOOTH, daughter of John and was born about 1812, also in Vermont. Sarah and their son Elliot Glyde DAY followed him at a later date. Moses died 03 May 1880 at the age of 74 and is buried in the Day Cemetery in New London along with his wife and son, Elliot Glyde DAY.

James CALLIN was the fourth son of John CALLIN and Elizabeth SIMON. He was born 18 July 1815 in PA. He married Susanna STOUT 17 Dec 1839. They had two children, Mary Ann CALLIN b. 10 Mar 1840 in Huron Co., and Sabra born in Nov of 1841. Sabra was blind as a child and attended the School for the Blind in Columbus where she learned to read braille, bead baskets and to sew beautifully. Mary Ann CALLIN m. Elliot Glyde DAY. She died unexpectedly 20 Nov 1900 leaving her husband, an invalid daughter and blind sister. She is buried at Day Cemetery in New London.

Susanna STOUT lived to be 91 years old. She and her daughter, Sabra lived in a little house on East Main St. James CALLIN d. 02 Nov 1873 and his wife, Susanna STOUT d. 05 Jun 1899. Both are buried in the Day Cemetery in New London.