Submitted by R. Scott Purvis

Huron County First Family #190

John Bentley, Sr. and his wife, Anna Parker were living in Florence, Ohio, by 1829. There daughter, Margaret Bentley married Moses Trumbull, M.D., and the couple were residing in Florence Township, Huron County, Ohio, by 1832. It was reported that 700 attended the funeral of Dr. Moses Trumbull in Wakeman, Ohio. Moses was age 0-9 in Daniel Trumbullís Lansing , NY, household in 1820, before coming to Florence, Erie County, Ohio, and later to Wakeman, Huron County, Ohio. Their daughter, Mary Ann Trumbull born in Florence Township, Huron County in 1837 married Lyman Scott, of Clarksfield Township. His parents were Lewis and Eliza (Young) Scott who were residing in Clarksfield Township, Huron County by 1837.

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