as seen in Picturesque Huron, 1896

Hon Gideon T. Stewart, Esq. was born in Johnstown, N.Y., in 1824.  At the age of 14 he removed with his parents to Oberlin, where he attended college, but left in his sophomore year in order to study law, first in Norwalk, and later in Columbus O. with Attorney Swayne, afterwards of the  U.S. Supreme Court.  He began the practice of law in August 1846.  Mr. Stewart was also and editor of distinguished ability.  He edited the Whig organ at Norwalk for three years, and in 1864 the Dubuque Daily Times.  He owned at one time a  one-half interest in the Toledo Daily Blade, and later a half interest in the Toledo Commercial.  In politics, Mr. Stewart is known throughout the United States as a prominent Prohibitionist, receiving many honors at that party's hands.  He has been a nominee for 
supreme judge and for Governor of Ohio, on the state ticket, and also candidate for vice president on the national Prohibition ticket.   He is one of Norwalk's most able and distinguished citizens.
Harlon L. Stewart was born in Norwalk, O. Dec. 12 1861, the son of Hon. G.T. Stewart.  Harlon received his early education in the public 
schools of the city, and later at the Ohio State University.  In 1882,  he entered the newspaper business, first publishing the Daily News, and 
afterwards, the Experiment-News.   He waas nominated, by the democrats, for their candidate for Congress in 1890, but as the district was republican, he was defeated.  In 1891, he was elected as State Senator, 
and was the youngest member of the  body.  He was nominated for reelection in 1893, but was defeated.  He devotes his time to his publishing 
business.  He married Ora, daughter of W.L. and Rosaltha G.  (Bostwick) Parker, of Norwalk.