World War I Veterans of Huron County

Kevin A. Powers of Midland, GA has a book with the following Huron County, Ohio people listed as having been in WWI. The book contains pictures and biographies of any of these men and women. If you find someone here that you can prove a relationship with, contact Kevin with your request. When requesting a picture and/or biography, remember to tell Kevin the name of the book and the full name and rank of the person of interest.

Remember that Kevin is a volunteer. He is not obligated to do this for you. Please have much patience when requesting anything from any of our volunteers. They all have real lives. Thanks Kevin!

Commissioned Officers

Name and {Rank}*

Anderson, Lawrence   {2L} Barrett, Stuart J    {2L} Bateham, Boyd E    {L} Bateham, E. P.   {Ens}
Battles, Melvin L    {L} Beattie, Arthur J   {1L} Beattie, Homer M    {Wag} Bell, Clement L.V .   {1L}
Bump, LeRoy  {Col} Burdue, Hugh S   {Cpt} Campbell, Murton L  {1L} Calhoun, Floyd B  {1L}
Callaghan, Robert{2L} Cleland, Chester C{1L} Conners, Harry  {1L} Conners, James   {1L}
Crites, Dean O  {2L} Culp, Ross Sherman   {Com} Curtis, Paul W  {1L} Davis, Albert W  {Col}
Davis, Glenn B  {LCom} Dehe, Joseph  {2L} DeLaven, M T  {1L} Dempsey, John P  {Cpt}
Dewey, Herman R  {Cpt} Donaldson, Robert  {Maj} Erb, William L  {Cpt} Evans, Charles O   {Ens}
Francis, Arthur J   {1L} Freeman, Forest J  {2L} Fulston, Forest J   {2L} Fulston, Philip H   {Cpt}
Funnell, Alfred  {Chpl} Gardner, Douglass L.  {1L} Gibbs, Ralph W   {Maj} Gilger, Lewis Chapman  {1L}
Gill, Robert C  {Maj} Greenslade, Russell M  {1L} Greulich, Gerald   {2L} Harding, Charles   {Cpt}
Hershiser, Ralph C  {1L} Irwin, Ralph E  {Ens} Jones, Ralph Wickham  {1L} Kegereis, Leland   {Ens}
Kinney, Clinton H   {1L} Lamb, Horace R   {1L} Lamb, Robert D   {2L} Latham, James   {2L}
Lawrence, George W   {2L} Liles, Fred C   {L} Longstreet, Glenn M.  {2L} Mack, Charles V.  {1L}
Mackintosh, Angus A  {1L} Markt, Howard  {Ens} Merritt, William Ford  {2L} McCreight, Granville C.  {L}
McFadden, Bruce  {1L} Ogan, Charles  {L} Peak, Edward M  {Cpt} Pilkey, Benjamin C.  {1L}
Robinson, Benjamin C   {1L} Scherer, Theodore C   {1L} Schock, Leland D  {L} Sheldon, Harold W   {1L}
Sipher, John Albro  {Cpt} Smith, Ralph E  {L} Soisson, Leon  {L} Spurrier, Charles  {2L}
Starbird, H P    {1L} Stewart, Harlon Parker   {Cpt} Taylor, David Adams  {2L} Terry, Myron E  {2L}
Tompkins, Clarence B   {Cpt} Van Dusen, James Wallace  {Col} Vickery, M A  {1L} {Av} Whisler, Lehr H   {2L}
Wickham, John A.  {Cpt} Wickham, Romeyn  {Maj} Williams, Frederick F  {2L} Williams, James  {HL}
Williams, Otis P   {2L} Williams, William C  {Cpt} Willoughby, Lloyd C  {Ens} Wright, Ford  {Ens}
Wright, Harold  {1L} Yanquell, Charles C  {2L} Young, Henry  {1L}


{1L} 1st Lieutenant {2L} 2nd Lieutenant {Av}  Aviation {Chpl}  Chaplain {Col}   Colonel {Com}  Commander
{Cpt} Captain {Ens}   {Ens}ign {L}  Lieutenant {LCom}  Lieutenant Commander {Maj}  Major {Wag} Wagoner

Non-Commissioned Officers

Name and {Rank}*

Allen, Donald Felton  {Corp} Amsden, Russell  {Sgt} Antrim, Ivan G   {Corp} Antrim, Truman L   {Blks}
Aten, Carl F  {Corp} Bailey, James  {Corp} Barnes, Rollie S   {Wag} Barton, Lane Wickham   {Corp}
Bates, Charles F     {Cook} Bauer, Wm J  {MMech} Beard, Ruey  {Corp} Beattie, Homer M   {Wag}
Beck, Clarence  {Corp} Becker, Roscoe W  {Corp} Bedell, Marion S  {Corp} Beecher, Herbert C  {SpSgt}
Beeman, Robert P   {Sgt} Bell, Harry R   {Corp} Bell, Lloyd  {Sgt} Benedict, Elden V   {Chem}
Berry, John  {Corp} Bevier, Frank L  {ChRx} Bevier, Ralph W  {Corp} Blackett, Chas  {Wag}
Boose, Clarence F  {Corp} Bowen, Harold S   {Sgt} Bower, William J  {Corp} Bower, Walcott R   {Corp}
Boyle, Ralph E  {Sgt} Bracy, Ford   {Mech} Bradish, Joy D  {Cook} Brannigan, John  {Sgt}
Broome, Clifford E  {MarGun} Broome, Charles Leroy  {Fire} Broome, Harry H   {Corp} Brown, Frank J  {Sgt}
Brown, Harlon C  {Sgt} Brown, Raymond W    {RxMate} Brunk, Earl A  {Marms} Brunk, Wm C  {MtrMech}
Burns, Charles A   {Corp} Burrell, Fay  {Sgt} Burrer, Frederick  {Cook} Burrer, John   {Sgt}
Call, Jay A  {Sgt} Carrigan, William  {Sgt} Cavanaugh, Leslie J  {Corp} Chapman, Charles A    {Gun}
Cherry, Dean D  {Corp} Christie, A T   {AFClk} Claflin, William J  {Wag} Clemmons, Ernest  {Corp}
Coleman, Edward   {Corp} Collins, Jay W  {CPO} Conners, Joseph   {Corp} Conney, Frank J  {Corp}
Cook, George W  {Corp} Cook, J Burt   {Corp} Cranston, Clyde J  {Corp} Creech, Wllliam   {Cook}
Crites, Percy A  {Sgt} Culley, Carl  {Corp} Davis, Carl R  {Sgt} Davis, Clarence E   {Fire}
DeLano, Herbert M   {Corp} Dellinger, Cloyce W   {Corp} Doane, Ira L   {Sgt} Douglass, Harry P  {Sgt}
Downing, Lloyd H  {Sgt} Dymer, William  {Sgt} Easterlin, Maine J L  {Sgt} Eby, William   {Corp}
Eichenlaub, Valley  {Farr} Ernslie, Jim E  {Corp} Ernslie, Tim G  {Sgt} Endle, Walter H   {Sgt}
Enwright, John  {Sgt} Enwright, Lawrence   {Mech} Enwright, Roger  {RSgt} Evans, Charles  {Seam}
Evans, Corwin D   {Yoe} Farmer, Harry E  {Wag} Farr, Walter   {Sgt} Fairchilds, John   {Corp}
Fohl, Charles S  {Sgt} Fortney, Harry  {Corp} Foster, B C  {MGun} Fowler, William E   {Corp}
Fox, Gordon   {Elec} Frey, Raymond L   {QMst} Fry, Francis A  {Sgt} Fry, Harry C   {Cook}
Gee, Charles E  {Engm} Geiger, Edward  {Blks} Gerhardstein, Herman  {MMate} Gerhardstein, Victor  {GunSgt}
Gfell, Vernon E  {MMate} Gibson, Roy   {Sgt} Goodacre, Charles H   {Music} Grandollf, Raymond   {Sgt}
Greenslee, William  {Sgt} Gregory, Edward G  {Corp} Gross, Albert  {Music} Guthries, Clifford   {Sgt}
Guthries, Emmett L  {Sgt} Gutschalk, George{  Sgt} Hartzel, John  {Mech} Hartzel, Leo W  {Corp}
Haverfield, James G  {Sgt} Hawkins, Cyril C  {Sgt} Heyman, Harley   {Mech} Higgins, Albert L  {Corp}
Hiltz, Edward F  {Sgt} Hiltz, Leon A  {FldClk} Hinkley, Harold G   {BnSSgt} Holly, Arden  {1Sgt}
Holmes, Clarence C   {Corp} Homan, Leslie Q  {Bug} Hoover, Ralph C  {Sgt} Horn, Albert H  {Sgt}
Humbell, John Clayton  {ElecEng} Hurr, Max W  {Sgt} Hurst, Blaine W   {Corp} Hurst, Clarence H   {MMate}
Hurst, Milton C   {Sgt} Jacobs, Edwin C  {Corp} Janotta, Peter P  {Mech} Jewett, Lester M  {Sgt}
Johnson, Fred E  {Sgt} Justice, Howard   {RSgt} Kahn, Asher D  {Sgt} Kalies, William H  {Cook}
Kegereis, Carl    {Sgt} Kegereis, Irl   {Corp} Kenyon, Ivan W   {Mech} Kenyon, Leland R   {Corp}
Kerner, Thomas A  {Sgt} King, Perry  {Corp} Koester, Henry A  {Metal} Layer, Raymond J  {Elec}
Lendefeld, Emil A   {Corp} Lendefeld, Frank H   {Sgt} Leininger, Donald  {Corp} Lewis, Virgil B  {Cook}
Lieber, Otto J  {MesSgt} Lindsey, George W   {Wag} Lloyd, William S  {Sgt} Long, Cedric H  {1{Sgt}}
Long, Walter J  {Sgt}{Maj} Longstreet, Don C  {Corp} Lopeman, Walter   {Corp} Lucal, George N   {Corp}
Luxon, N Niel  {Radio} Lydy, George H   {Wag} Mack, George J  {Cook} Maddox, Harry W  {Corp}
Maginn, Arthur E  {Sgt} MalColm, Ernest   {RSgt} MalColmn, Harold R   {3CStore} Mannar, Carl F  {Cook}
Markley, Edward A   {Corp} Martin, Eugene L  {Sgt} Martin, Frank P  {Corp} Martin, Leonard  {MEng}
Mathews, Oscar  {MesSgt} Maurer, Verle F  {Gun}Mate Meade, Theodore E   {Corp} Meesig, Geo T  {Yoe}
Mellinger, Merle C  {Corp} Meyer, Edward F   {Sgt} Meyer, Herman D   {Corp} Miller, Arthur R   {Corp}
Minardi, Jos A  {Sgt} Mitchell, Frank E   {Corp} Moll, J Albert  {Sgt} Mosher, Karl S  {Sgt}
Murphy, Daniel C  {Sgt} Murphy, Harry B   {Sgt} Murphy, Lawrence T   {Sgt} Murr, Perry N  {Corp}
Murray, Elza J  {Sgt} McClintock, Ira  {Cook} McKnight, William D  {Chauf} Nabring, Franklin  {Sgt}
Neckols, C R   {ABndLd} Norl, Ralph C  {Sgt} Norman, Percy C   {Corp} North, Tunis V  {Sadl}
Oddo, William  {Corp} O’Dell, Louis W  {Sgt} O’Mara, Walter E   {Sgt} O’Niel, Ernest J  {Sgt}
O’Niel, Jeremiah  {Cook} Oterbacher, George L  {Sgt} Palmer, Carl   {Corp} Palmer, Ray   {Sgt}
Pardo, Lloyd H  {1MMate} Payne, Paul   {Sgt} Peat, Roy W   {Wag} Perry, William J  {Sgt}
Peterson, Arthur E{1{Sgt}} Peterson, Fred A   {Corp} Phillips, Harry J   {Cook} Pierce, Idane B  {Sgt}
Post, Allen E  {Corp} Post, Clarence C  {Corp} Powers, Clarence W    {Corp} Protzman, Thomas B    {Sgt}
Reed, Charles  {Corp} Reed, George  {Cook} Reed, Leslie D  {Sgt} Rice, Harry B  {Corp}
Rice, William H  {Corp} Robins, D{Av}id C  {Corp} Rudolph, Ralph    {ChStore} Rupp, Francis A  {Sgt}
Rupert, Russell P   {Sgt} Ruppert, Willis B   {Corp} Russell, George A  {Corp} Sackett, Paul A  {Corp}
Sandham, T Jr   {R{Sgt}} {Bug} Sanger, Robert  {Sgt} Sauer, Harry L  {MEng} Schick, Fred A  {Cook}
Schneider, William  {Corp} Schreiner, Edward T   {Sgt} Scrafield, D{Av}id E   {Corp} Searles, Arthur  {Corp}
Seidel, Clarence E   {Corp} Sellers, Clinton A  {Sgt} Sherman, Oliver H  {Sgt} Siesel, Joseph  {Sgt}
Siford, Floyd  {Cook} Skinner, Edmund B {Corp} Smith, Glenn W   {Corp} Smith, Ralph L  {Cook}
Snyder, Herman N{Corp} Stev{Ens}, William F{Sgt} Stewart, Willard   {Corp} Stiles, Murry E  {Sgt}
Stotz, Edward  {Corp} Stratton, Archie T{Corp} Streng, Frank  {Sgt} Stuntz, Richard C  {RadElec}
Sutliff, Charles F  {Sgt} Suhr, Vernon  {Bug} Swinehart, Guy W{Corp} Tanner, Benjamin F {Sgt}
Thomas, Arthur S   {Sgt} Theisen, Edward J{Sgt} Trace, Pearl Manning  {Sgt} Viall, Arthur`  {Sgt}
Wagner, William   {Sgt} Walker, James  {HorSh} Warch, Robert  {Corp} Watters, Leo A  {Sgt}
Weber, August   {Corp} Weber, Carl   {Corp} Weigel, Floyd B  {Sgt} Welch, Edwin  {Fire}
West, Arthur M  {Sgt} West, Glenn C  {MesSgt} Wheaton, Paul  {Wag} Whelan, Clair E  {Sgt}
Whelan, Clayton   {Cook} Whelan, Dennis  {Corp} Whelan, Joseph  {Sgt} White, Donald  {Radio}
White, Dudley A   {Radio} White, Paul   {Obs} Wickham, Newell W  {MEng} Widman, Robert L{Corp}
Wilcox, Ralph E   {ChMMate} Willett, Raymond H {Music} Willing, Edgar  {Corp} Wilson, Arthur R  {Sgt}
Wilson, Arthur R  {Sgt} Yaeger, Walter A  {Mech} Yanders, Howard M  {Radio} Yearick, Leon A   {Sgt}
Youngs, Earl G  {Corp} Zerman, Arthur  {Cook}


{1Sgt}}  1st Sergeant {3C}   Third Class {ABndLd}  Asst Band Leader {AFClk}  Army Field Clerk
{Av}   Aviation {Blks}  Blacksmith {BnSSgt}  Battalion Supply Sergeant {Bug}  Bugler
{Chauf}  Chauffeur {Chpl}  Chaplain {ChMMate} Chief Machinist Mate {ChRx}  Chief Pharmacist
{ChStore}   Chief Store Keeper {Cook}  Cook {Corp}  Corporal {Elec}  Electrician
{ElecEng}   Electrical Engineer {Engm}  Engineman {Farr}  Farrier {FldClk}  Field Clerk
{Fire}  Fireman {Gun}  Gunner {Gun}MateGunners Mate {GunSgt}  Gunnery Sergeant
{MarGun}  Marine Gunner {Marms}   Master at Arms {Mech}  Mechanic {MEng}  Master Engineer
{MesSgt}   Mess Sergeant {Metal}  Metallurgist {MGun}  Machine Gunner {MMate}  Machinist Mate
{MMech}  Master Mechanic {MtrMech}Motor Mechanic {Music}  Musician {Obs}  Observer
{QMst}  Quarter Master {Radio}   Radio Operator {RadElec}   Radio Electrician {RSgt}   Regiment Sergeant
{RSgtBug}   Regiment Sergeant Bugler {RxMate}   Pharmacist Mate {Sadl}  Saddler {Seam}  Seaman
{Sgt}   Sergeant {SgtMaj}  Sergeant Major {SpSgt}  Supply Sergeant {Store}  Store Keeper
{Wag}  Wagoner {Yoe}  Yoeman


Name and Job

Arnert, Dora W  {Nurse} Beach, Mary Ella   {Nurse} Beattie, Blanche     {Supervisor}
Easton, Candace   {Dietitian} Francis, Mabel   {Nurse} Lais, Mary Ruth     {Nurse}
Latimer, Frances B   {Nurse} Little, Mabel C     {YMCA Secretary } Lund, Ada  {Nurse}
McCaleb, Zoe  {Nurse} Roasberry, Leota   {Nurse} Sandham, Alma  {Nurse}
Soisson, Magdaline    {Chief Clerk Draft Board} Walter, Lydia G   {Nurse} Yaeger, Anna K  {Nurse}

Home Workers

Name and Job

Beattie, John Walter     {Regional Secretary } Goodacre, Henry   {Asst. Field Director } Irwin, Frank M      {YMCA Secretary } Long, F H     {Chairman, Liberty Loan } Mulholland, Don S  {Special Agent, USA Dept of Justice } Thomas, Albert C Vernon, Howard A  {YMCA }

Privates, Sailors and Marines


Aigler, J Alfred Akers, William F Jr Alt, Jacob Arnato, Thomas S Andrews, Robert B Ames, Henry
Antrim, John L Archer, Vernon L Bailey, Harry Baird, Donald W Baker, Elmer Barman, Cletus F
Bartow, George F Beamer, John Beard, Dallas Beck, Dewey Beck, Lloyd Bell, Walter L
Bender, Walter J Benington, Glenn Berger, John Birmingham, Edw. M Bishop, Ford G Bistline, Karl
Bollinger, Robert Bond, Ernest J Boose, Raphael L Brady, Arthur L Brady, William J Brobst, Frank J
Broome, Lawrence F Brown, Anthony Brown, Clarence E Brown, Frank M Brown, Peter Brubaker, Leslie R
Buck, Carl delton Buckingham, Huron E W Burdue, Donald M Burgel, Fred C Burnell, Fay Burton, Clifford J
Butz, Alvin Callaghan, William D Camp, Benjamin J Carabelli, Louis P Carley, Glenn W Carnahan, Maurice N
Carpenter, Robert J Carris, Carl H Case, Archie N Cherry, Budd E Childs, George M Childs, Robert M
Claflin, Harold B Clark, Armin H Clayton, William Cline, Everett R Cole, Donald E Cole, Marvin J
Cook, Carl Cook, Harold Cook, Thomas Collingwood, George Conners, Edwin Craig, James R
Craig, John C Crawford, Lee B Cronk, Harry H Cronk, Glenn E Cross, Hal F Cunningham, Harold E
Dale, Fred E Daughty, Harvey Dehe, Alphons De Lano, Frank M Dellinger, Ilo S Delong, Earl J
Denman, Cyrus M Desler, Harvey Ralph Detrick, Oros J Dillingham, Burt C Dillingham, Edwin H Dippel, Arnold E
Dippel, Cortland H Downing, Ellsworth M Earl, Stanley L Easterlin, Harlon A Easterlin, Walter C Eastman, Raymond
Ebinger, Frank Ebinger, Joseph Edelman, Bernard C Edelman, George Eggleston, Orry Eichenlaub, George
Ellis, Clyde D Esker, Jerome A Evans, Edward A Fackler, Claude Farley, Charles C Fast, Lester E
Faust, Otto Folk, Donald Ford, Homer Owen Foster, Walter Fox, Kenneth P Fries, Carl
Fry, Albert F Gahr, George E Gahr, George Edwin Gambee, Harley J Gaskill, Lawrence W Gfell, Clarence P
Giles, Roy Gilger, William C Gilson, Harry J Goodell, Charles W Grannel, Guy V Greenslade, Victor F
Griffin, Claire L Gross, Edward H Grover, D P Hales, Kenneth L Hall, Floyd Hall, John W
Hamilton, Ernest Hamilton, Ernest Hamilton, Ira B Hand, Samuel Harkness, Herbert S Hartman, Burligh R
Haynes, Edger F Hettel, Clarence T Heyman, Carl J Heyman, Milford R Heyman, Stephen C Hiett, Howard E
Hilson, Albert Hipp, Leander Hiss, Carl A Hoag, John Hoffman, Walter E Hohler, Clarence
Hoyels, Elias P Hoyt, Fred A Jr Huestis, William M Hug, Otto J Humbel, Clarence J Hurst, Thomas C
Hyde, Wayne B Jacobs Archer C Jacobs, Otis B Jenkins, Clarence Jenkins, Walter E Jennings, Glenn
Jennings, Howard C Johnston, Donald H Jones, Ernest Kelley, Kail H Kemper, Henry D Kerner, George A
Ketcham, Ferris S Kime, Bryan A Kime, Walter G King, Arthur C King, Howard W Kistler, Allen J
Ketcham, Clifton F Kluding, Fred L Knapp, Pearl L Koeher, Edward P Koepele, Joseph Kuntzman, John
Lamb, Charles D Lawson, Harvey Lawson, Seth Lendefeld, Otto Lepley, Isadore Lepley, James E
Lichtesien, Maurice Lieber, Ralph Lindsey, Howard R Link, Albert A Loew, Rudolph Long, Glen L
Longyear, Carl Lowrey, Charles Lowther, Harry J Mack, Lawrence Maddox, Leonard L Marett, George P
Marsh, Norman P Martin, Charles Martin, George L Martin, Glenville P Martin, Herbert J Martin, Raymond
Martin, William G Meesig, Alfred J Merrill, Lee Merrill, Kent Meyers, Alph J Meyers, Charles T
Miles, Mark P Miller, Carl W Miller, Clarence A Miller, Merril M Mills, Carl F Minns, Elbert W
Minns, Rupert G Mitchell, Boyd A Mizner, Harry Moll, Fred Morrow, Joseph E Moser, Levi W
Mumford, C Munger, Guy J Murphy, Charles B Myers, Harold L McClaflin, Harold H McClellan, A
McCullough, Leon G McHenry, Walter G McPherson, William E Naoum, Peter Newton, Howard Newton, Otto
North, Guy E North, Linus Roger Norton, Dean C Oesteron, Elmer Oesteron, Milo O’Mara, George L
O’Niel, Albert Oppenheimer, Solomon Osborne, Fred E Parsons, Frank W Peasley, Charles W Peat, Otis L
Peat, Raymond E Penrose, A Welford Penrose, Obey B Phipps, Myron Phipps, Vincent Ponushis, John
Potter, Edward F Powers, Clifford U Prechtel, William V Reed, D{Av}id F Reming, Carl H Reynolds, Glenn R
Rex, Ralph Rice, Charles H Ringle, Cecil S Ritter, Edward J Roades, Raymond Rose, Ralph H
Rothal, Nathan Rothlisberger, W L Rowley, Charles Reed Ruffing, Raymond Rupp, Howard Rupp, Charles E
Sage, Haldon W Sanders, Charles H Schachtle, Carl J Schaffer, Clarence V Schaffer, Edward Schaffer, Glenn W
Scheid, Alfred T Schick, Jacob F Schnupp, Carl R Schock, Waldo H Schuster, Clayton Scott, Hoyt
Scutt, Leon J Scutt, Louis B Seitz, Alfred Sellinger, Donald G Sietz, Clarence Sharfenberg, Charles E
Sharfenberg, Leroy Sheldon, Claude Sly, Carl H Smith, Arthur L Smith, Edward J Smith, Everton B
Smith, William S Smithhisler, Ambrose Snyder, David M Soisson, Alfred E Stark, Earl M Stauffer, Glenn R
Stewart, Charles L Stotz, Clarence Stotz, Elmer C Stotz, John L Straube, Louis Strimpfel, Alto A
Studer, John A Sullivan, Joseph Sutliff, Louis Swartz, John H Thayer, James C Thomas, Glenn
Thompson, Charles H Tilton, Russell I Tilton, William P Tremaine, Ceylon Trescott, Benjamin H Troutwine, William F
Tyler, Ralph Underhill, Thomas Vail, Verner B Vanvlerah, Cloice Vermilya, Emery C Vermilya, Willis B
Vinson, Harley L Vrooman, James E Waldie, Stanley Waldron, James Walter, Elmer H Walter, William R
Watros, Paul K Watters, Ralph Weaver, DeWitt C Weber, Walter Wechter, Linus F Weeks, Clifford
Weis, Herman Welch, Z Clifford West, William G Whipple, Sidney H Wickham, Frederick B Wilcox, Lester H
Willing, Elmer Willis, Louis S Winzirl, John J Wolfe, William Young, E Morris Zech, Walter R
Zellers, Levi Ziegler, Carl


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