Taken from Picturesque Huron 1896

   Hon. C. C. Parker was born July 15, 1819, at Burlington, Vermont. He was educated at the common schools. He removed to Ohio in 1836, settling in Vermillion, now Erie county, but formerly Huron county. Here he assumed control of a furnace business and was engaged in this enterprise for ten years. During the gold excitement in California he spent three years in that state. When the desperadoes inaugurated the reign on terror which threatened to drive all reputable people from the golden state, he was made captain of the famous vigilance committee at Sacramento, which taught villains that justice was abroad, even in that rude society, by hanging Rowe, the brutal murderer of Myers at Mt. Vernon, Ohio. He removed to Ohio, and located at Norwalk in 1853, engaging in the mercantile business. In 1868, he was nominated on the democratic ticket for sheriff. In 1874 he was the democratic candidate for representative; at both elections he ran way ahead of his ticket. In 1875, he was elected sergeant-at-arms of the Ohio Senate. In 1877 he was elected to the state senate. He was a highly esteemed citizen and made an excellent representative. 
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    C. S. stands for Constantine Sobieski Parker & his father was Samuel Parker mother Rachel Louisa Fowler Parker.

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