as seen in Picturesque Huron, 1896

George W. Manahan was born in Cayuga county, N.Y., October 1, 1811, and came to
Monroeville, Ohio, in 1833.  Mr.  Manahan was a carpenter by trade.  Many fine buildings in Norwalk and vicinity still remain as mute witnesses of
his skill, one of which was the female seminary, now occupied by Mrs. F.H. Boalt, on West Main Street.  In 1849, he moved to Hartland township,
purchasing a farm of 316 acres, a large part of which was unbroken forest, and resided thereupon until 1871, devoting his energies to farming and
operating a steam saw mill.  In the autumn of 1871 he removed to Norwalk, where he resided until his death in 1891.  Mr. Manahan was an active,
energetic man, pleasant and companionable, and will be kindly remembered by many friends in Huron and adjoining counties.