Welcome to " Dust in the Attic"

 " Dust in the Attic "

           From the Dust in the Attic,  Through Hallowed Halls,
           Across Oceans, Mountains, Prairies, and Crumbling Walls.
   Discovering Mere Glimpses of Your Hardships and Spirit to Live Free,
    Trying to Record Your Tears, Joys, and Days in the Family Tree.
      Drawing From Fragile Pages, Facts that will Crumble in the End,
        Until the Truth at Last Shall be Found when We Meet Again.

                ~ Lonadawn ~  


Welcome to the Home of " Dust in the Attic "

I Dedicate This Site to all of Those Who Have Started on What They
Believe Will be a Simple Search to Find That Long Gone Relative.

Are You in for a Big Surprise!

You Have Soon Found That There is no Such Thing. I Greatly
Sympathize With You. For Your Simple Quest Has Become a
Full Blown Addiction. Especially if You are the Type of Person
Who Loves a Challenge or Just Cannot Leave Anything Unfinished.
You Will Spend Endless Hours Searching Through Records, Books,
Newspapers in Every Library and Courthouse That Even Hints at
Being Near Where Your Great-Grandfather or Great-Great Grandmother
Might Have Been Spotted. You Will Ask Relatives and Perfect
Strangers Endless Questions Trying to Get Them to Remember or
Recall Any Detail That May Lead or Help You in Your Quest.
You Will be Seen Wandering Through Numerous Cemeteries,
Where You Would Never Think of Walking Through as a Child.
Search Every Genealogy Site on the World Wide Web For any Cousin
no Matter How Many Generations Removed in the Hope That They
May Have Been Lucky Enough to Have Found  One More Scrap
of Knowledge or Picture. Every Little Bit Helps and it is so Exciting
When You Find Just One More Piece in the Puzzle or Branch of
Your Family Tree. Spend Hours and Days Searching the Dot.COM's
Going Through Census Reports on a Contraption That Fights You all
the Way and  One That You Would on Some Day's Just Feel so Much
Better if You Could Kick it Out the Back Door. Seeking Auction's
Online for Scraps of Documentation or Family Bible's. Go Through
Boxes Stored in Every Closet and Basement. Searching Every Box or
Trunk While Crawling Through the Cobwebs and " Dust in the Attic ".

  The Brian (Bryant) Brown Family

 The John Chilcote- Chilcoat Family

 Eveland Family  Footprints

 The George Garrett Family

   The John Sietz Family

 The Charles Shaw Family

 The Benedict Steele Family

 The  Thomas Tilton Family

 The Wilhelm Adam Wolfe Family

 The Benjamin Vandergriff Family

Local History

     Hocking County, Ohio Genealogy
 South Bloomingville, Ohio History



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