Swan Township Platte Map 1875

Dust in the Attic  

1875 Platte Map of Swan Township
Vinton County, Ohio

Swan Township

Swan Township Business Directory

Vest Brothers - Farmers and Fine Wool Growers

Geo. W. Johnson - Farmer and General Stock Seller,
On Mile South Of New Mount Pleasant

Purley B. Dunkle - Farmer, General Dealer, and Wool
grower. New Mount Pleasant

M. M. Cherry- Farmer and Justice of Peace

Nathan Nimon - Farmer,Wool Grower, and Cabinet Maker.
Three-Fourths mile west of Plymouth

Simeon Morgan - Farmer, Breeder, and Fine Wool grower.
Merino Sheep. Ten miles southest of McArthur

John Bell - Wagon Maker
New Mount Pleasant



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