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Purcell Local News
           Benton Township, Hocking County, Ohio

Journal Gazette, October, 28, 1899


   Purcell, Oct. 28.--- On last Saturday night the saw mill belonging to T. T. Brown was destroyed by fire. Also 15,000 feet of lumber, stumps and slabs were burned. Supposed to have caught from sparks. The mill is located on the farm of John Chilcote.
   School is progressing nicely, with Cora Evert of South Perry, as teacher.
   Mr. R. H. Dresback has repaired his barn with a new roof.
   The business meeting held at Pine Grove church, last Saturday, hired Rev. Henderson of Morgan county to serve the Logan circuit for the ensuing year.
   Mr. Smelts is building a new barn.

The Journal Gazette, June 19, 1902


    Purcell, June 8--- We have been having fine growing showers recently, which will be of great benefit to the wheat, grass and corn.
   Quite a number of our people are on the sick list. Mrs. Dresback, Lindsey, Vorhees, Simmers and Chilcote. Dr. Miller of Gibisonville, is the attending physician.
   H. W. Kitchen lost a valuable horse recently by getting her leg broken. John Chilcote, lost a horse with lung fever. Noah McCowen also lost one by falling over a rock forty feet high and killing herself instantly.
   Everyone is invited to come to prayer service at Pine Grove on Wednesday and Sabbath evenings of each week and hear Prof. Iles and choir of Cedar Grove, render some fine music.
  Miss Lulu Oldfield has gone to Logan to work.
   Elijah Woolever of Cedar Grove, U. S. Mail carrier visits our burg twice each day. This give us daily mail from South Bloomingville to Cedar Grove by the way of the above named place.
   Plowing corn seems to be the order of the day.
  David Willard boasts of having the oldest wagon in southern Ohio being the wagon that Pres. Lincoln hauled fodder on and is in fairly good shape today.
   A. Bainter says he likes to shear sheep for pleasure and also to sell the wool for money.
   Jno. Tatman says he believes in good county he being so windy blowed chips out of the front yard.
   Preaching at Pine Grove next Sabbath evening by the Pastor Rev. Henderson of Hue, Ohio.
   Nute Smith was exercising his horses by hauling ties to Laurelville last Monday.
   Wm. Kreschbaum of Gibisonville, passed through this place last week with a load of corn.
  Wm. Wines is busily engaged in haling lumber to Logan at the present.

Journal Gazette, Aug. 24, 1903


    Rev. Mr. Jones preached a very able sermon at Pine Grove Sunday morning.
   Miss Lulu and Hazel Oldfield are visiting friends in Groveport.
   Mrs. V. A. Brian and son of Etheridge, Tenn., are visiting her numerous friends and relatives in this part of the country.
   Rev. C. W. Jones and family of Detroit, Mich., are spending a month with old friends and parishioners here and in other parts of Ohio.
   The Pine Grove Sunday school has fixed August 29th for the date of the children's day services. Three schools will be present to take part and the Walnut Grove choir will be there with their best selections. Recitations, songs, a basket dinner, refreshments and other attractions have been provided for the entertainment of the people.
   Samuel Lindsey of Etheridge, Tenn., is among his friends and relatives on Pine from which place he has been away eight years.

Logan Democratic Sentinel, April 19, 1906

Purcell Society Local News


    The farmers in this vicinity are busy during their spring plowing.

     Grandma Smelts is very poorly; she is not expected to live but a few days.

    Mrs. Zeida Huffman is seriously ill with lung fever. Dr. Hemmingher, of Adelphi, is attending physician.

    Mr. Orla Reid of Carrol, is visiting friends in this vicinity.

    Dr. Hemmingher called on R. H. Dresback last Monday.

    Misses Ines Keller and Flossie Bainter and Mr. Jacob Bainter, Jr., were the guests of G. W. Cupp
and family last Wednesday.

    William Springer is moving his sawmill to the farm of William Huffman.

    Andy Drum, of Laurelville, was a business visitor to Purcell last Thursday.

    Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Lemon passed through here last Thursday.

    Sam Febus passed through our streets Sunday.

    Mr. Irvin Hoy, of Little Pine passed through here last Tuesday.

    Mrs. Mary Wilson, who has been living with her son at Circleville during the winter, returned to Pursell last Thursday where she will reside with her daughter, Mrs. Belinda Dresback.

    Sam Lama was a Logan visitor Saturday.

    Martin Chilcote made a trip to Haynes Saturday.

    Charley Kitchen made was a visitor to Purcell Saturday.

    Mr. and Mrs. John Kern visited their daughter, Mrs. Ida Smelt Sunday.

    Mr. and Mrs. Rueben Dresback were Sunday guests of family Sunday.

    John Dresback made a business trip to Enterprise the first of the week.


Will Chilcote and family visited Elijah Woolever, Sunday.

Journal Gazette," January 25, 1907


    Ray and William Groce are visiting friends in this vicinity.
   Mr. John Dresback made a business rip to Vinton county last Friday.
   Several people of this vicinity went to view the railroad wreck at Haynes Sunday.
   Miss May Kitchen was the guest of Mrs. Lucy Lytle one day last week.
   Mrs. Rosa Willard is making her home with Mrs. Jane Dresback at present.
   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Davis and Mr. and Mrs.. James Kern were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fenton Smelts.
   Mrs. Clara Cheshire of Logan is visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. Gordon.
   Mrs. Anna Groce of Lancaster has returned home after a pleasant visit with Mr. and Mrs. George Vanfossen of this place.
   Mr. Joe Gordon was a business visitor at Pursell, Friday.
   We are sorry to hear that Mr. Geo. Vanfossen is going to leave Pursell and move to Lancaster in the near future.
   Mrs. Margaret Chilcote has been visiting her daughter Mrs. Mary Woolever.
   Pine Valley has been visited with high waters several times in the past week which stopped the rural delivery carriers on the Rockbridge route No. 3 and South Bloomingville, route No. 1.
   Mr. F. W. Conkle was a business visitor to Pursell Friday.
   Mr. A. Bainter and family visited John Chilcote last Monday.


Journal Gazette, May 28, 1908:


   The farmers in this vicinity are still plating corn.
   Mr. Shan Kuhn passed through our village one day last week with a load of corn.
   Mrs. Lucy Lytle and family called on Mrs. Jane Woodard and family last Friday.
   Mr. Fred Conkle and daughter, Flora, passed through here last Thursday en route to South Bloomingville.
   Miss Myrtle Tatman was a shopping visitor to Laurelville last Saturday.
   Mr. and Mrs. William Huffman and daughter Retha, were the guests of Mrs. Zelda Ebert of Laurelville, last Saturday.
   Born to Mr. and Mrs. Charley Febes May 14th, a son.
   Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Bainter of Happy Ridge, passed through our village Sunday evening.
   Mr. Harvey Burgoon made his usual business trip to Haynes last Saturday.
   Solomon Beery made a trip to Laurelville last Saturday.
   Messrs. Lewis and Vern Conkle passed through here en route to Haynes Saturday.
   Samuel Lama and family were the Sunday guests of Hiram Lama and family.
   Mr. and Mrs. Fenton Smelts had for their guests Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. John Kern.
   Mr. Will Vancuren and son Tommy, were seen on our streets Sunday.
   Miss Mary Willard is visiting her brother Tom and family of near Carroll, at present.
   Mr. Jim Ninan passed through our village Monday.
   Mr. and Mrs. Will Lemon of Cedar Grove, visited their son Ollie, of this place Sunday.
    Miss May Smyers called on Mrs. Mary Van Fossen Sunday evening.
   Pearl Dorren of Haynes called on Samuel Harsh Saturday evening.
   Mrs. Clara Cupp and daughter Enid, were visitors to Laurelville Saturday.
   Charley Willard made a trip to Little Pine Monday.
   Albert Lytle made a trip to South Bloomingville Monday.
   James Quillen of near Kingston, passed through our village Sunday.
   Homer Dennison was seen going down the Valley Monday.
   Mrs. L. Poling expects to visit her sister at Lancaster the last day of the week.

Logan Republican Newspaper, May 2, 1912:


   Minerva Vorhees is on the sick list.
   Miss Myrtle Lytle called on Clara Garrett, Tuesday evening.
   Mrs. Margaret Hamlin is visiting her daughter, Mary, in Logan.
  Mr. Thomas has moved his sawmill on Jim Garrett’s farm near here.
  H. A. Gordon will give an entertainment at his school near Pursell on the last afternoon, May the 11th.
  Wm. Woodard visited his sister, Lucy Lytle of this place recently.
   John Vorhees was a caller at Pursell, Monday afternoon.
  C. H. Barclay made a trip to South Bloomingville, Tuesday evening.
  Several people of this vicinity have been attending court at Logan for the last two weeks.
   Frances Barclay called on Myrtle Lytle, Thursday.
    Leslie Lutz was calling at Pursell, Friday.
   Tom Vorhees was seen at Pursell, Friday.
    Mrs. Lucy Lytle called on Effie Unger, Saturday afternoon.


Logan Republican, may 16, 1912:


    The stork visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Huffines recently and left them a daughter.
   Born to Mr. and Mrs. James Garrett, May 11th, a son.
   The farmers  in this vicinity are very backward with their spring work on account of the weather.
   Messrs. Bert Febes, Jake Huffines, David and Hiram Lama were hauling gas pipe through here last week.
   Fred Conkle passed through here Wednesday with a load of hay.
   Miss Floy Barclay, who was visiting friends in Adelphi, returned home Tuesday evening.
    Isaac Quillen of Happy Ridge, passed through our village last Thursday with a load of hay.
   Mr. and Mrs. Lon Unger called on G. W. Cupp and family Sunday last.
   Lucy Lytle called on Ella Lama on last Thursday.
   Dick Thomas was threshing clover seed for Charles Barclay recently.
   Mrs. Rose Adams passed through here Wednesday enroute to South Bloomingville.
   Assessor Joe Hamilton was in our village on last Friday.
   Dr. Melcher of South Bloomingville, passed through our village Saturday last.
   Enis Wolfe made a business trip to Laurelville on last Thirsday.
   Mrs. Nan Oldfield  called on her daughter, Lulu, Saturday last.
   School closed at Pursell last Saturday.



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