Pine Grove Cemetery Photographs

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Pine Grove Cemetery

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David Spackey
Edith Jones
Melvin Brown Melvin Brown
Bertha Bainter Lytle
Abner Linn Alonzo Anderson
Alta Burgoon Alvedor Bainter
Benjamin Long Basil Long
Barney Oldfield Bert Long
C. Burgoon Carl Brooke
Carolyn Smith Carolyn Willison
Catherine Burgoon Charles Gordon
Cecil Keck Chad Durst
Charles Anderson Clarence Keck
Clyde Huffman Clyde Paxton
Darrell Vorhees David North
Earl Justice Earl Woodard
Edgar Huffman Edith Phelps
Edna Huffman Elizabeth Burgoon
Ella Huffman Elmer App
David Woodard Eric Thress
Emery Bainter Floyd Linn
Forest Wine Eric Wine
Forrest Harper Francis Keck
Francis Lindsey Gaines
George Kercher George Smith
George Unger Harden
Gierhart Glenn Johnson
Glenn Schaal Grace Gordon
Grover Vorhees Harol Wedemeyer
Jacob Bainter Harold Brown
Harvey Burgoon Harvey Conkle
Hector Phelps Homer Campbell
Homer Kitchen Hunter
I H Culbertson Ira Bainter
Iretha Comer James Linn
Jack North
Jacob Bainter Jacob C. Bainter
James Black James Poling
James Gordon James Smelts
James Gordon James Gordon
James Anderson Joel Allbon
Jeff Hart H+Jerry Hartsough
Jerry Unger Jody Justice
John Dresbach John Finley
John& Martha Dresbach John Tatman
John Priddy John Unger
John Vorhees Johnson
John W Woolever John Woolever
Jonney Woods Joseph Hoffine
Joseph Gordon Josephine Hankison
Judith Garrett Laura Lindsey
Justice Kathleen Bainter
Leah Lewis Conkle
Leonard Johnson Leroy Durst


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