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 Salt Creek Township


Salt Creek


Logan Sentinel, November 30, 1893:

Salt Creek Turn Pike Case
The Toll Gates Stand

An Important Decision

   About two years ago, parties living along, of the toll turnpike in Salt Creek township, brought before the Probate Court of Hocking County, praying for the removal of the toll gates, making the road a common highway.
    The Probate Judge granted the petition, and ordered the gates remove. The case was taken to the common pleas, then circuit, and finally to the supreme court which last week, gave a decision reversing all previous decisions, and sustaining the pike as a toll road.
   Col. Weldy, attorney for the pike company, made the point in the opening of the case that the statutes under which the action was brought was unconstitutional, for the reason that the franchise was property, that property could not be taken without due process of the law, and that the process of law is by jury trial, which in this case the statutes does not provide for.
    The decision of the supreme court is important in this, that it declares a franchise as property. Such being the case, it largely anticipates the purpose of the late proposed constitutional amendment, and becomes interesting in connection with Nichols law, now under fire.
   The franchise of the Pike, of a Gas Co. any special grant to individual or corporation being property, is taxable. Col. Weldy is to be congratulated in being the first attorney to successfully demonstrate the unconstitutionality a law of 30 years standing on the statute books. It is a feather in his legal cap to be proud of.



Hocking Sentinel, January 10, 1895:

Salt Creek

    Having seen nothing from this section in the columns of your valuable paper, for some time, I have concluded to add a few locals.
    I have always held the Sentinel in high esteem for its unflagging devotion to the cause it espouses, and for in the part it takes in public discussions. It is always true to its convictions.
   John Kennedy of  Tuscarawas County is visiting his father Wm. Kennedy on Blue Creek.
    A sad and fatal accident happened to David Strawser on New Years day. He had gone out hunting and some time during the day he shot himself, as it is supposed, by drawing his gun towards him and the locks being pulled off by some bushes. Being a double-barreled shotgun both loads struck him in the bowels making ghastly wounds and broke the backbone. He was alone and was not found till late at night of the same day. He was a young man of good habits and well respected and leaves a wife and two children.
   A little girl of James McQuery recently got so badly burned by her cloths catching fire from the fireplace that she died January 1st.
   Times are claimed to be dull and hard and money scarce and all that: but nothing hindered the enjoyment of the festal season from coming and being enjoyed, and people marry and are given in marriage, and some shake the fantastic toe. For ten days we have had a sleighing snow and plenty of frosty air.



Ohio Democrat, Tuesday April 21, 1896;

                                                            Salt Creek


    Died April 8th William Garrett. Mr. Garrett was one of our most esteemed citizens and his death casts a gloom over this entire community.
    Abner Busby made a business trip to Logan last week.
    Eliza Fairman and Rachel Robinson who have been very sick for some time are much improved in health at this writing.
   A. C. Swackhammer has purchased the from of M. Bolts on Salt Creek.
   Never before in the history of this neighborhood was there as much sickness as there is  at present. The Laurelville Doctor's are traveling almost day and night.
   Adam Thomas has moved from near Laurelville to Eagle Mills, Vinton county.
   After May 1st, there will be a daily mail from Pike Run, P. O. to Adelphi, Nancy P.O. will then be the only office in this end of the county that ill not receive a daily mail. Nancy you should ask for your rights.



Blue Creek


Journal Gazette, May 28, 1908:

                                                      Blue Creek

   Mrs. W. A. Seitz, who has been in poor health for several months died May 14, and was buried in Mount Carmel cemetery Sunday, the 17th, Rev. James Bethel from near Chillicothe, officiating. Deceased was aged 66 years. She died as she lived, a Christian.
    Dr. Cain and Squire Robinson of Laurelville, was here in the central part of our town last Sunday.
   Wm. Parke of Posey, Illinois, is at this writing visiting relatives in this vicinity.
   Isaiah Swackhammer and wife of Bona Claber, visited relatives near Frog Pond avenue, last Sunday.
   Sarah Swackhammer was the guest of her brother and family in Grantville, last Sunday.
   Abner Swackhammer was a business visitor to Laurelville last Saturday.
   Martin Knece sold his 28 acre farm to George L. Mason. Consideration $175.
   Thomas Hockman and family broke bread with L. O. Wiggins on West Water street, last Sunday.
   Samuel Mercer of Pole Ridge passed through our town one day last week.
   Arthur Cutright of Pretty Run, called on friends in our town one day last week.
   Stanley Poling was going south on Main street last Saturday, headed for Pike Run.
   Phoebe Smith of Stony Creek, called on friends in our town one day last week.
   W. H. Wiggins, Salt creek township assessor, made his returns to the county auditor last Monday.
   Ode Mercer of Ross County, was here on High street one day last week.
   E. E. Schooley was a business visitor to Laurelville one day last week.



Journal Gazette, February 9, 1901


   Nancy, Feb. 9.--- Daniel Wiggins, a resident of Indiana, son of W. H. Wiggins of Salt Creek, is at this writing visiting friends and relatives in old Hocking. Dan is looking well.
   James Warhime, Jeff Jewet, Wm. Shaw and wife, all of Benton township, were in attendance at St. Paul protracted meeting two days this week.
   Mrs. E. G. Swackhammer and  John Watt of our place, attended the meeting at St. Paul this week. They report quite a soul inspiring time.
   Martha Lindsey, who has been afflicted with something like erysipelas was apparently better until the week last when she took worse again.
   R. M.  Johnson of Salt Creek, who has been dangerously ill for some weeks past and doctors said he could not recover, is now considerably better and a good prospect of his recovering.
   C. E. Kennedy, W. A. Woodard, S. M.  Robinson, Calvin Swackhammer, and   J. R. Kennedy, were all business visitors to Laurelville one day this week.
   C. J. Woodard, one of our afflicted soldiers, has been and is now in very poor health, so much so that Dr. Melcher of South Bloomingville was called in attendance.
   Geo. M. Parks is on the sick list.
   James Woodard is numbered among the afflicted.
   Martin Nice an old soldier whose pension claim was placed in a special examiners hands, has been rejected.
   We think it best for our old soldiers not to file claims for reissue of pensions but only put in for increase of pension on disabilities already proven. As reason will  teach every man that the older we get the worse our disabilities become.
   Dad Swackhammer was a business visitor to Eagle Mills one day this week.
   Johnny Speakman of Pole Ridge is a frequent visitor to our place. Johnny is small in stature, but is a man all over.
   Amanda DeVault of Pole Ridge, an aged lady, is not expected to live but a short time. The trouble is a cancer.
   J. Harden of our place, one of Daddy Moore's timber cutters of Laurelville, who had to lay off on account of being sick, is now cutting timber again.


Journal Gazette, February 16, 1901

   Nancy, Feb. 16.---  Quite an altercation between Jessie Tigner and Jessie's stubborn mule, took place one day last week. The last we heard of the contest was that Jessie knocked the mule down and was on it holding it there. All who have stubborn mules to work with may do well by giving Jessie a call.
   John Smart of near Buena Vista, with his family, was visiting relatives on our creek last week.
   James Garrett, Jr., who has been making his home with the Culbertson brothers at Black Jack, was on our creek and sold his farm here in Salt Creek township to T. W. Schooley. Consideration $190.
   There must be something attractive over at Eagle Mills. If otherwise, we think Dave would not go over but once a week, but he made two visits to that place last week. Go slow, Dave.
   I. A. and Dora Parks of this place attended church at St. Paul one night last week.
   Your correspondent while in Laurelville one day last week thought before returning home that he would call on his old friend Harley Armstrong. Harley acted awful stuck up. No reason could be  assigned, only we learned before leaving town that it is a boy.
   E. E. Kennedy, we learn, will be back on Pole Ridge in the near future.
   Wm. Tigner of Goose Creek, is visiting relatives on this creek at this writing.
   John Karshner and Eliza his sister answered the death call the 13 and 14 . Only six hours between their deaths. Cause of death, pneumonia. Only two brothers and two sisters to mourn their loss. Very seldom we see two hearses visit the same house at one time, but that was the case at the Karshner residence on Pine Creek, last Thursday.
   Jacob Lindsey may rest assured that he has a friend somewhere. He got a valentine.
   W. F. Schooley, a prominent K. and P. visitor at our place one day this week.
   We would say for the encouragement of Ed Shaw of South Bloomingville, that there is some who sympathize with you and your troubles.
   S. M. Robinson and nearly everybody else is able to work in this community is in the business.
   Jerry Tigner of Salt Creek township was a business visitor to our place one day last week.
   We learned today that J. C. Woodard who has been sick for some time now is on the mend.


Journal Gazette,  March 1901

   Nancy, March 9. --- Mrs. Laura Kennedy was the guest of Mrs. S. R. Parks one day last week.
   Ida McFadden has moved in with Mr. and Mrs.  - B. Johnson residents of our creek.
   Phobe Smith of our place is very poorly at this writing. Dr. Melcher of South Bloomingville, is the attending physician.
   Samuel Wiggins of our place attended church at Bloomingville one day last week and reports a good time.
   We learn that God is doing mighty work among the people at Mt. Zion on Pole Ridge.
   Uncle Billy Kennedy and John Inboden two old soldiers were over before the examining board at Logan two days last week.
   Arthur Garrett of our place has gone to Franklin county where he expects to help till soil the coming summer.
   Rufus Turner of Hocking county and Mrs. Stots of Vinton county were married this Sabbath.
   Martin Knece of Pole Ridge, was a business visitor to our place one day last week.
   O. J. Woodard who has been sick for several weeks past is some better at this writing.
   Jesse Diehl of Jimtown, has at last proven to the people that his attending church so regularly this winter has not been in vain. For further information ask Ara Smith.


Journal Gazette, March 8,1903


    Nancy, March 8. ---- Born to Jacob Lindsey and wife March 7, a son.
   John Reid a young man near Haynes, Ohio who has been very sick for some time is yet very low. Dr. Macklin of Tarlton, says that a surgical operation will be necessary in order to save the young man's life. We understand that the time of the operation will be preformed March 9.
   Homer Reid brother of John is also sick but his condition is not as serious as John's.
   Wm. Whitcraft, after a long confinement to his bed with the severe case of  la grippe is now able to be about again.
  Squire S. M. Robinson we learn was quite sick two or three days last week.
   Charles Woodard Jr., was a visitor to Laurelville the 7 inst.
  At this writing Salt Creek is out of banks and running over the bottoms of Salt Creek valley as it has twice before in the month of February.
  Alice Gray, a daughter of S. D. and M. E. Timberlake is talking of starting to her home in Texas in the near future.
  Sherman Hart of White Log Hollow, was on our streets a short time since telling the boys about making railroad ties. He says he made 28 since Christmas.
   W. F. Schooley and S. M. Robinson are timber cutters for Wilkinson & Williamson Brothers of Lancaster.



Journal Gazette, August 31, 1903


    Nancy, Aug. 31---- John North of Benton township, a soldier was found dead in his bed Monday morning, Aug. 31. He was as well as usual on the day before he died and attended a basket meeting at Macedonia, taking an active part in the experience meeting, making the statement while giving hi experience that he wouldn't be here to mingle with them much longer. His age as near as we can learn was 71 or 72 years. He was afflicted with heart and kidney trouble.
   John Kennedy, oldest son of Wm. Kennedy deceased, whose home is in Tuscarawas county, came to Hocking county about three weeks ago to visit his relatives, expecting to stay only a few days, but his father prevailed on him staying with him until the change come which he said would take place soon. John obeyed but will go home soon.
   A nine year old boy of Jas. McRary's fell off a load of telephone poles last Saturday, the wagon running up on his hip onto his leg. The boy is injured considerably but is hoped will get all right.
   Some of our people from this place attended the K. and P. fair at Adelphi last Saturday.
   Dry weather still prevails in this part of the county. Roads very dusty. Corn about dry enough to cut.
   E. G. Swackhammer, Wm. Turner, and John Speakman were business visitors to Chillicothe two days last week.




Journal Gazette,   Dec. 28,1904


   Nancy, Dec. 28,--- Everything was quiet in and about our little village Christmas Day and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves.
   Ann Garrett, wife of J. L. Garrett who has been very sick with stomach trouble for over one month, was reported some better yesterday evening. Dr. Cain of Laurelville, is the attending physician.
   Jesse Turner and Susie Devault were married Christmas morning at 9 a. m. Ceremony was preformed by S. M. Robinson, J.P.
   Martha McFadden of Indiana, visited relatives in the locality several days.
   Harvey Hardesty of Lima, Ohio visited relatives on the creek last week.
   Della Garrett accompanied by her son Oliver of Kingston, visited her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Schooly of this creek Christmas day.
   Jeff Fetherolf and wife were business visitors to Laurelville last Saturday. The sorest part of the visit was when the tooth pulling was going on.
   J. R. Kennedy of Salt Creek, accompanied by his wife visited J. Fetherolf   and family of this place last Sabbath.
   L. C. Swackhammer and family of Salt Creek visited I. W. Swackhammer and family last Sabbath.
   J. C. Woodard bought more cinch candy at Park's store, than any other person in town. Jim is a jolly boy.
   J. A. Parks contemplates starting a hucksters wagon about the first of the new year.
   J. W. Swackhammer of Columbus was visiting relatives in this vicinity last week.
   E. E. and Clara Schooly visited relatives in Springfield and now have returned to their home on this creek.
   Isaiah Swackhammer, Pearl Smith, Simeon and Charley Peters all of this place were in South Bloomingville attending an entertainment Christmas night.
   W. A. Woodard and family visited his father-in-law and family at this place Sunday


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