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The Ohio Democrat, March 2, 1889:


    J. B. Riason and Dr. Dawson attended court before Squire Devore, of Benton township, last Friday.
    Mr. Hansel and family, and Mr. A. Mowery and family of Tarlton, were the guests of G. D. Mowery and family last Sunday.
     C. Pennell is working with J. McKittrick.
    S. Scott and Geo. Mowery were harvesting ice the first part of this week.
    Rev. Dent is conducting a series of meetings here.
    Engineer Reichelderfer of Stringtown was locating the line of the corporation of our village

last week.
    Misses Julia Poling and Ella Drum were visiting relatives near Thatcher P.O. last Saturday

and Sunday.
    W. E. and T. A. Steel were business visitors at Circleville last Saturday evening.
    John McKittrick visited in South Perry last Sunday.




The Circleville Herald,December 19, 1930:

                                                     LAURELVILLE HAS COMMUNITY TREE

    A community Christmas tree has been placed in the public square at Laurelville with a celebration scheduled for Christmas Eve at 7 p.m. Christmas carols, a short band concert presentation of hundreds of bags of candy will be the order of the evening.


The movement is sponsored by the businessmen and citizens of the village. The tree and many small ones which have been placed at residences were presented to the village by Tusing Rose and Mrs. George Burgoon.

The Circleville Herald, June 22, 1928;

                                      LAURELVILLE IS HIT BY FLOOD; WATER IN TOWN


    Poor old Laurelville !

    Every time the gentle dew from heaven drops on the place, the people of the town get a bath or their feet wet.

    Wednesday afternoon the business square had a blanket of water 12 inches deep, On West Water Street it was a foot and a half deep, North Main Street had water two feet deep. Although there was plenty of the precipitation in the streams of the village, it was not high enough to get into the stores.

    Laurel Creek raised havoc. The waters of this beautiful stream came down a roaring following the heavy downpour. It broke through the levy at the park grounds, brought the water down through the public square on South Main Street, up to the home of Samuel Rose where one of the big trees was torn down and deposited across the street. The tree tore down electric light wires. The DeHaven garage was under water.

    Down at Haynes, Simon Hoy’s sow and nine pigs and the old family mare had the time of their life swimming around in four feet of water. Mrs. Susie Poling declared she was all in after carrying all the household furniture up stairs, while her husband, Bert Poling, was over at Circleville taking in the movies and she had all the work to do by herself.

    Sam Thompson is looking all over Main Street for his chicken yard fence.

    Bill Hale suffered a heavy loss when his fine melon and potato patch west of the Armstrong Hardware store was completely ruined.

Circleville Herald, April 26, 1928:

                                                  Commencement at Laurelville Friday


    Commencement exercises will be held Friday evening at Laurelville, when 19 pupils will be graduated from the high school.

    Dr. Otto Mees of Capital City University will deliver the class address.

    The baccalaureate sermon was delivered last Sunday at the Methodist Episcopal church by Rev. Frederick Brown. The class is one of the largest ever to graduate from the Laurelville high school. Paul A. Potts heads the class.


Member of the class are: Hubert D. Lappen, Clara Allen, Beryl Warner, Nellie Mettler, Dorothy Thompson, Samuel Strous, Gordon Fetherolf, Marie Edwards, Violet Junks, George Armstrong, Harold Archer, Minnie Delong, Kathleen Dumm, Pansy Wiggins, Frances Haynes, Gayle Aumock, Lloyd Poling and Lloyd Whisler

The Circleville Herald, April 26, 1928:



    Mrs. Wayne Reichelderfer, of Tarlton, was the Tuesday guest of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hedges.

    Mr. and Mrs. Wash Oldfield, of Akron and Mr. and Mrs. E. Martin, of Columbus, were the weekend guests of Mrs. Tressa Haynes and Miss Della Martin.

    Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Davison and Mrs. Ada Hall, of Illinois, were visiting relatives in Laurelville and Adelphi last week.

    Those who attended the funeral of Mrs. Lettie Mettler of Amanda, were Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Mettler, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Mettler, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bushee of Laurelville and Mrs. E. E. Kitchen of Adelphi.

    Mr. and Mrs. Merle Armstrong were shopping in Circleville one day last week.

    Miss Frances McClelland and Mrs. Mamie Strous were Circleville shoppers Friday.

    Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Strous were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Strous of  Adelphi.

    Mrs. Clark Durbin and son, Dickie, of Millersport, are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bushee.

    The Commencement will be held Friday night. There will be 19 to graduate, quite a large class for which Laurelville is very proud.

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goodman and Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Roll were the Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Lillie Delong.

    Mrs. Naomi Hartsough went to Lancaster to nurse her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Lucille Hartsough, who has the flu.

    Mrs. Margaret Turner, of Ashville, will return to her home this week after spending several weeks with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cryder.

    Mrs. O. S. Mowery, Mrs. Wayne Luckhart and son, of Salt Creek Valley, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Mowery Monday.


W. P. DeHaven went to Zanesville for new Whippet cars, Tuesday

The Circleville Herald, April 3, 1928:



    W. P. DeHaven the Whippet agent, will go to Zanesville Tuesday for more new cars, Mark Armstrong and Peter Allen will go with him.

   Miss Francis McClelland is spending the week with her parents Mr. and Mrs. L. A. McClelland.

    Mrs. Clarence Bushee spent the weekend with relatives in Columbus.

    Mr. and Mrs. Hilgar Mettler were the guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. D. Shelby of Circleville.

    Miss Julia Archer is slowly improving since she returned from Grant Hospital.

    Mr. Dick Simpkins of Circleville was in Laurelville, Monday.

    Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Mettler and daughters, Mary and Nellie, visited  relatives at Mt. Sterling Sunday.

    Mr. and Mrs. Pearl Koch will leave Wednesday for a months vacation with relatives in Columbus and Lancaster.

    Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Newhouse and daughter, Maxine, spent Friday night with Mr. and Mrs. D. A. McClelland. They will leave Thursday for their future home in Mission, Texas.

    Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Alstadt, Miss Clara Dodson, and Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Egan enjoyed a pleasant motor trip Sunday, through Williamsport, New Holland, Washington C. H. and Greenfield, returning via Chillicothe.

    Mr. Wayne Armstrong  was a business caller in Chillicothe, Monday.

    Mr. and Mrs. Edward Friend and family, of Lancaster, visited Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Friend, Monday evening.

    Miss Vivan  Alice Armstrong of Delaware and Mr. Robert Hillard, of Columbus, were the weekend guests of their parents.

    Mr. and Mrs. E. Martin called on Miss Della Martin and Mrs. Tressa Haynes, Sunday.

    Miss Emma Strous of Columbus was the weekend guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Strous.

    Mrs. Alice D. Morris of Chicago is visiting with the home folks this week. Mrs. Morris expects to stay two weeks before returning.

Pleasant Ridge


ournal Gazette ,September 18,1899:

                                                                   Pleasant Ridge

    Pleasant Ridge,Sept.18.--- Dry weather still continues and is making the fall seeding late.
   J.J. Stump is rushing the seed hulling in this neighborhood.
   Dan Hosler of Laurel was in Vinton, Benton, and Washington townships last week buying cattle
to feed.
   Geo. Stump and his wife, Mrs. Adam Schaal and daughter Amanda, and George Hartsough
and sister Lizzie were visiting and attending Baptist church on Scott's Creek last Saturday and Sunday.
   Joseph Steel, who has been working in the canning factory at Ashville, returned home last
   Several of the men and boys have gone to the valley to cut corn.
   Quite a number from this vicinity attended Baptist church near South Perry, last Saturday
and Sunday, also we were glad to see a few from Scott's Creek.
   Ocea Steel visited his parents, Jas. Steel and wife, Saturday night and Sunday.

Journal Gazette," July 30, 1900

                                                                     Pleasant Ridge
   Pleasant Ridge, July 30.---- Measles still prevail in this neighborhood.
   The trustees of the U. B. church are preparing to adorn the church with a new bell.
   Preaching at the U. B. church next Sabbath at 3 o'clock p.m. by Rev. Beery. Everyone is
   Mrs. G. W. Hartsough and children were visiting Mr. and Mrs. Dan Notestone on Stump's Run
last Sabbath.
   James Steel and wife are visiting Eli Stump of Stump's Run who is very poorly with no hope of recovery.
   O. A. Dum, Ed Ebert, Jno. Collison and Dan Steel went to Chillicothe last Monday to see Buffalo Bill.
   The berry business seems to be the principal occupation of the citizens of this neighborhood.


Journal Gazette, March 7, 1903

                                                                          Pleasant Ridge

   Mrs. John Hartsough and daughter Lizzie were visiting Grandma Patterson who is slowing recovering from the severe attack of erysipelas Wednesday.
   Mrs. Dennis Fetherolf was visiting at G. A. Defenbaugh's last Sabbath.
   Samuel Fetherolf attended a surprise in honor of the 21st birthday of his brother Harvey which took place at his residence on Middlefork last Saturday evening.
   John Weaver of South Perry, was a business visitor in the neighborhood a couple times last
week. John buys, sells or trades horses. His only trouble is in remembering the past history of horses.
   Mrs. Wm. Kerr, Jr., visited Mrs. G. A. Defenbaugh Sunday.
   We saw Mr. Ogle and wife of Gibisonville, passing along our road last Saturday. We presume
they were going to visit Tecumseh Floyd and family of Laurelville.
   Our citizen don't spend much time loafing at Laurelville and drinking their wet goods nowadays on account of the smallpox. Two new cases are reported.
   Jacob Defenbaugh is a business visitor is a business visitor at Circleville today.
   George W. Hartsough and family were  visiting his parents  last Sabbath.
   Martin Collins is suffering severely with lumbago. Dr. Cain of Laurelville is attending him.
   The trustees of Perry township met at South Perry today and consequently the supervisors
have fat pocket books.



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