Jackson Township Platte Map 1875

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1875 Platte Map of Jackson Township
Vinton County, Ohio

Jackson Township

Jackson Township Business Directory

J. S. Teterrick- Blacksmith and Farmer
D. H. Cozad - Teacher of Common School
 Julia Curry - Teacher of Common School
 Frankey Carnall - Teacher of Common School

J. P Anksom- War is ended, and you will remember that
J. P. Anksom and Sons  are running a large store consisting
of a full line of dry goods,. Ready made clothing, hats, caps, shoes
boots, millinary,fancy goods, family groceries, table and pocket
cutlery, and are agents for the Champion Mowing Machine, and
other farming implements. Also the Seth Thomas clocks all of which
will be sold at the very lowest cash prices. Give me a call . We defy

M. R. Potter - sec. 21. Thistract of land is for sale . Three hundred
acres of timber. Two hundred acres of pasture. Terms liberal.
M. R. Potter

Jackson Township Plat Map For an Enlarged Plat Map of Jackson Township 1875


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