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was born in Hocking County, Ohio on March 10, 1897 and back
to his seventh Great-Grandfather Bernhard Iffelandt, who was
born about 1610 in Bebra, Hesse, Germany.

My Sincere Thanks to all of those who have
Donated their Time and Research Through the Years.
Research on this Family is Constantly Going Forward and Every Effort
is Being Made to Keep it Accurate. As More Sources and Discoveries
Come to Light Changes will not Doubt be Made. Records are not
Infallible and Neither is that old Family Tale about Great-Grandma Eveland. Even the most Trained Genealogist is Human and Human
Errors will be Found. If at any Time you Have a Question, Additional Sources, or Correction, Please Contact me. We all want to Keep
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" What Ever Were They Thinking "

What Ever Were They Thinking? If They Had Only Known, 
That One Day We'd Be So Puzzled Over The Children That Had Grown.
One Johann,Two Johannes,Three John's,Now Four Are A Plenty.
But Five John's, Six John's, More Than Ten, For Anyone Are Too Many.

Whatever Were They Thinking? Today They Would Also  Have To Agree,
That Different, Unusual, And Rare Is Good When Researching A Family Tree.
One Fredrick, Two Fredrick's, Three Fredrick's,Not to Mention Fredrich.
Four Frederick's, Five Frederick's, Six, If They were Dollars We'd All Rich .

What Ever Were They Thinking?  I Am Sure They
Truely Meant Well,
But Which Is The Father, Which The Son, And What Of The Uncle, How Is One To Tell ?
One David, Two David's, Three, Did You Doubt There Would Be Another!
As For the William's,Thomas's,Robert's,and James's; Thank God For Levi's Mother.

What Ever Were They Thinking? If I Could Only Tell Them Now.
That Those Children Their Dear Namesakes Had Been My Biggest Trial.
One Named Peter,A Second And A Third.Mounting Up To Number Past Seven.
When Upon Finding Only Four Daniel's And Three Brazillia's  You Have to Say Thank Heaven!

What Ever Were They Thinking? Among Your Daughter's Why Did You Name?
Whether Marie Or Even Mary In The End The Name Came Out The Same.
There Are Just Too Many Rebecca's, Catherine's And Sarah's In This Eveland Family.
One Day They Will All Thank God , You Will See.
Because Down Through Four-Hundred Years, There Is None Named Like Me.

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                                                ~ A Little History ~

The Eveland Family has been charted back thus far to the early 1600's. The spelling of the name has gone through various changes down through the years because of German speaking immigrants coming into the colonies of America, where the spelling of the German sounding name was generally spelled like it sounded to those who were recording it. The earliest records of the name in Mecklar, Hessen was spelled Iffelandt and at times Eiffelandt, In Rhine country it was spelled Iffland or Ifland. For the most part the families that lived in the areas of New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Canada spelled the name Eveland, while in parts of Pennsylvania the name is spelled Eflin. Another group of the family that moved on into North Carolina spells the name Ephland and Efland, and there is there a town by the name of Efland.
    Bernhardt (Bernhard) Iffelandt is the earliest recorded family member and was living in Bebra,Hesse. There have been no details found on who Bernhard's wife and family were. He may have had other children, but there was a son Johannes Iffelandt and a daughter Elisabet. Johannes was born about 1645. No birth date has been found for Elisabet, but we know of her as she was listed as the Godmother to her nephew,Johann David Iffland,at his baptism in Mecklar on July 21,1675. In the book,"The Stull Family,Julia Ann Stull (1814-1872) and Her Ancestors",by Wayne V. Jones", there is mention of a possibility of another daughter named, Ottilia Iffelandt, from Weidrodt who married Hans Wilhelm Kohlmann, widower, on September 15,1677 at Mecklar. He was a shepherd.His first wife had been named Katherine and she had died January 30,1677, at the age of 37 years,3 weeks, and was buried at Mecklar. No record has been found to prove Ottilia Iffelandt was the daughter of Bernhard to date.
    Johannes Iffelandt born about 1645, and died September 12,1721, he was buried on Sunday September 14,1721, at the age of 76 years and 5 months. His burial record of Mecklar states that he was commonly called the "old Tailor". He was a tailor as early as 1675 when his son Johann David Iffland was born.
    Johannes married Mardt Lies, who was born about 1634/1635, in about 1669, this is based however on the birth of their first child. She was from Garderat (Gerterode) as shown by the baptismal record of her daughter, also named Mardt Lies. The names of Mardt Lies the wife of Johannes and also the daughter by the same name, may have instead been interpreted Margaretha Elizabeth. Her surname and family are not known. They lived for a time in Tann where their son was born in 1675. They later moved to Mecklar bei Bad Hersfeld in Hesse. While there is no record found of Mardt's death, it is assumed it was before 1696 when Johannes married Anna Catharina Cludlin (Cludl ?). They were married at the Evangelical Church of Mecklar. She died in may 1707 and was buried at Mecklar on May 22, 1707 at the age of 63 years.
    Johannes Iffelandt and his first wife Mardt, had six children: Elisabet, Margredt, Johann David, Ann Elss, Mardt Lies, and Johannes.
    Elisabet Iffelandt was born March 9,1670. Her birth and baptismal records of Mecklar state ;that she was born March 9, between 4 and 5 o'clock in the afternoon, a daughter was born of Johannes Iffelandt and was baptized on March 13, and her Godmother was Elisabet, a daughter of Bernhardt Iffelandt from Bebra and is the sister of the child's father ,and she was named Elisabet.
    Margredt Iffelandt was born November 17, 1672.Her birth and baptismal records of Mecklar state; that Johannes Iffelandt had  daughter born between 7 and 8 o'clock in the morning and was baptized November 24, with her Godmother Margaredt, wife of Johannes Frey present, and the child was called Margredt.
    Johann David Iffland was born July 21, 1675 in Tann, north of Bad Hersfeld, Hessen. Johann David Iffland was the immigrant who came to America during the migration of the Palatines to America in 1710.
    Ann Elss Iffelandt was born March 4, 1678. Her birth and baptismal records of Mecklar state; at 9 o'clock in the morning a daughter was born to Johannes Iffelandt and was baptizes on March 19, with her Godmother Anna Elss present, housewife of Johannes Iffelandt from Meckbach, and the child was called Elss.
    Mardt Lies Iffelandt was born August 18,1680. Her birth and baptismal records of Mecklar state; Johannes Iffelandt had a daughter born between 3 and 4 o'clock in the afternoon and she was baptized on March 20, with her Godmother Mardt Lies present, from Gerderat (Gerterode), and the child was named Mardt Lies.
    Johannes Eiffelandt was born on Sunday, February 11, 1682. His birth and baptismal records state; Johannes Eifflandt's little son was born into the world and was embodied in the Lord Christ by Holy Baptism and was given the name Johannes. Johannes died about 1721. His wife was Maria Magdalena and they were living in Offstein.
(sources:"The Stull Family,Julia Ann Stull 1814-1872 And Her Ancestors, by Wayne V. Jones. Rentamt Evangelische Kirche,Bad Hersfeld. Kirchenbuch Mecklar bei Bad Hersfeld,Hessen; Korchebuch Hochheim bei Worms Marriage Record of Bergkirche in Hochheim; Verbandesgemeinde Mannheim (Staadsamt) Kirchenbuch Nierderflorsheim und Morstadt.)
    Johann David Iffland, was the son of Johannes Iffelandt and Mardt Lies__, and born in Tann and was baptized at Mecklar bei  Bad Hersfeld, Hessen. His baptismal and birth records at Mecklar state; on July 21,1675 between the hours of 3 and 4 o'clock , a son was born to Johannes Iffelandt, tailor,at Tann and was baptized July 27,1675, present his Godfather Johann Schach, the forester, from Ludersdorf, and the child was named Johann Davidt. Johann David married Rebecca Schneider, born about 1677/1678. of Hochheim bei Worms in the Rhine Valley. The record at Kirchenbuch of Bergkirch ( Reformed) Church states; 'Johann David Iffland, Johannes Iffland's son from Mecklar in Hessen, married Rebecca, a daughter of Johannes Schneider at the Bergkirche in Hochheim on November 2,1702. Rebecca Schneider was confirmed in Bergkirche in 1693 at the age of 15 years. She was the daughter of Johannes Schneider "the younger', who died in Hochheim in 1739 and his first wife , Anna Maria___. She had a brother, Hans Henrich Schneider, who was born 1678/1679.
    Johann David and Rebecca settled in Morstatt (Morstadt), a village northwest of Hochheim and there they had two children: Johannes Iffland born on October 24, 1704, birth and baptismal records state; Johannes a son was born to Johan David, master tailor and his wife Rebecca, from Morstatt, the Godfather was Johannes Schneider from Hochheim bei Worms. A Daughter , Maria Magdalena, born October 24,1706 and baptized October 28, the daughter of Johann David Iffland and Rebecca, inhabitants at Morstatt,The Godparents were Johannes Ifflandt, the brother of Johann David, and Maria Magdalena from Offstein.
    Up until 1709, the time of their departure for Rotterdam, neither of these children is shown yet to have died in Morstatt. The passenger list for the ship on which the family crossed the English Channel shows that they had only one child when they embarked between 3 and 10,July 1709, and the subsistence lists show they had only one child when they arrived in New York. It appears that Maria Magdalena must have died en route to Rotterdam.
    Johann David was a Hessian, not a Palatine, by birth. He did live for a few years in the Palatinate area from which they departed for America. The family embarked from Rotterdam between July 3rd and 10th of 1709. He is listed as being on the fifth ship of the ten ships that sailed from England, captained by Captain Unthank. Johann David's name was spelled David Yslant on the passenger list. After many delays they arrived in New York June 28, 1710.


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