Black Jack - Collison Cemetery

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Black Jack - Collison Cemetery

Washington Township, Hocking County, Ohio

On SR 664, about 7 miles south of Logan, Ohio on the left or 6 miles north of
      South Bloomingville, Ohio on the right  at Black Jack Rd.. The old cemetery lies on the
            hillside on the  south ( right) side of Prattor Rd. (Twp.509) , which goes to a camping facility.
Patton Rd.  is  just south of Paxton Rd.  ( CR. 171) and across from Black Jack Rd.

I would like to give my sincerest thanks to Lynn Sheren for
donating all of the photographs  of Black Jack CollisonCemetery.
It is appreciated so much and  may they be left to future generations
as a record of those buried here.
Thank you Lynn!

BlackJack - Lynn Sheren Cemetery on Right Bank
Wife of Z D Zeller Alfred Davis
Joshua Watts Samuel Carter

Busard, George –
d. February 5, 1843 (or 1846); aged 4 m. & 8 d.
Son of Joseph & E. Busard.

Busard, Wm. Riley –  d. March 10, 1846; aged 2 y., 3 m., 6 d.  Son of Joseph & E. Busard.

Carter, Samuel F. –  d. December 1, 1850; aged 12 y., 8 m., 3 d. Son of  W. B. & T. Carter.

Collison, Elizabeth –  d. April 15, 1889;  aged 63 y., 10 m., 13 d. Wife of   John Collison.

Collison, John – b. August 31, 1831; d. January 8, 1909; aged 77 y.,4 m.,7 d.

Davis, Alfred –  d. February 15, 1853 (or 1859);  aged 2 y.,1 m.,20 d. Son of G. W. & M. A. Davis.

Davis, Daniel R. – d. March 18, 1850; aged 31 y. , ___.

Davis, John – Departed this life August 26, 1845; aged 46 y., 11 m., 30 d.

Davis, George W. – d. March 27, 1883; aged 59 y., 5 m., 8 d.

Davis, Maria –  d. June 2, 1887; aged 61 y., 4 m., 20 d. Wife of G. W. Davis.

Eby, Israel –  d. December 2, 1849; aged 3 y.,11 m., 23 d.  Son of  Rev. A. & M. Eby.

Hughes, James – d. October __, 1845; aged 37 y., 3 m., 24 d.

Hutton, Arie A. - b. January 27, 1877; d. October 19, 1893. Daughter of George &
                                 Louisa Hutton.

Leib, William I. –  b. February 15, 1852; aged 2 y, 4 m., 28 d.  Son of J. C. & M. Leib.

Poling, George D. – d. March 4, 1863; aged 2 y., 3 m., 4 d.  

Poling, Martin – d. January 18, 1855; aged 7 y. & 3 m. or d. ?

Poling, Mary M. – d. March 21, 1860; aged 1 y., 10 m., 10 d. 

Sheron, Matilda - d. July 3, 1853; aged 2y., 4m., 28d. Daughter of J. M. Sheron.

Watts, James –  d. September 26, 1854; aged 1y.,2 m., 21 d. Son of H. (or W) & R. Watts.

Watts, Joshua –  d. October 28, 1861; aged 3 y., 2 m.,1 d. Son of A. & S. Watts.

Watts, Nelson –  d. October 11, 1882. Son of  O. & ? Watts.

Wilson, John W. – In Memory of John W. Wilson who Departed this life
9,1845;   Aged 22 y. & 2 m.

 Zeller, Elizabeth –  d. February 11, 1866; aged 73 y.  Wife of  J. D. Zeller.

                Cemetery Transcription was made on  Thursday, October 9, 2003,  by Lona Brown Stevens and Martha Eveland Brown

This cemetery is very old and is in terrible shape. Effort has been done by an unidentified gentleman to cut and clean the
brush from the spot,   to which we are grateful for his concern for this forgotten cemetery. Some of the stones
could not be found that were indicated from other   transcribers of this cemetery.  Some of the old stones that are
there are broken and weather worn, making it hard to see the names and dates.   Since it is in such array a
comparison of other transcriptions were looked at to find the most accurate reading as  possible.  
    If you have relatives that are buried here or have a correction, please contact me, because every effort
should be made to insure accuracy of   these pioneers of Hocking County.  

                                                     Also myself and another transcriber saw three  different interpretations of names.
                                                                                             James Hughes  or Hatcher.

William Lee Daniel R Davis
Phillip Woolever Mary A Davis
Arlea Hutton Israel Eby
William Riley George W Davis
John K Davis Bussard
Woolever Elizabeth Collison
Matilda Sheron John Collison
Catherine Woolever

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