Benton Township Pioneers

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Benton Township Pioneers

Absolom Hart

Absolom Hart

1841 - 1922
Son of Seely and Elizabeth Hart

Hattie Pluekharp Kitchen

Hattie Hart Pleukharp Kitchen the wife of
Charles Pleukharp and daughter
of Absolom and Aurilla Brehem Hart.

Benedict Steele

Francis Benedict and Doretta Johnston Steele

Benedict was the son of James William Sr. and Nancy Brown Steele.
Tabitha Doretta Johnston was the daughter of Thomas and Jane
Fee Johnston of Swan Township, Vinton County, Ohio.


Jacob and Mary Elizabeth Long Huffman
Jacob was the son of Daniel and Matilda Reed Huffman.
Mary Elizabeth was the daughter of Warren Long.

John Shaw

John William Shaw
Born February 10,1849 - Died October 15,1932
Son of Charles and Louisa Saffell Shaw

Martha Steele Shaw

Martha Steele Shaw
Born September 7, 1853 - Died August 22, 1938
Daughter of Benedict and Sarah Brown Steele.
Wife of John William Shaw.

Ocle & Leo

Ocle Shaw Hamilton & Leo Shaw Eveland
Daughters of Charles Henry and Dollie Chilcote Shaw

Joshua Chilcote

Joshua Hiram Chilcote
Born August 8,1829
Died June 8, 1879
Son of John and Hester Chilcote

Hiles Chilcote

Hiles J. and Rose Burgoon Chilcote

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