Benton Township Pioneers

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Benton Township Pioneers


                                                                                Peter Pleukharp       

   Peter Pleukharp was born Oct. 15, 1824, in Hocking County, Ohio. His father, Peter Pleukharp, was a native of Germany, and when about twenty-five years of age came to the United States and settled in Fairfield County, Ohio, where he remained two years, and  while there he was married to Margaret Goss, also a native of Germany. In 1822 he came to Falls Township, Hocking Co., Ohio, where he entered land, and remained in the township till his death, which occurred in Logan, Nov. 3, 1850. He had at the time of his death 323 acres of land, and also some property in Logan. His wife died in Fairfield County. They were the parents of thirteen children, of whom ten are living. Peter Pleukharp was reared in Falls Township, and lived with his parents till he attained his majority. Oct. 18, 1849, he was married to Catherine Clark, a native of Falls Township. They have six children---Mary Emily and Sarah Ann (twins), the former married to George Keifer, of Ward Township, and the latter to Clinton Walker, of Licking County, Ohio; James, married to Emily Barnett, residing in Vinton County, Ohio; Maggie, wife of Frank Leamon, of McArthur, Vinton County; Eli and Clara, residing at home. After his marriage he lived eighteen months a mile south of the Falls Mill, when he moved on his father's old homestead which he rented for three years. In 1852 he purchased his present place in Washington Township, buying at first eighty acres; by subsequent purchases he has at present 155 acres. In 1878 he united with the Scotch Creek Baptist church, in Falls Township. Politically he has always been a Republican. George Clark, the father of Mrs. Pleukharp, was a native of Virginia, born Oct. 16, 1786, settled in Fairfield County, Ohio, where he lived two years. He then went to Scotch Creek, Hocking County, where he entered forty acres of land, but at different times added to it, so that at his death he had 345 acres, a part of which was previously deeded to his children. Mr. Clark married for his second wife Mary Harris, also a native of Virginia, by whom he had seven children, three sons and four daughters, all of whom are living. He died on the place he settled, Nov. 16, 1878, after living on it over sixty years. His wife departed this life about eleven months previous.

                         Source: "1883 History of Hocking Valley "

Samuel H. Iler            

    Samuel H. Iler, son of William and Ann (Berry) Iler was born in Hocking County, Jan. 30, 1851. He was thrown on his own re- sources when quite young, but succeeded in getting fair English education in the public schools. He was married Jan. 4, 1872 to Emma, daughter of Basil and Margaret A. Black. They have five children---Minnie, Lillie, Dellie, Joseph N. and Noah W. After his marriage Mr. Iler settled on the farm where he now lives on section 6, Benton Township. He makes a specialty of fruit taking great pride in his work, and being one of the largest fruit- growers in the county. He joined the Disciple church in March 1872. Politically, he is a Democrat.

                                                                                                     Source : " 1883 History of Hocking Valley "

Emery Fisk Redfern, MD     

    Emery Fisk Redfern, M. D., son of Uriah and Jane (Murphy) Redfern, was born in Jackson, now a part of Vinton County, June 4, 1842. He lost both his parents when a child and went to live with Isaac Dunkle, remaining with him till twenty years of age. July 31, 1862, he enlisted in Company V, Ninetieth Ohio Infantry. He participated in twenty-one battles and skirmishes, the more prominent being Perryville, Stone River, Chickamauga, and with Sherman to the sea. He was discharged June 13, 1865, having been in the service nearly three years and never having been off duty. Aug. 8, 1862, he married Martha Nichols, daughter of John F. and Mary (Larkins) Nichols. They have four children--- Francis N. R., Isaac W., Mary A.J. and Lillie L. M. Dr. Redfern commenced the practice of medicine in 1870, and in the winter of 1878-'79 attended medical lectures at the American Eclectic College, Cincinnati, receiving a diploma from that school. He located in Sharonville, Pike County, and remained about six months; then went to Limerick, Jackson County; from there to South Perry, and thence to South Bloomingville, where he has since been engaged in the practice of his profession. Dr. Redfern is a member of Lodge No. 364, I. O. O. F., McArthur, and of the Grand Army of the Republic.

                                    Source: "1883 History of Hocking Valley

Frederick Wolfe      

    Frederick Wolfe, son of Daniel and Joanna (Bench) Wolfe, was born in Surry County, N. C., Sept. 24, 1814, and came with his parents to Ohio in 1825, settling in what was then Ross County, but is now Vinton.  His father not being able to buy a half section, the least that could be bought at that time, was obliged to settle on Congress land. Mr. Wolfe remained with his father in Ross County ten years and then came to Hocking County and entered forty acres of land. In 1835 he married Rebecca, daughter of John and Hester Chilcote. About the time of his marriage he traded his land for what is now known as the Eby farm. He by industry added to his possessions till at one time he owned 262 acres of fine land. He now has 105 acres. Mr. Wolfe is the oldest resident in Benton Township. When he first came here he had to go twenty-four miles on horse-back to mill. Their salt was brought from the Kanawha Salt Works, Va., also on horse-back. Mr. and Mrs. Wolfe have had eight children, of whom the following grew to maturity---John (married twice, Mary and Rachel Davis), Hester A. (now Mrs. T. J. Allison,) Daniel, Joshua (married Jennie Johnson), William, Mary Eby, and Columbus (married Jane Turner). Mr. Wolfe has been a member of the Methodist church since 1840.

                           Source: "1883 History of the Hocking Valley" 

Eli Dennis     

    Eli J. Dennis, son of Elias and Matilda (Walters) Dennis, was born Feb. 23, 1834, in Perry County, Ohio. When he was six months old his parents came to Hocking County, where he was reared and educated. June 6, 1858, he married Mary M. Poling, daughter of Abraham Poling. After his marriage he rented land for three years, and then took a lease for some land of Simon Deaver, remaining on it for nine years. In March, 1870, be bought eighty acres in Benton Township, which he has brought to a good state of cultivation. Besides being a farmer he is by trade a stone-mason, and is one of the best in the county. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis have had fourteen children, twelve of whom are living - Mary C., Allie A., David, Barbary, Vance, Cynthia, George, Jacob, Denona, Effie, Henry and James H. One son, Vance has had the spinal meningitis twice, and is now a cripple, probably for life.

                                       Source: " History of the Hocking Valley

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