1840 Benton Township Head of Household's

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Benton Township, Hocking County, Ohio
Head of Households 1840

History of Benton Township

Benton Township was part of Salt Creek Township, which was formed at the first meeting of the board of commissioners, April 25, 1818.
Benton Township was formed December 5, 1836.

Names are Spelled as they Appear on Documentation

Agler, William
Allen, Benjamin
Barton, Nathaniel
Beck, David
Bennett, Eli
Brown, Elijah
Burgoon, James
Burns, Thomas
Chilcoat, John
Cooper, Isaac
Corrick, Henry
Corrick, Isaac
Crownover, Hesekiah
Dawson, Moses
Dorman, John
Dresbaugh, Daniel
Dresbaugh, David
Dugis, Joshua
Eby, Christian
Eby, Joseph
Elder, Isaac R.
Elder, Thos.
Elis, James
Ford, William J.
Francisco, Wm.
Glen, Robert
Hamilton, John
Hatchclif, Mervin
Henry, William
Horley, George
Hufman, Frederick
Humple, Miran
Johnson, Thomas
Justice, James
Justice, Jesse
Keller, Jacob
Large, William
Lashley, Moses
Lemon, Joshua
Loyd, David
Loyd, William
Lyndsy, Robert
Lyndsy, William
Mack, James T.
Matox, Aaron
McMullen, John
Mills, Allen
Murlett, John
Myers, Jacob
Newman, Linden
Nunemaker, Archibold
Oldfield, Joseph
Pence, Peter
Rauch, Peter
Read, Andrew
Reynolds, James
Reynolds, John M.
Reynolds, Miles L.
Robison, William
Shaw, Hamson
Shaw, James Jr.
Shaw, James Sr.
Sheet, Nathan
Shook, Jacob
Starkey, Enoch
Starkey, George
Starkey, Jonathan
Starkey, Lewis
Stolen, Samuel
Stoughton, James
Stoughton, Joseph
Thorp, Inchabod
Thorp, Peter
Tilton, Simeon
Wilson, John
Wilson, Samuel
Wine, James
Wolford, George
Young, Phillip

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