1838 Benton Township Duplicate Tax

Dust in the Attic

1838 Duplicate Tax
Benton Township, Hocking County, Ohio

The Spelling of Names are as They Appear on Documents.

Allen, Aaron Jr.
Colwell, Robert
Crownover, Hezakiah
Dawson, David
Dawson, Moses
Eby, Christian
Eby, Geo.
Eby, Joseph
Fetherolf, Benjamin
Dorman, John
Dresback, J & D (sawmill)
Glen, Robert
Hoffman, Andrew
Hoffman, Fredk'
Hoffman, Jacob
Hoffman, Jonathan
Loomis, Joh D.
Loyd, Thomas & David (1 sawmill)
Karshner, Jacob
May, Henry
Mullat, John
Shaw, James (1 sawmill)
Starkey, Geo.
Strouser, David

Bloomingville In Lots

Chilcoat, John
Eby, Joseph
Long, Hester

Chattel Tax

Allen, Aaron
Allen, Benjamin
Burns, Thomas
Caldwell, Robert
Chilcote, John
Chilcote, Samuel
Coldwell, Elias
Coldwell, John
Corrick, Fredk.'
Corrick, Henry
Corrick, Isaac
Crownover, Hezehiah
Dorman, John
Dorman, Lenae
Dresback, David
Eby, Chritain
Eby, Joseph
Edwards, Peter
Elder, Isaac
Elder, Thomas
Francisco, William
Glen, Robert
Hoffman, Fredk.'
Jusice, James
Large, William
Lastley, Moses
McMolan, John
Molate, John
Myers, Jacob
Pence, Peter
Reed, Andrew
Shaw, Harrison
Sheet, Nathan
Springer, George Jr.
Starkey, Aaron
Starkey, Enoch
Starkey, Lewis
Teets, George
Tharp, Peter
Wine, James
Wine, William
Wolf, Fredk.'


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