1836 Tax List - Salt Creek & Jackson Township

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Salt Creek Township in Hocking County, Ohio
1876 Platte Map

Salt Creek Township

1836  Tax List

Salt Creek Township, Hocking County, Ohio

The spelling of names are as they appear on documents.


Alexander, Jacob
Boucher, Jacob
Bixler, Sarah
Barnhill, David
Brandt, Martin
Cave, Emanuel
Clark, Noah
Correll, Mary
Colwell, Robert
Cave & Cambell ( 1 sawmill)
Darman, John
Dawson, Moses
Dawson, David
Dunkle, George
Dunkle, Killian
Dunkle, John
Defenbough, Samuel
Dorman, Elias
DeVault, William
Eby, Christain
Eby, George
Ebert, John
Friened, William
Fransisco, William
Fries, John
Friend, Levi
Friend, Samual
Fetherolf, Philip
Fetherolf, Samual
Fetherolf & Reid (1 sawmill)
Gaul, George (heirs of)
Glen, Robert
Gross, John
Hall, Joshua
Haynes, Andrew
Haynes, Frederick (1 sawmill)
Hine, John
Heffman, Jonathan
Hoffman, Andrew (1 sawmill)
Hoffman, Jacob
Hoffman, Jacob Jr.
Hostler, Daniel
Hostler, Isaac
Hostler, Jacob
Huber, William
Justice, Nicholas
Jones, David
Karshner, Daniel
Karshner, Jacob
Kolb, Sebastian
Larrick, Isaac
Low, Nancy
Loy, Frederick (1 sawmill)
Lutz, Jacob
Lutz, Jacob D.
Lutz, Nancy
Mallatt, John
May, Henry (1 sawmill)
Miller, John
Moss, Joseph
Reed, John
Roult, James (heirs of)
Sharp, Peter (sawmill & gristmill)
Shelby, David
Sherick, Henry
Sherrick, Jacob
Shriver, Susanna (1 mill)
Smith, Jacob
Spenser, Jesse
Starkey, George
Starns, John (1 grist mill)
Steel, James
Strauser, John
Strouse, Jacob
Upp, John ( grist & sawmill)
Wine, Linsey
Wiggins, Thos.
Wiggins, Moses

Goods Tax

Alexander, Jacob
Areledge, Isaac
Anderson, John
Barnhill, David
Bird, John T.
Bouch, Jacob
Boucher, Jeremiah
Boyce, Joseph
Bumgardner, William
Burns, Thomas
Cambell, Henry
Campbell, John
Carrick, Henry
Cave, Emanuel
Chilcoat, John
Chilcoat, Samuel
Colwell, Elias
Colwell, Pressley
Colwell, Robert
Colwell, William
Comstock, Gideon
Dawson, Nancy
Dawson, William
Davis, James
Defenbaugh, John
Defenbough, Samuel
DeVault, Abraham
Devauley, William
Dorman, John
Dorman, Senor
Dowman, John
Drum, George
Dumm, George
Dunker, George Jr.
Dunkle, Killen H.
Ebbert, Benjamin
Ebbert, Jesse
Ebert, John
Ebert, Reuben
Eby, Christian
Eby, Christian Jr.
Eby, Joseph
Elder, Thomas
Fetherolp, Philip
Francisco, William
Frees, William
Friend, Samuel
Friend, William
Glen, Robert
Good, John
Goul, George (his heirs)
Gross, John
Hall, Joshua
Hart, George
Hart, Josiah
Hart, Silas
Haynes. Andrew
Haynes, Christopher
Haynes, Frederick
Haynes, Henry
Herman, John
Hine, John
Hoffman, Andrew
Hostler, Isaac
Hostler, Jacob
Huber, Elijah
Huber,___ (widow)
Huffman, Jonathan
Jones, John
Justice, James
Justice, John
Karshner, Daniel
Karshner, Elijah
Karshner, Enoch
Karshner, Jacob
Keller, Jacob
Larrick, William
Low, Nancy
Low, William
Loy, Frederick
Mallatt, John
Miller, Conrad
Morrison, John
Nungster, Henry
Potter, John
Reed, George
Reed, John
Reed, Nathan
Roult, Abagail
Roult, John
Shad, John
Sherick, Henry
Shreckensgort, Georg
Shreckensgort, Michael
Shriver, Susanna
Slagle, Joseph
Smith, Jacob
Speakman, Ebinezer
Spencer, Jesse
Starkey, Aaron
Starkey, Lewis
Steel, James
Strouse, Jacob
Swift, Thomas
Swinehart, Anthony
Teets, George
Tharp, Peter
Towers, James
Wiggins, John F.
Wiggins, Moses
Wiggins,___ (widow)
Wine, James
Wine, Lindsay
Waulf, Samuel
Young, Lewis

Jackson Township

1876 Jackson Township Platte Map

                                  1836 Tax List

Jackson Township, Hocking County ,Ohio
( Now Vinton County )

The spelling of names are as they appear on documents.

Ankrom, Aaron
Ankrom, Jacob
Ankrom, William
Brown, Elisha
Brown, Briant
Brown, Elijah
Burns, Patrick
Burns, William
Chamberlain, Wm.
Colewell, Henry
Colewell, Thomas
Colwell, Washington
Colwell, William
Corrick, Frederick
Corrick, John
Cummins, John
Curry, Andrew
Curry, Thomas
Darby, Jesse
Dill, John
Dixion, Aaron
Dixon, Enoch
Drake, Archibold
Drake, Archibold Jr.
Ellison, Thomas (Allison?)
Gregg, William
Hart, Absolom
Hart, Silas
Hawk, Isaac
Lantz, Aaron
Peterson, Samuel
Stevens, Alphred
Stevens, William
Tilton, John
Tilton, Simeon H.
Tilton, Thomas
Turner, Andrew
Turner, George
Turner, James
Turner, Joseph
Turner, Washington
Waltz, Jacob
Wolf, Daniel


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