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Please note.  If you find any of the email addresses are not working, please let me know the name of the individual.  You may email me here.

Research Assistance Needed - Hancock County, Ohio

Your help will be appreciated! This is a total volunteer effort.

Individuals who coordinate the county pages for this project do so on their own time and certainly without any compensation. We do it out of a passion for genealogy. One of the requirements for each county is a provision for Look-Up's. Each coordinator must find volunteers to provide this service. I am asking you to help if you can.

If you have in your possession books, CD-ROM's or other materials that relate to Hancock County, Ohio and you would be willing to assist others in their Hancock County genealogy research by volunteering to do LOOK-UP's, please contact Dave Koester, Hancock County, Ohio coordinator.

How much time will you have to devote to this?

Only as much as you wish. First of all, you would not be expected to provide look-up information to just anyone. The look-up must relate to Hancock County, Ohio. The request would be e-mailed directly to you, and you can decide whether to answer the request. Generally, requests are limited to one or two requests at a time. That is a standard and would be listed as part of the guidelines for submitting requests.

Look-Up Requests

Please do not submit lookup requests to the County Coordinator for Hancock County.  I do not live in Hancock County and only have limited resources in my possession.  Below are individuals who have generously volunteered to look up certain information based on the resources they have available.  If you have questions please le me know.

When requesting a LOOK-UP, please use the following guidelines:

Limit your request to one surname or other item per submission and no more than two submissions a day. Send your lookup request to the e-mail address of the volunteer.

Please keep in mind that the individual you are asking for help from is a volunteer.  They do this work out of their passion for research and a desire to assist others.  To make their job easier, pleas follow the following instructions.  The KEY to submitting your request is for you to be as specific as possible.

Use the following format in submitting your request:

  1. On the SUBJECT line, enter "LOOKUP" and "HANCOCK COUNTY"
  2. On the first line of the message, enter the type of lookup, e.g. name, cemetery, birth record, obituary, etc.
  3. You must include relevant information like dates, places or other information that will allow the volunteer to better understand your request.
  4. On the subsequent line(s) of the message, describe exactly what information you are looking for.  This may be redundant - but the key is that you provide all the information that you know.
  5. At the end of your message, please put your name, "snail mail" address and e-mail address for reply.

Researchers who have volunteered to provide assistance are listed below

Susan Husted  has access to the following book:  "Descendants of Moses and Isabell (Clark) Crawford of Bucks County, Pennsylvania" by Allen W. Scholl, Heritage Books, published 1993

You may contact Susan via e-mail with your request.

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1850 census for Hancock county - Ancestry.com users. 

Researchers who have subscriptions to the Ancestry.com web site will find the following information helpful if you are looking for your ancestor in a specific Township.  Thanks to Gail Barone, the following indicates the image numbers that correspond to Ancestry's on-line images.  Note that these are not page numbers, and is not the same as the Census index for the county.  Thank you Gail for providing this information!  If other's care to add the same information for other years, please send to me, Dave Koester - Hancock Cty Coordinator:

1850 Census Images - Ancestry.com

Image 1-21 Liberty
Image 23-48 Blanchard
Image 49-61 Pleasant
Image 64-93 Washington
Image 95-118 Big Lick
Image 120-141 Marion
Image 142-171 Amanda
Image 172-199 Union
Image 200-218 Orange
Image 220-222 Allen Twp. town of Van Buren
Image 224-243 Allen Twp.
Image 244-263 Findlay Twp.
Image 264-295 Town of Findlay
Image 297-311 Portage
Image 312-324 Van Buren Twp.
Image 328-342 Cass
Image 344-359 Madison
Image 360-384 Delaware
Image 385-404 Jackson
Image 405-427 Eagle

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Gary Franks is offering to provide lookups from the following resources:
  • J. A. Kimmell's "Twentieth Century History of Findlay, Hancock County, Ohio and Representative Citizens" published in 1910.

You may contact Gary via e-mail with your request.

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J. Elaine Merrick is offering to provide lookups from the following resources:
  • Marriage records of Hancock County, Ohio 1828 thru 1864
  • 1880 Census of Ohio Hancock County

    You may contact Elaine via e-mail with your request.

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Jo Ann Lee is offering to provide lookups from the following resources:
  • Index to Maple Grove Cemetery Findlay, Ohio vol.1 1854 - 1912
  • Hancock County, Ohio cemetery inscriptions for Eagle Township
  • Washington Township cemetery books Volumes I & II
  • Fostoria Cemetery book, Washington TWP, Hancock Co, Ohio
  • Browns History
  • All cemeteries in Hancock County
  • Early land, wills, & naturalizations
  • Census 1830 - 1900
  • Marriages 1828 -1919

    You may contact Jo Ann via e-mail with your request.

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Darl Deeds is in charge of the Powell Cemetery in Eagle Township, Hancock County, Ohio. Over the past fifteen years that he has been affiliated with the Cemetery, he has developed personal knowledge as well as written knowledge of the cemetery. He has the cemetery inscription book and the maps for the burial plots and has access to all cemetery deeds for the cemetery. He is offering to help researchers who have ancestors buried in the Powell Cemetery.

You may contact Darl via e-mail with your request.

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Frank Davis has a 1930 edition of Rawson High School, Rawson, Ohio, yearbook. The book is in excellent condition, and shows the graduating class of 1930, as well as grades 11, 10, 9, 8, and 7, and faculty. The book has many many pictures. If I can assist anyone in their genealogy research, don't hesitate to contact me.

You may contact Frank via e-mail with your request.

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Sheila Kratzer is offering lookups from the following books of information relating to Hancock County, as follows:
  • "Early Land Records of Hancock County, OH" This is an index of
    people who bought land in Hancock from about 1825 to the early 1840s. It
    lists their name, their residence when they bought the land, and the date
    they entered Hancock Co.
  • "Index to Hancock County Wills from Probate Court 1829-1957". It is an
    index of the wills listed in the Hancock Co Probate records. It lists the
    name, the book, and page number where the will can be found in the probate
  • "Hancock County, Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions Portage Township: Pleasant Hill
    Cemetery, Ten Mile-Bethel Cemetery, and Thomas Cemetery."
  • "Hancock County, Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions Union Township: Cannonsburg
    Cemetery, Clymer Cemetery, Tawa/Flick Cemetery, and Smith Cemetery".
  • "Index to Maple Grove Cemetery Findlay, Ohio Hancock County Vol 1 1854-1912"
  • "Hancock County, Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions Allen Township: Bechtel
    Cemetery, Rader Cemetery"
  • "Hancock County, Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions Pleasant Township: Horn Family
    Plot, McComb Cemetery, Pickens Cemetery"
  • "Hancock County, Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions Liberty Township: Aurand,
    Indian Green, County Home, St. Michael's Catholic, Watson and Hedges Family"

    You may contact Sheila Kratzer via e-mail with your request.

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Ruth Dicembrino is offering lookups from the following books of information relating to Hancock County, as follows:

  • Index to Maple grove Cemetery, Findlay
    Ohio, Hancock County, Vol 1 1854-1912
  • Index to Brown's History of Hancock County, Ohio
  • Historical Atlas of Hancock Co., Ohio 1863, 1875, 1902 Indexed, this book has plat maps with owners listed.
  • Ohio Cemeteries, by the OHS, which is book of directions to various cemeteries in Ohio.

    You may contact Ruth Dicembrino via e-mail with your request.

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Linda Sayre will provide information relating to Hancock County, Ohio as follows:

  • Cemetery Inscriptions - Union Township
  • Cemetery Inscriptions - Marion Township
  • Wills and Estates Index 1851-1900
  • Early Land Records
  • Hancock County Bible Records

    You may contact Linda Sayre via e-mail with your request.

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Jan Jewell will provide information relating to Hancock County, Ohio as follows:

  • 1850 census
  • 1880 census
  • Lookup information provided is limited to whether a person exists on the census and what the roll number and page number of the mircofilm is. Detail beyond that must be researched by the requester.

    You may contact Jan Jewell via e-mail with your request. Also check out Jan's Web Site.

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Deb Peterson will provide information relating to Hancock County, Ohio as follows:

  • Cemetery inscriptions for Orange and Van Buren Townships
  • Dally Family Plot, Riley Creek, Hassan Cemetery, Thompson Cemetery, Eagle Creek Cemetery, Jenera Cemetery and St. Paul Cemetery

    You may contact Deb Peterson via e-mail with your request.

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