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Often I receive e-mail from individuals living elsewhere, seeking someone local who is willing to obtain copies of documents, take pictures at a cemetery or do research locally for them. I know in my own research how difficult it is to find someone who can assist me in obtaining records in counties or states I may never have the opportunity to visit & explore myself or I may not have an exact reference to write to the local courthouse, recorders office, etc. We've always had a page listing volunteers willing to do Look-ups in resources they own, but not a section to list individuals who might be willing to copy an obituary at the library, obtain a copy of a marriage record from Probate, a specific deed at the Recorder's office, take pictures at a cemetery, just to mention a few.

The Hamilton Co. Genealogical Society website has a page for Research Services they can provide which includes a listing of "Paid Researchers" for hire.

Realizing there may be other indviduals who are willing to assist someone by obtaining copies at the courthouse, library etc. or taking pictures, whether if be for "free", "expenses" incurred, or a specific "fee". If you think you maybe able to assist someone & want to be listed here, please contact Linda.

Hamilton Co. OHGenWeb is willing to provide this listing to help those researchers who may not be able to obtain this information themselves. Hamilton Co. OHGenWeb however, is not responsible for fees, quality of work, or any arrangements made between you and any person or group listed on this page. All arrangements for research must be made directly with individuals on the list.

Please contact the individual as to how much information is necessary to proceed with your request and any costs involved. Please keep your requests to a minimum as they may not have the time to fullfill your every need. Any financial considerations are between you and the Volunteer.

Please remember, these individuals are NOT volunteering to do your "research" for you, they are simply volunteering to obtain (if they can) SPECIFIC documents, look-ups in SPECIFIC books, photograph a SPECIFIC tombstone, etc.  If you do not have enough information to ask for something SPECIFIC, please use the message boards & mail lists for Hamilton Co., OH (see main page) to post a message & perhaps someone there will have information to further your research or guide you on what to look for.

Most important: remember to say "Thank You".

Name $
Works full time but willing as time allows to obtain copies of Marriage Records from the Courthouse, simple look-ups at the Library, obtain copies of obituaries from the libraries microfilm & take digital photos from local Cemeteries.

4/1/09 Note: This volunteer has suffered a hard drive crash, losing everything, including e-mails requesting assistance as well as a recent death in the family.  If you haven't heard back from him, please understand why. He's taking a short break from volunteering, so, please wait until his name reappears here before contacting him again.

(if any)
Gravestone photo's at Laurel I.O.O.F. Cemetery and St. Michaels Catholic Cemetery in Madisonville. See Lori's website for more information on both cemeteries. Also see this transcription of St. Michaels.
Lori Chaffin
(if any)
Gravestone photo's, obituaries & census lookups at the Library.
Kathe Edwards
(if any)

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