Disasters & Epidemics

Disasters & Epidemics
Occurring in Hamilton County

If you have any pictures, stories, newspaper articles, etc. to add, please let Linda know.
  I'm also looking for more information on the following floods:
18 Feb. 1832,
17 Dec. 1847,
26 Mar. 1890.

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Epidemic History (offsite)
Aug. 17, 1866 Daily Gazette Cholera victims
1918 Spanish Influenza Epidemic.


1866 Pike's Opera House Fire
April 14, 1866 Harper's Weekly
April 14, 1866 Harper's Weekly Article images
April 14, 1866 Harper's Weekly transcription



Flood Marker at Coney Island
Flood of '97 Rivers Unleashed ~ (offsite) Enquirer special section. Incl. is history of floods in the Greater Cincinnati area

1773 Flood
Historical information on the flood

February 1883 Flood
crested at 66.6 feet on 2/15/1883
The Floods Of The Ohio ~ Harpers Weekly February 24, 1883

The Western Floods ~ Harpers Weekly March 3, 1883

February 1884 Flood
crested at 71.1 feet on 2/14/1884

The Great Floods ~ Harpers Weekly February 23, 1884

1913 Flood
Pearl and Elm
Pearl and Main
Vine St. River Landing ~ submitted by Joan Asche May 2008
Main and Pearl ~ submitted by Joan Asche May 2008

1933 Flood
crested at 63.6 feet on 3/21/33
Millcreek off Ludlow
Millcreek at Spring Grove Ave
Blue Rock Rd
Spring Grove Ave
Blue Rock & Spring Grove
Colerain & Powers

1937 Flood
crested at 80.0 feet on 1/26/37
1937 Cincinnati Flood Letter
The Great Flood
Building Dam to Water Works, Across from Eastern Ave
St. Rose" & "Eastern Ave from Terrence Rd
Spring Grove Ave
Marshall Ave
River Rd at Sedamsville

1943 Flood
crested at 60.8 feet on 1/4/43
Spring Grove Ave
Ramp at Knowlton's Corner
Spring Grove Ave



1915 Cincinnati Tornado
(July 7, 1915)
Eighth & Cutter Streets
Cincinnati Ice Company's Plant at Court & Broadway
6th and Mound Streets ~ submitted by Joan Asche May 2008

1917 Cincinnati Tornado
Hyde Park & East End Tornado #1
Hyde Park & East End Tornado #2
Hyde Park & East End Tornado #3
Hyde Park & East End Tornado #4


1910 Blizzard
February 1910 Blizzard

1977 Ohio River Freezes Over
the river #1
the river #2
the river #3
Barge Stuck in the River
People walking across the River
River Road
The Showboat Majestic

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