Draper Manuscripts
Draper Manuscripts

Submitted by: Adina Watkins Dyer

These are transcriptions done by Lyman C. Draper of letters and other writings by Judge John Cleves Symmes.  One is a letter written by John Symmes to his wife's family, informing them of her death and of her last few days.   John Symmes was first married to Anne Tuthill.  Their daughter Anne was married to William Henry Harrison.  The notes in ( ) in the letter are Draper's (except those with a ?, those are mine when I had a hard time reading the handwriting).

John Cleves Symmes Papers, Series 115 WW, Draper Manuscripts ~ 
"For the Cincinnati Gazette."  "Reminisces of the Miami County - No. 1"
27th July, 1776
Lawrenceburg, Ia. (Ind.? Iowa?) January 1, 1849

Kentucky Papers, Roll 13CC, Draper Manuscripts ~ 
No. 14.  Capt. Nathn. Kelly at Deerfield, Warren Co., Ohio
No. 20, Benj. Stites - 1842
No. 24 - Jos. Martin


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