Florence Rosella DuChemin Autograph Album
Florence Rosella DuChemin Autograph Album from 1880's
New Vienna, Clinton County, Ohio
Transcribed and Submitted by Dick Couch
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Barlow, Barqdill, Beard, Bettenton?, Branch, Casper (Carper?), Cider? Conner (?), Connolly, Cox, Doul?-Ooul?-Donk?, DuChemin, Evans, Fogbey?, Gilmore, Gordon, Grady, Gray, Greene, Haller, Haynes?, (H?)elmer, H(B?)ethrington, Higgins, (H?)inman, Heanes, Johnson, Jones, Joslin, Kerns, Kurtz, Lawton, Leathers, Loehr, Louderback, Lowman, M?(K?)itchener, Martin, Milner?, Moorhead, Morey, Morgan, Mory?, Murray, Neall, Ortman, Osborn, Peet, Pemberton, Phillips, Powell, Price, Pushee, Reed, Schockly, Schofield, Skinner, Smith, Stevens, Stewart, Steykes?, Story, Teter, Tompkins, West, Willard, Williamson, Wilsen (Wilson?), Wilson, Witten, Woodmansee,
Greenfield OH, Hillsboro OH, Jamestown OH, Leesburg OH, Maysville FL?, Mineral Spring, Cincinnati OH, Minneapolis MN, New Vienna OH, New Sharon IA, Plains City, OH, Reesville, OH, South Salem, OH, Springfield IL, Springfield, OH, Wilmington, OH.

Florence DuCHEMIN born New Vienna, Clinton County, Ohio, 04 Oct 1853, died Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon, 15 Oct 1950, aged 97. Married twice -- New Vienna, Ohio, 05 Nov 1893, to George Tarleton JOHNSON (see my Clinton County, Ohio, GenConnect Bible Board entry ). Marriage ended ca. 1910? for reason so far unknown to me. Aboout 1913 Florence married my maternal great grandfather Thomas Nixon GILMORE (his first wife died 1910) I believe St Louis, Missouri. That marriage ended in divorce late 1920s. The DuCHEMINS apparently were well to do. George JOHNSON was a railroad official or executive. Thomas Nixon GILMORE was a NYC consulting engineer for Westinghouse, Church, Kerr, a large construction company which built entire railyard facilities and power generating plants throughout the US and Canada.


Album is presented because it shows that the many people named were apparently at the locations on the dates they made their album entries. Additionaly, some of the sentiments entered tell a bit about Clinton County and the life of the named individuals. Information in the album may have value for anyone researching the Clinton County, Ohio and Cincinnati areas.
Album is dark maroon velour covered with heavy stock gold edged pages. Overall size about 6.5 x 4.5 ".

Following is a transcription of the often difficult to read contents of the album. I've attempted to translate, but some names, given the usual flourish writers attempted, are almost impossible for me to decipher. PLEASE ADVISE ME, Dick Couch, IF YOU SEE MISTAKES IN NAMES I'VE LISTED.

Inside front board: "From Mamie To Florence. Dec. 25th, 1882."
2nd page: Pencil drawing of pond or riverbank with anchored rowboat.
Written at bottom "Mineral Spring--Aug. 10, `90 - J.S.D."
Title page (3rd. page) reads "Autographs"

4th page: "Dear Friends.
This album is most dear to me,
Sacred to love and memory;
Let every line or flower be
A fine bright gem of constancy.
Florence R. DuChemin."

SENTIMENTS/AUTOGRAPHS are set forth below and numbered 1 to 109 for reference.

1. "Cousin Florence
This slight token of my esteem,
Will enable you in after years, to recall
many pleasant recollections of the past.
Ever thine, MAMIE E. DUCHEMIN, Cincinnati, Merry Christmas/82"

2. "Friend Florence" Note: Below salutation is pencil drawing of open scissors,
blade points toward outside page edge. Written between open blades "To meet again" &
between open handles "We part."
Minnie (H?)ELMER, (M?)aysville F(L?)

3. "To Florence,
A mark of Friendship's pleasing power
In these few lines you will see,
And when in some sad and lonely hour,
View them and think of me.
Mamie E. NEALL, Cin Dec 28th, 1882"

4. "Dear Florence" (Balance of page blank)

5. "To Florence
Friendship with a jeweled band,
Hath bound my love to thee,
He who would slip that diamond bolt
Must ask the key of me.
Lena W. CONNOLLY, Dec. 25, 1882."

6. "Florence
Remember me when this you read
And bear my name in mind
That Anna is my given name
and JONES comes behind. Sept 28 1885."

7. "To Florence
Place not the faith
In the sayings of men. (Joe?) F. DUCHEMIN, Cinnate (sic) O. Dec 29th 1882"

8. "Friend Florence
Do not forget in future life
Adam's plan who took a wife
Nor Eve's hard toils in raising Cain
Or e'er forget O. L. WITTEN'S name
O.L.W. , Jamestown O., Aug. 28 83."

9. "Friend Florence:
The Lord looks down contentedly
upon a willing mind - Bayard Taylor.
Jennie? Jan. 20 - 1883."

10. Cutout of glossy paper red rose pasted on page

11. "Florence
Weeks may (pass?), and years may end;
Yet you will always find in me, a friend.
H?T?(H?)INMAN Springfield Ills. June 17'83"

12. "Sep 7th `82
True friendship is a golden clasp
which fastens into one great book, the book
of life and the book of destiny. There
is a friend which sticketh closer than a
brother. May his friendship bind you to the
Sweet destiny of eternal life
Yours Jas. L. SMITH, Greenfield, Ohio"

13. "Cousin Florence
May thy pathway be
strewn with flowers, and no
dark clouds rise to darken thy way.
Clinton DUCHEMIN, Cincinnati. Jan. - 5 - 1883"

14. "Give not to thyself alone
Hattie MARTIN, Greenfield O."

15. "Florence
May your heart be as light as the foam
And your happiness as deep as the sea
Is the wish of Your friend Carrie OSBORN, New Vienna O., Feb. 15th ,83"

16. page decorated with drawings of leaves, flowers, etc.
"Friend Florence
Life is a burden; bear it;
Life is a duty; dare it;
Life is a thorn crown; wear it;
Though it break your heart in twain;
Though the burden crush you down;
Close your lips and hide your pain;
First the cross, and then the crown.
Ever Your Friend (Can't read initials) HIGGINS, New Vienna O, May 5th 1884

17. "To Florence.
On the sands of life
Sorrow treads heavily, and leaves a print,
time cannot wash away.
Your Friend. Emma B WILLARD, Cincinnati: Jan 9th. 1883"
18. page has cutout depicting heart shaped wreath.
"Best wishes of (Nettie or Nellie?) F., Greenfield O., Sept 7. 1883."

19. Another 19th Century album cutout hand held bouquet of roses "Forget me not"
"Where e'er I roam,
Where I may be,
I shall always remember,
That you have been a friend to me. Frank."

20. "Herb (CONNER?) Minneapolis July 1889"
"Pollie WILSON, Vinton Iowa.
Minneapolis. Minn. July 29th 1889."

21. "Florence

If writing in albums remembrance secures,
With greatest of pleasure I'll write in yours.
Your Friend, Alice E. MOREY."

22. "To Florence
I met you a stranger
We parted a friend
May our friendship continue
Untill life shall end
George LEATHERS, Minneapolis, Minn., Aug. 9th 1890."

23. "To Florence
Some friends may wish thee happiness -
Some others wish thee wealth -
My wish for thee is better still -
Contentment blest with health.
Yours, Lizzie. New Vienna Ohio Feb. 3/83"

24. "To Miss Florence
Compliments of your friend and well wisher
(Unsigned) New Vienna O. May 21st 1886."

25. "To Florence
May wit and fancy bless and cheer thee
Around thy board may true friends meet,
And loving faces still be near thee
To make thy Christmas joy complete.
Mamie A. DUCHEMIN Dec 25th 1882"

26. "May the hinges of our friendship never rust - Mary J. GRADY"

27. "Friend Florence (over cutout horse shoe)
Flowers of true friendship never fade. Yours, Mollie New Vienna O"

28. "To Florence
Into each life some rain must fall -
May the drops in yours' Always be small
Is the wish of your friend Frank R. STEWART Feb 16th 1889 (midnight)"

29. "To Florence
Passing through lifes field of action
lest we part before its end, take within
your modest volume, this memento
from a friend. New Vienna Mch 19/82 Your friend L. E. LOWMAN

30. "Friend Florence
May they voyage through life,
Be as happy and free,
As the dancing waves,
On the deep blue sea.
Very Sincerely Nellie

31. "Dear Florence
The days which are past are gone forever,
The present moment only is our own.
Your true friend Cora E. Leesburg Ohio. March 4" 83."

32. "Florence
The large are not the sweetest flowers;
The long are not the happiest hours.
Much talk doth not much friendship tell;
Few words are best--I wish you well. Ida E. BARLOW New Vienna O July 18 - 83"

33. "To Florence
Oh, may our hearts be joined together
Bound to each by cords of love -
And may never those cords be severed
Till we part to meet above.
And when our lives on earth are ended,
And our joys on earth are past,
May we live in hope of meeting
In our heavenly home at last!
Jan 18th 1883 Your sister Mattie

34. Blank page

35. "To Florence
In this book where are writen (sic),
Various thoughts of dif. persons,
Causing one to call to memory
Those regarded as their friend.
I; this to token of my friendship,
Leave for you to think of me.
When these pages you are turning,
And shall chance these lines to see.
Jan. 7th 1883 - (HJ?) WILSON Cin Ohio"

36. "March - 25 - 1884
Dear friend will you kindly permit me
To twine, amid the bright wreaths
In this book of thine
A garland of friendship, whose bright leaves
Shall be Emblems and tokens
To remind thee of me Belle (can't decipher first part surname {(BETHIR)INGTON or (HETHIR)INGTON?}. See No. 105.

37. "Cincinnati O. Dec 25, 1882
Oh, could I give thee Golden Wealth,
As I this trifle send,
Why, then the joy of both would be -
To share it, with a friend,
But golden Sands ne er yet have graced -
The Heliconian Stream:
Then take what gold can never buy -
An honest Friends Esteem
Respectfully, (AG?) TOMPKINS

38. Pencil sketch of dog chasing rabbit with writing:

In pursuing our own happiness,
We must not forget that of others.
Your Friend George E. (can't decipher--DOUL, OOUL, OONK, DONK?)
Hillsboro Ohio Nov 26th 84."

39. "To Florence
Rich are they who have many true friends.
Your true friend, Stella COX Leesburg, Ohio. Mar. 4 `83"

40. "Dear Florence:
You I love, and will for - ever,
You may change, but I will never, -
Though separation be our lot,
Dearest Florence for - get - me - not.
In the sincere words of Your true friend, Daisy MOORHEAD Cincinnati, O."


41. "Cousin Florence
You have kindly asked me to write a line in your album.
I will do so by wishing you a long and useful life,
ever looking unto Jesus for help and
guidance through this world of sin
May your path ever grow brighter & brighter unto the perfect day.
Jan 18th 1883 Milt MORGAN New Sharon, Iowa.

42. "Friend Florence
When other friends forsake you,
And mournful is your lot;
When in the hour of sadness,
May I never be forgot.
Reesville Aug 6" 1885 Addie L. (CASPER or CARPER)

43. "Dear Florence
May your life be as pure as a dewdrop,
Born upon a rose petal
As happy as the sweet little violet,
That lives down by the laughing brook.
Your true friend Maud Leesburg O. ? 4th/83."

44. "Remember Me Adda (ONILNER or MILNER?) Leesburg Ohio

45. "Friend Florence:
May happiness be thy lot,
And peace thy steps attend.
Accept this tribute of respect
From one who is you friend.
Yours Hattie HALLER New Vienna - Feb. 12 -/83."

46. " Florence
Remember well and bear
in mind that a good true friend is hard
to find: And when you find one just and true,
Change not the old one for the new
Your letter deliverer (J.H.?) PEMBERTON (2?) - 12 - 1884 New Vienna P.O.

47. "To Florence
Some may wish you wealth & plesure (sic)
Some may give to you their love
But my wish is a better treasure
Is a house in heaven above.
Yours With Friendship Mollie M. GRAY. New Vienna Feb 6/83"

48. page has cutout cross covered with blue flowers & large rose.

49. "To Florence
A Single word of kindness,
A motive or a tear (?)
Will often heal a heart that's broken,
And make for you a friend sincere."
Cannot decipher signature. Looks like female hand, but could be given name "Frank"
See No. 87, which appears to be by same writer.

50. "To Florance (sic)
Remember me when this
You see, yet I will be far
Away from thee. Yours Truly Geo. W. JEANES Springfield, Ohio. Oct 24th 1885

51. "Florance (sic)
Thy life has been a checkerd scene.
Since on the stage of action thou hast been
Remember it was a stormy path our savior trod
That we might dwell with our father, God
When the world grows dark and all around is drear
And life with all its charms ceases to cheer
It is then the relenting heart is made to feel,
That Christ alone can our sorrows heal.
Louisa (J?) WOODMANSEE Vienna Feb. 4th. 1883"

52. "Dear Florence
Remember me, when this writing you see,
And bear it in your mind,
The one that loves you more than I,
Is very hard to find.
Your constant friend, Daisy MOORHEAD New Vienna, Aug 17. 1888."

53. "Dear Florance (sic)
Remember me. Your aunt Mary, Cincinnati. Jan 12/83"

54. "Dear Florence
In after year's when this you see
I wonder what your name will be
Maggie POWELL Sept. the 3 1888 New Vienna O"

55. "To Florence
May you have all blessings,
heaven can send.
Long life, long health, long Pleasure and a friend.
Lulu PRICE Cin. O. Jan 7/83."

56. "Friend Florence
Meanness shun and all its train. Goodness seek
and life is gain J.W. HAY(NES?)"

57. " To Florence
Accept my best wishes. Fannie STEVENS Cin. O. Jan 7./83."

58. "For Florence'
Ever remember The "Clinton - Association." and your strange friend

59. Page has crossed 2.5" golden leaf cutouts left side.
"A single "Golden Leaf" is enough for remembrance.
Your friend, Minnie Leesburg, O, 3/3 - 83,"

60. "If you so continue in your earnest efforts,
you will have no Alps to cross
and all your sorrows will be blended
with joy. Is the wish of your friend,
Fannie M?K?ITCHENER Leesburg Ohio, July 17 - 85"

61. "Florence
Too partial to her friends inviting
Requires of each a (portion?) of their writing
A weightier trifal she might command
For who to Florence would refuse her hand
Your Friend (Vie?Mia?) S. LOUDERBACK Cincinnati O. Jan 10th 1883,"

62. "Friend Florence
Happy may you always be
A stranger to sorrow and strife
May you bloom as a rose and
Have plenty of bauex (sic) and at
Last friend a partner for life
Carrie M. MURRAY Springfield O. Nov. 18th / 85."

63. "To Florence,
Around went the album,
Hither it came,
For me to write,
So here's my name,
I'd write it better if I could,
But nature said I never should.
Ida B. KERNS Dec. 25, 1882"

64. " Springfield Ohio Florance (sic),
Let your life be like a
Snowflake, leave a mark but
Not a stain. Monday Nov 2nd 1885 WEST

65. "Friend Florence.
You may break, you may ruin,
The vase if you will.
But the scent of the roses
Will cling to it still.
Your Friend March 4. 1883. M (J or G) EVANS

66. "Florence,
May the sunshine of contentment
be forever around you as bright
as the sun of this July afternoon,
Your Friend Mary E. TETER 7/18, 1885"

67. "Florence Dear:
Methinks along the varied past,
Those days seem brightest best,
Where some great grief its shadow cast,
Till grief itself gave rest.
`Tis not where joys are springing green,
Our dearest flowers are found,
But in some field where tears have been,
And made it holy ground."
Your friend. Carrie MORY Jan. 24 - 1883."

68. "Friend Florence,
May your life have just
enough clouds to make a
glorious sunset.
(Looks like Sallie) KERNS. Leesburg, July, 25, 1885."

69. "Friend Florence
Friendship is a golden knot,
tied by an angels hand.
Your friend, Lucy GRAY New Vienna, Feb 4" / 83."

70. "To Florence
Not like the rose my our friendship
wither, but like the evergreen, live forever.'

71. "Cousin Florence
May there be just enough clouds in the life
To make a beautiful sunset
Yours with Love: Jessie GORDON New Vienna Dec 26, 1882."

72. "Friend Florence
Pleasant words are as a honeycomb
Sweet to the sound and health to the bones
Yours in Friendship ----Initials only --looks like C.L. H. followed by in parens (You bet your sweet life) 3-28-83"

73. "Cousin Florence
Let us gather up the sunbeams,
Lying all around or path;
Let us keep the wheat and roses,
Casting out the thorns & chaff.
Yours with Love" Alice DUCHEMIN Cin Dec 26th/82"

74. "To Florence
Kind hearts are more than coronets.
Sallie L. REED. New Vienna. Aug 5. 1885."

75. "Cousin Florence;
Let us find our sweetest comfort
In the blessings of to-day;
With a patient hand removing
All the briers from our way.
Yours truly, E(va?) DUCHEMIN. Cincinnati, Dec., 26, 1882."

76. "Nov. 1st 1885
When we are far far apart
I hope these few lines
Will bring kind thoughts
To you of a cincere (sic) friend
Who will always remember you
Your Friend Lou. Springfield, O."

77. "Friend Florence
How many pleasant recollections of the past come up
before me and with what satisfaction does
my mind brood over them May your
future and mine be spent in such a
way that we will look back upon a
life well spent, being true both to God
and man Very Respectfully (S.H.?) BEARD Cinti Jan, 12th 83"

78. "A line is sufficient for memory. Lizzie (surname looks like FOGBEY) Springfield Ohio"

79. "Florence
The tissue of life to be;
We weave with colors all our own;
And in the fields of destiny,
We reap with as we have sown
Your Cousin, Cora STORY."

80. "Friend Florence
Remember the writer, though ocean
Should roll their wide billows between.
Let memory strengthen our friendship
As oft as this token is seen,
Your friend. Laura WILLIAMSON South Salem Ohio March 24.:83"

81. "Florence
Remember your friend. Chas BEARD. Cinti O Jan 12th "83."

82. In large flowery handwriting, page reads: "Laura KURTZ. Springfield Ohio."

83. "Cincinnati O - Jan 8 - 1883
Life is a chequered scene made up of
fragmentary experiences of joy or sorrow
Learn early in life the lesson that in
bearing the burden or assuaging the sorrow
of another brings sweetest consolation to thyself.
Your Friend (Geo. H.?) PEET"

84. Visiting Card pasted on page reads "Ira H. JOSLIN."

85. "Florence:
May the golden light surround thee
With its halo soft and clear
And may loving friends around thee
Ever whisper words of cheer
Your Friend Mattie STORY Cin Jun 8th 1883."

86. On page is written in apparently elderly hand "Cubby - Feb - 15 -"/84 Gramp CIDER
"Cider" may not be a surname.

87. "To Florence (appears to be same writer as No. 49)
A single line for remembrance of a friend.
Your Friend (looks like Frank J.) SCHOFIELD Wilmington, Ohio."

88. "Florence
Farewell, but whenever you give
A thought to the days that are gone,
Of the bright sunny things that in memory live
Let a thought of your Friend be one.
Yours Truly Thomas M. SHOCKLY March 17th 1884"

(Note: Below by same writer inserted on left side of page)
" Always remember the dances of
1884, and also the time that Mollie
GRAY, you and I got the apples at Gordons.
I don't think that you will forget
The "pinch-in-bug," on the way home."
(Note: Below written in right margin, same writer)
"Will leave for Iowa, Tuesday March 25th `84"

89. "To: Florence
Compliments of Olie DUCHEMIN Cincinnati Jan - 6 - 1883"

90. "Friend Florence
When you are old and cannot C
Put on your specs and think of me
Yours Truly Joe SKINNER 3 - 21 - 84."

91. "Dear Florence
If ever a Husband you should have
And He this book should see,
Tell him of your youthful days,
And Kiss him once for me.
Annie ORTMAN. Cin Jan. 8th 1883."

92. "Compliments of Charlie BARQDILL. Plains City O. Sep. 7. 1883"

93. "To Florence Love at first sight
If scribling (sic) in Albums,
Friendship secures
With the greatest of pleasure
I will scribble in yours W. J. WILSEN"

94. "Happy moments thou are gone
(Note: Below on same page, different hand, signed with initial)
"Though the lapse of years may change
Cherished friendship to deceit
Soften (?) all - with-in its range
I'me (sic) your friend where're we meet"
(Signed) "r" or "n"

95. "Friend Florence
As the blue waves follow the ships at sea;
So shall my good wishes follow thee.
Amanda C. LOEHR Cin Jan 8th 1883"

96. "I wish you a long life
and some (last three words not legible)
Chas. STEYKES? Jamestown Oct. 7th 1883"

97. "Friend Florence -
The first, the second, the third, these three,
The first the road, the second the gate,
The third the final resting place.
May you go safely over the first,
Pass triumphantly through the second,
And resT forever in third
Your True Friend, A---bia? GREENE (looks like female given name, but can't read)
New Vienna O, Feb, 6 - 83,"

98. "Florence
If ever you are in trouble
And friends are hard to find
Remember that ever a true one
you'll find in the undersigned
E.C. PHILLIPS New Vienna O 2/21/84"

99. "Florence
May you ever be as happy as you
deserve to be is the wishes of your friend.
C.A.BRANCH Cincinnati Jan 6 /83."

100. "Florence
Remember the dark Sabbath eve
of Feb 17 when your escort by
aid of lantern saw you safely
home. Also the tableau that followed
and last but not least the party
that hid behind the umbrella.
(Signed given name only, looks like "Ray" or "Roy") 2/21"/84"

101. "To Florence.
Compliments of Harry PEET Cin. Jan 9. 1883."

102. "Compliments of Joe S. KERNS Leesburg, O. 7 - 20 - 85"
(Note: Below written vertically rt. side of page)
"Would write more but `Soft words with nothing in them make a Song.'"
(Written vertically l. side of page)
"With a few words from H.M.R."
103. "Compliments of G.A. PUSHEE Boston Mass Leesburg March 4th 1883"

104. "To Florence
When things don't go to suit you,
And the world seems up side down,
Don't waste your time in fretting,
But drive away that frown,
Since life is oft perplexing,
Tis much the wisest plan,
To bear all trials bravely,
And smile whenever you can.
Is the Motto of your Friend Mrs. S. E. JOSLIN Springfield Oct 4th 1885 #166 Liberty St"

105. "Trumps - New Vienna - Mar 25 - 1884
There is a game that mortals play
As through the world they make their way
Some play in peace and others strife -
It is the one great `Game of Life'
In this each man must take a deal
And play his cards for woe or weal:
If he would lead a virtuous life
Then play he hearts and win a wife
If woman's favors he would win
Regardless of the moral sin
The trump card there is very plane (sic)
For diamonds will her favor gain
Base-ball players oft me greet
Who play their game with nimble feet
Still, like policemen in their rub
Their winning cards are always clubs
And when the final deal has passed
Then death will win the game at last
When in the grave we all are laid
Deaths final Trump will be a Spade
Mamie (Surname looks like BETHRINGTON or HETHRINGTON. See No. 36)"

106. "Florence:
Away over here
Clear out of site,
I write my name
For pure spite.
Will B. DUCHEMIN Cin. Dec, 25th, 1882 "

107. "Aug 30, 89
Dear Flo. -
Remember the hot Sunday
at Minnie - Ha - Ha
Your Friend (looks like "Lea" or "Len" No surname) Minneapolis"

108. Page covered with period glossy heavy stock album cutouts--a floral arrangement.

109. "Last but not least. M. Don LAWTON. Minneapolis Minn. Aug. 8th 89."