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Lost Leaves

Don't you just hate it when you find a bunch of old family photos in the attic, but no one wrote the names on the back??  Well, now you can post your unidentified photos in the hopes that someone out there may be able to identify the individuals. Also, if you find a family bible or already marked pictures while out shopping and you'd like to find the family that the items belong to, you can post your "find" here.

You can submit pictures & other found items to Linda.

Won't you please let me know if any of the following photo's are now identified so that I can make note of it here?

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13th District School/Class photo
Adam Walk or Nicholas Schwarz?

Company Picnic ~ 1930-1950 
1880 date unknown Found at the Peddler"s flea market in Cincinnati Jergens, Wright Aeronautical or Corp, or Barker Card Company?
submitted by Steve Nevin

submitted by Laura Wright

Four girls
Grandpa and Grandma Morgan
Great Grandma Chandler
Great Grandma Sherry
Has no information at all.  Found at the Peddler"s flea market in Cincinnati Front of Photo Card: Happy New Year Jan. 1913; Grandpa & Grandma Morgan; Cincinnati, Ohio
Back of Card Addressed to: Martha Morgan; 1039 Freeman Avenue; Cincinnati, Ohio.
Found at the Peddler's flea market in Cincinnati
On the back it says:
"Great grandma CHANDLER; Sara Jane; Grandpas step mother
Found at the Peddler"s flea market in Cincinnati
submitted by Laura Wright submited by Patti Graman
submitted by Laura Wright submitted by Laura Wright

Group of Boys
Group of men standing in front of the J.A. Callahan Confectionery
Jergen's Company Picnic
Marriage photo
"This photo was taken ca. 1935 - really have no idea.  We believe that the boy in the second row, far right as you look at photo, is Charles Buckle."
circa 1910 late 30's or early 40's Shaw Photography late 1800's
submitted by Gloria
submitted by Harold Murray
submitted by Nancy
submitted by Jamie Burnett

2 Boys
2 Girls
The picture of the 2 boys (men) was taken in Harrison Ohio. I believe they are Lacey's , they may also be Dixon's or Williams. The picture of the man alone may be a Reily, also the picture that says Lacey is a picture of a one room school or a baseball team, it also has Mary and Carrie Lacey in it. The picture was taken about 1890 and Mary would have been 9 and Carrie 7 .
Lacy/Dixon/Williams/Riley family pictures
submitted by Joy Schmidt Honeycutt

Members only
Members & Families
Post card 1911 to Miss Ora Lee Scott
Mendota Fishing Club ~ ca. 1910
Postcard-photo of a young man Post mark Cincinnati, OH June 8, 1911
Addressed to Miss Ora Lee Scott
Manchester Ohio (Adams Co)
R F L ???? bet 77 (?)
Well Ora I thought I would send you a card I saw Harry Boo?? and he said tell you hellow
we are going to Chester Park ??????...........
So be good to yourself
from your Aunt ????????????

"As you can see, there are quite a few gentlemen evidently belonging to the Mendota Fishing Club. The picture was taken abt. 1910, or so. On the back of this picture, is possibly the photographer, that took the picture. He was James Mohanan, of 702 State Ave."
Has Renslers on it.  Found at the Peddler"s flea market in Cincinnati
submitted by Harold Murray
submitted by Laura Wright submitted by Laura Wright

Reserves semi pro baseball team
Sycamore Garden Crafters of Rossmoyne, Ohio
10 Young Ladies
I am looking for information on a baseball semi pro team in  Cincinnati called the Reserves.  My grandfather Brengelman was a left  handed pitcher for them.  Of course, I realize there were many teams in  Cincinnati before the national leagues began to form.  The  Baseball  Hall of Fame had no information on such a team, however I have a large photo of  the team in their uniforms.
Does anyone out there know of someone who has researched the semi-pro teams before the Red Stockings?

The last person on the right in the back row is my grandmother Lida Hollis Molloy and the first person on left of the front row is my great-grandmother Grace Edna Green Molloy.  I was hoping that others researching the Cincinnati area may be able to identify some of the other women."
A picture of 10 young ladies, possibly taken abt. 1910or so.  I thinkmy mother, Gertrude, and my aunt, Loretta, both Walsh's.  Daughters of Peter and Mary Walsh.  In this picture is a very young girl in the front row, second from the right, and she looks to be the same young girl that my grandfather is holding in [the confectionary] picture."
submitted by Kennett
submitted by Pam Mumford
submitted by Harold Murray

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