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Source: Ohio Historical Society Vol 604 Cert. 27637 image

Name: Paul Biermann
Sex: Male
Race: White

Date of Death: May 24, 1911
Age: 7 years 16 days
County of Death: Hamilton
City, Village or Location of Death:  Cinti.
Hospital or Other Institution:

Date of Birth: May 8, 1904
Place of Birth: Cinti Ohio
Citizen of What Country:
Origin or Descent:
Social Security Number:
Was Deceased Ever In US Armed Forces:

Marital Status: Single
Name of spouse:

Usual Occupation: Schoolboy
Kind Of Business or Industry:

Residence - State:
City, Village or Location:
Street: 1927 Vine St.

Father Name: George Biermann
Father Birthplace: Cinti Ohio
Mother Maiden Name: Anna Klug
Mother Birthplace: Cinti. Ohio

Informant - Name: Anna Biermann
Mailing Address: 1927 Vine St.

Death was caused by: Valvular Heart Disease

Burial, Cremation, other:
Date: May 27, 1911
Name of Cemetery or Crematory: Walnut Hills
Funeral Firm and Address: Henry Osseforth 1711 Race

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