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    To submit an Ahnentafel Chart (no larger than 5 generations) to the Hamilton  County OHGenWeb site, send a text file to Linda, by using a standard ahnentafel numbering system.  To create your Ahnentafel Chart, pick the person you wish to start with.  Then, to place the parents of that particular person, you double the number of the person. The father is the doubled number and the mother is the doubled number plus 1. Example: The father of Individual #1 is #2, and the mother of Individual #1 is #3. The father of Individual #5 is 10, and the mother of Individual #5 is 11.  Please use the following text format that you see in the example below:

Ahnentafel of Eliza (Lydia) S. Webster
Generation No. 1
 1.  Eliza (Lydia) S. Webster, born 27 January 1868 in Cincinnati, Oh-Hamilton Co; died 27 February 1929 in Mad River Twp.-Montgomery Co.  She was the daughter of 2. John Thomas Webster and 3. Sarah Ann Lord.  She married James W. Means, Sr 07 November 1889 in Ross co, OH.  He was born 24 December 1827 in Chartiers Twp, Washington Co., PA, and died 08 October 1916 in Bourneville, Ross Co, Ohio.  He was the son of Andrew Means and Jane Cubbisson.

Generation No. 2
 2.  John Thomas Webster, born 18 May 1827 in OH.  He was the son of 4. Thomas Webster and 5. Jane Orr.  He married 3. Sarah Ann Lord 30 November 1848 in Possibly Ohio.
 3.  Sarah Ann Lord, born 06 April 1828 in Ohio or PA; died 14 September 1897.

Generation No. 3
 4.  Thomas Webster, born Bet. 1780 - 1790; died Aft. 1873 in Possibly Cincinnati, Hamilton Co, Ohio.  He married 5. Jane Orr 06 July 1815 in Jefferson City, Jefferson Co, Ohio.
 5.  Jane Orr, born Abt. 1793; died 30 January 1874 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co, Ohio.  She was the daughter of 10. Thomas Orr and 11. Elizabeth Wilson.

Generation No. 4
 10.  Thomas Orr  He married 11. Elizabeth Wilson 09 April 1791.
 11.  Elizabeth Wilson

If you have an ahnentafel Chart online that includes Hamilton County ancestors, please send us the URL address of your Ahnentafel page for inclusion in the Ahnentafel Index below.


Ahnentafel Chart
Surnames included
Submitted by
Elva Aiken Aickins/Aiken, Alexander, Broadwell, Conklin, Conover, Dimon, Hopkins, Jones, Lindsley, Lum, Morris, Price, Runyan, Smith, Tingley
Judy Tooman
George R. Badger Badger, Bellemain, Curtis, Delashmutt, Fleming, Flummer, Grisham, Harmon, Keyes, Mars, Malott, Mellott, Fuller, Quick, Ruble, Russell, Skinner, South, Wiant
Russell Miller
Clifford Peter Bohart Boehme, Bohart, Bohrer, Boyd, Brofft, Buchheit, Collier, Diller, Feilen, Fillhardt, Forbes, Graf, Hannah, Harker, Hay, Hayes, Hieber, Johnson, Kissel, Markland, Mizner, Myers, Paul, Regan, Reis, Smith, Steffen, Stevens, Suit, Theiss, Vilhardt
Sarah Belle Jones Bacter, Bryant, Culbertson, Cunningham, Jones, Morris, Park(s), Snook
Judy Tooman
Asa Edward Shannon Backus, Baker, Burdsall, Burke, Davis, Edwards, Hathaway, Keister, La Flesh, Maxwell, Mulford, Newcomb, Nye, Peckham, Shannon, Spinning, Springer
Mary Shannon
Ida Annabelle Smith Bicknell, Bouler, Dohme, Hiatt, Housewright, McDaniel, Russ, Simmons, Smith, Sunderland
Victoria Burton
Hazel V. Neece Neese, Moore, Fleming, Flemming, Snodgrass, Kelley, Luse, Winings, Stout, Whallon,Winzig, Bauer Brenda Buck
Ullman, DuMont, Chrzanowski, Martini, Hoskins, Sparto, Grupenhof, Grieshaber, Miskimin, Brill, Jentsch, Fredericks, Weishaupt, Boehme, Hattler, Atkins, Theskin, Fagen, Geiman, Lewis, Wolff, Borger, Huegermeier,  Ahler. Eric Worthington

Descendant Chart
Surnames included
Submitted by
Eberhardy/Everhard Family Eberhard, Eberhardy, Pfaff, Poff
Bev. Gill Barnes
Simon Peter Farrell Farell, Hopkins, Feeney, Shaw, Bingman, Langenbuch, Meyer, Smith, Williams, Stockelman Al Smithie
Jacob M. Newcomb Haberthy, King, McClow, Meeker, Newcomb, Neudigate, Overholtz, Padgett, Price, Shannon, Utter, Williams
Mary Shannon
Pfaff Family Pfaff, Everhardy, Townsend, Poff
Bev. Gill Barnes
Henry (Redinbo) Redenbaugh Arbuckle, Crider, Elliott, Evans, Fischer, Haney, Hay, Hichell, Hinkle, Jackson, Lucas, Lyon, Nichols, Redinbaugh, Redinbaugh,  Redinbo, Robbins,  Scott, Shanklin, Stiles, Stucker, Voorhees, Woodcox....and many others.
Peggy Clark
Townsend Family Townsend, Pfaff
Bev. Gill Barnes
Daniel Badger Badger, Malott, Flemming, Neese and others Brenda Buck


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