Mary Elizabeth Churchill Diary

Diary of Mary Elizabeth Churchill --Jan. - June 1864

This is a transcription of the Diary of Mary Elizabeth Churchill, a daughter of Orville Sylvester Churchill and Sarah M. Van Auken. Mary was born 20 February 1843 in Streetsboro OH, married 13 Aug 1866 to Abram Harrison Stafford in Chardon OH, and died 24 Jan
1926 in Painesville OH.

Michael Harrison Stafford
A great grandson
November 14, 1993

Friday, January 1, 1864

This day is very cold & windy. Haven't been anywhere. Mr.Grant and Stafford called here. Wrote to my A.H Stafford. Knit a little. Haven't done much except make fires & try to keep warm besides the house work.

Saturday, January 2, 1864

Last night I think was the coldest night I ever saw. Milk froze so did lampoil. Today is colder than yesterday and as windy. Baked bread - knit little - made little tatting. Jerry came over for sour milk. P.M. is warmer & quite still.

Sunday, January 3, 1864
Still quite cold but not near as cold as yesterday. Did not go to church. Charles went home - Stafford came here in evening - brought a roast of pork - 7 lbs. In evening I read Sabbath
school book.

Monday, January 4, 1864

Have washed. (Pached) Charleses pants. Elder Jayne brought Emma home gave the children some candy toys. Gave him a pound of candles - have read the book title. Harriet & Ellen Mrs.
Stafford came - pounded cinnamon.

Tuesday, January 5, 1864

Keended calico dress. Sarah did not got to school. Melissa was here to tea. Father & Mother came home - brought some candy toys for children - gave me a ruffle - Sarah handkerchip. Mother
is nearly sick.

Wednesday, January 6, 1864

Have mended hoops, baked bread & helped around the house. Work is still cold - has snowed little. Mother has toothache and headache.

Thursday, January 7, 1864

Commenced making cloak. Went to town. Sat for photograph. Also Mother - she had all her teeth out on upper jaw. Tonight is the mite at Mrs. Bushnells - Ma bought some cups & saucers &

Friday, January 8, 1864

Have got my cloak ready to stich - baked bread. Aunt Martha & Ira were here - also Mrs. Grant. Knit some tatting.

Saturday, January 9, 1864

Sewed some. Went to town. Got cloak stiched - bought trimming for it. Received a letter from my A. H. S. Called at Mr. Shaws - went to Hurlburts to see out photographs - is still cold - finished cloak.

Sunday, January 10, 1864

Have not been to Church - today is very cold. Wrote to my soldier boy & to Aunt Mary Van auken. Mother & Father went down to see old Mrs Allen is failing.

Monday, January 11, 1864

Have washed. Finished Mothers wollen dress. Children went to Arithmetic School. Mr. Stafford came - brought a letter for me to read & to hear one. It is a little warmer today.

Tuesday, January 12, 1864

Have made pair of everyday drawers. Mother went with Mrs Grant down Mrs. Allens. Barcooley came here. Father borrowed 65 cents of me - it is still cold, yet a little milder. Protradid meeting commenced sunday in town.

Wednesday, January 13, 1864

Went to town. Mother sat for negative photographs. Sarah & I also took dinner at Mr. Pudels(?) - made a visit to Mrs. Bates - bought bar soap - attended meeting. Protracted Miss Fish was
forward for progres. Thaws some.

Thursday, January 14, 1864

Baked some Mrs. Bowles Shattuck & Mrs. Grant were here visiting. Melisa came here to stay all night. Mr. Wilber staid here is pedling patent lamp burners. Have made little tatting - knit little - also warmer - snows little.

Friday, January 15, 1864

Have been sewing. Was snowing nearly all day. Went to town to meeting. Called at Elder Jaynes. Mother sent of two pictures. I brought one home of mine. Received a letter from Mary & Day.

Saturday, January 16, 1864

We have put on an old bed quilt for Sarah & quilted it off. Emma went down to Mr. Grays - Cynthia & Viola to Mr. Allens. Mother wrote to Uncle Charles. I to Abram H. Stafford. There a
good night.

Sunday, January 17, 1864

Attended Church. Elder Jayne preached his last farewell sermon. Text ....... Chap 28th Verse. Attended Methodist meeting - staid into class meeting. Slept with Pheba Ann Chandler.

Monday, January 18, 1864

Brothers Parsons & Clark called sis Bider & ...... here to tea in evening. Some of church were ladies presented. Mr. Jayne - an Alburn Gentleman - presented Elder $10. I got all my pictures except one. Called to Mr. Shaws. Received letter from A.H.S. Has snowed all day & night.

Tuesday, January 19, 1864

Have packed three trunks. Mr. Crowning Shields folk staid last night - went home this morning. Snow is drifted bad & has snowed all day. Have not done much. Elder got his horse down in
a drift. Had one mail.

Wednesday, January 20, 1864

Have been packing away things. D. Huntington has been here. Also Anna Canfield & Adela Munsil. Father came to town. Father came to town. Mrs. Jayne is making out a report. Elder has gone to prair meeting. I have been reading. Its pleasant & not vary cold.

Thursday, January 21, 1864

Went to Hurlbutts Gallery with Mattie. Took tacks out of carpets & packed up some other things. The men came to move E. Jaynes things - were since Mon. evening had to brake their own roads.

Friday, January 22, 1864

Elders folks packed up their things & the men started. Went to Mr. Riders to wash & change. Started for home. We met our folks. Stopt to Mes. Osborns - spent the evening. Samons people
were there. Is quite warm & is thawing some.

Saturday, January 23, 1864

Elders folks called few moment. S.(?) Clark called to have me go home with him to work. Went to Deacon Huntingtons in evening. Martha, Adda, & Betsy were there. Finished pair of drawers - made an apron - mended calico dress - is thawing.

Sunday, January 24, 1864

Been to Church. E. Jayne preached from Rev 6.17. Did not get in time for Sabbath School. Wrote to A. H. Stafford - also to M. E. Day. Shall send photograph. Sleighing is nearly gone. Read letter from E. Hosford.

Monday, January 25, 1864

We have washed. Mrs. Bushnell had a word her Mother & went there a visiting. Finished knitting Roasleaf tatting - finished a stocking - sowed some on a pine shinning - learned Laurie how
to make head dress.

Tuesday, January 26, 1864

Been down to Mr. Stafford a visiting (Mother, Lilian & I). I opened a letter of Mrs. Sams. Commenced a pair of sock for Abram. Set up stocking for myself. Saw Abrams black ring.
Received a letter from Abram.

Wednesday, January 27, 1864

Went over to Uncle Iras. Eavner & Whipletries broke in deap snow. Saw Mary Ann. Came home a foot. Father went to mill - carried Mrs. Sams letter to her. Called to Mr. Staffords - read
my letters to them.

Thursday, January 28, 1864

Staid at home all day - Been sewing on Shimmure(?). It is warm & quite muddy. The snow is nearly all gone.

Friday, January 29, 1864

Have twisted yarn all the forenoon. In afternoon Ma & I went to Mr. Grants. Father came up in evening. Saw preserved & polis likenesses. Ann came in the afternoon.

Saturday, January 30, 1864

Have twisted some. Sarah & I went down to Mr. Allens. Fannie is quite unwell. Mr. A. about the same. It rained so we had to stay all night.

Sunday, January 31, 1864

Have not been to Church - is very muddy - came this morning from Mr. Allens. Have written to my A. H. Stafford, cousin Will, & Aunt Eunice Russil. Is raining this evening. Washed Supper
dishes - read very little.

Monday, February 1, 1864

Have been sewing. Sent my photograph to my soldier boy. Charly Hosford called. Hubberd Churchill is at work here. Mr.Grant called.

Tuesday, February 2, 1864

Have baked pies & cakes - sowed some. Maria, Hannah & Frank were here. Chester Clough called. Mary Shattuck, Teacher, is staying here. Mary brought home some pork. Have a dreadful head ache.

Wednesday, February 3, 1864

Have sewed some - twisted yarn all forenoon. Was not very well. H. Churchill is here at work. Mother called on Yeruiah Cooly & Alfina Webb.

Thursday, February 4, 1864

Lucy Knapp called here. Have washed & mopped. Made Gusty? a visit & Mary Bushnell, Sophia Webster & Sara? Gray called here. Emma & I went to M. Shatsto? to the noiti? - got $1.50 Amr?
knitting tatting. Received a letter from A. H. Staff.

Friday, February 5, 1864

Mother went down to Mr. Allens. They are better - a little. I have been making tatting - have finished five Shimme. One that is trimed with tatting. Adelia came after some for Yeruiah.

Saturday, February 6, 1864

Commenced blue Garibaldi. Sarah & Emma went down to Mr. Grays a visiting. In evening Emma called on Augusta.

Sunday, February 7, 1864

Have written to Uncle Daniel & to A. H. Stafford. Uncles Ira & Moses are here. Father & Mer have been. Grandpas Aunt Sally is better. Em went down to Mr. Allens. Fannie is better.
Is still pleasant and not very cold.

Monday, February 8, 1864

Have washed. Have finished my Garibaldi blue. Clarie Ryder was here to tea. There was an Arithmetic school. Sarah did not go. It is snowing & very windy.

Tuesday, February 9, 1964

Have commenced making my calico dress - am making Garibaldi waist. Received letter from Will. Alaena is here to stay all night. Has stormed by spells all day - snow is quite deep.

Wednesday, February 10. 1864

Have been sewing on my dress. Called on Augusta. Went down to Mr. Grays, Mother & I. Mr. Grays folks had gone to Mayfield. Is quite windy - midling good sleighing. Has a good visit.

Thursday, February 11, 1864

Went to Town. Bought some postage stamps & spool thread. Mr. Days folks came here. May sat for photographs. I received a letter from my A. H. S. Is thawing some & very windy.

Friday, February 12, 1864

Mother is sick. Clark & Diana Yown came here - also Mr. White & little boy. Is thawing. Patty Stafford was here to tea. I wrote their names on cards for them. Went up to Mr. Osborns in
evening to a sing. Had dreadful head ache.

Saturday, February 13, 1864

Mrs. Grant called here. Emma went to town with them. Is an auction sail at Warners. Have finished Calico dress. Knit little in evening - do not feel very well. Ma is some better today.

Sunday, February 14, 1864

Is pleasant. Have not been to Church. Wrote to Abram H. Stafford. Mother is some better.

Monday, February 15, 1864

I have washed. Frank Eaten called here. Mother & I have dressed Loilies doll. Is cold but pleasant & some windy.

Tuesday, February 16, 1864

Is very windy & is snowing. Mr. Stafford (Reuben) called here. I sent a letter up by him. Knit some tatting inserting. Finished my soldiers socks.

Wednesday, February 17, 1864

Have been sewing. Finished off my socks running heels. It is very stormy & blustry.

Thursday, February 18, 1864

Have sewed some. Called on Augusta. Mother & Mrs. Grant went to Mr. Wescotts a visiting in forenoon. Afternoon all went to school - was last day. Got a card. In evening went to mite -
Climena Gray was there.

Friday, February 19, 1864

Emma & Cynthia went to Uncle Ira's. Mother & I went up to Mr. Cowlses. Mrs. Clark was there. Had an exhibition over in Hosfords district. Emma went. I received a letter from my Soldier boy. Is cold & very windy.

Saturday, February 20, 1864

Father, Mother & Sarah went to town. I staid at home - am not very well. Mrs. Hosford took dinner here. Tried to sew a little. Cynthia got dinner. Mrs. Phipps & Smith called. Sarah got her likeness taken. Is cold. Yet am 21 years old. Wrote to Mrs. Jayne.

Sunday, February 21, 1864

We went to Church at Chester. Elder Hurlbutt preached had an excellent meeting. Emma went over to Aunt Mary's today - went on horse back. Texts today were - "You must be born again" & "
It is a vane thing to serve the Lord". Received letter from Aunt Eunice. Have wrote to A.H.S.

Monday, February 22, 1864

Mother & I went over to Uncle Ira's. Came home found Uncle Moses' family & Emma. Father came after us. Nick is home. Called on Mrs. Stafford - read my letter to her. Read some in
the Saints abode. Brought two books home.

Tuesday, February 23, 1864

Is pleasant. Have finished been sewing on some cotton cloth. Do not feel very well. Emma is nearly sick with a stiff neck. Sara & Ola went up to Mr. Grant's - got some sour milk.

Wednesday, February 24, 1864

I have washed. Mother went up to town. Sarah went up & staid with Charly Wyman. I have sewed a very little. Is pleasant but very muddy.

Thursday, February 25, 1864

We have made soap. Jery was here at work. I finished my chimnae. Put binding on fine drawers. Is pleasant. Received letter from my Abram dear with some poetry in it.

Friday, February 26, 1864

Have darned some stockings. Sewed tatting on fine drawers. Run heals to fine stockings. Gathered & sewed on dress skirts for Mother. Bill Cooley was here at work. Kathy (or Maltby) came here in evening.

Saturday, February 27, 1864

Have done up the morning work. Baked bread & sewed some - got dinner. Mother called on Yeruiah. Emma went to Mr. Jewels to work. Jery was here to dinner. Sarah is some better.

Sunday, February 28, 1864

Have been to town to Church & Sabbath school scholars were all glad to see me. Father & Mother went over to Uncle Moses. Seinas came home with them. Have written to my A.H.S. Rained some - thawed all day - cold wind.

Monday, February 29, 1864

I have washed. Put new sleeves in shimnae. Went & got papers to A. J. Coolys. Laurrie came there while I was there. She brought Augusta's Cameo pin to her which was lost. Ma went
to Grant's. Is cold & frozen.

Tuesday, March 1, 1864

I have ironed & made pair of tops to drawers. Our barn all in it was burnt up. Was set on fire. It was all burnt down before one oclock in the morning. Is cold.

Wednesday, March 2, 1864

Have not done scarcely anything. A great many have been here. Sam Churchill & wife were here in evening. Received letter from my dear Soldier. I have helped carry water to put out fire.

Thursday, March 3, 1864

Have peaced (pieced) up an old quilt - was red and lite colard (colored). Ellen called. Martha, Lourie & a number (of) others. Sylvester & Grandfather & Uncle ........ feel pretty weak & bad - are all nearly sick. Father worked at Mr. Cowlses(?).

Friday, March 4, 1864

Have peaced out lining to quilt. Mrs. Coman called here. Mrs. Grant came a visiting. Mother and I called on Yeruiah. I went home with her - staid all night. Mr. Osborn is nearly sick with a cold. Am footing a pair of stockings.

Saturday, March 5, 1864

Feel weak & tired. Helped Martha do up morning wash. Made beds upstairs. Knit on stocking which I am pating(?). Read some in evening. Staid at Mr. Osborns all night. It snowed nearly
all day - rained in morning.

Sunday, March 6, 1864

Wrote to my A.H.S. I am at Mr. Osborns. Made up boys bed. Read some. Did not go to church. Dayton Maxwell came there - is a going to Cleveland tomorrow. Came home with Mr. Grant. He was with Culter. Is warm & dreadful going - is not froze(?).

Monday, March 7, 1864

I have helped wash. Sent off letter. Riped up skirt & am turning it upside down. Father has been off & hunted up some sap buckets. Got 50 of Mr. Bester & going to get 50 of Mr. Sage.
Frank called.

Tuesday, March 8, 1864

We have washed buckets. Ransom Sage brought theirs. Father has been taping bush. Mother & I went over to Ellens. Mils Manly was there. I have sewed some - crochet some on net & knit some.

Wednesday, March 9, 1864

I went down in shugar bush in morning. Mother came home from Ellens & then came down. I came up at noon - made loaf cake. Mrs. Grant came here. I went back to bush in afternoon.
/syryoed iff - am pretty tired.

Thursday, March 10, 1864

I have shugared off about 20 lbs - served some. Mrs. Stafford called. Mr. Stafford sent socks to my A.H.S. I received a letter from him. Mr. Warren came here. I am going there to work ... has rained nearly all day.

Friday, March 11, 1864

We have done off another batch of shugar. I have been fixing over the dress I got of Martha - am making over the sleaves. Uncle Ira has been here. Father has been to Town - got
Sarah some medison.

Saturday, March 12, 1864

Have finished the dress was making over & put a strip into my Tichally & put on a binding. Yib boiled the sap in our bush today. Sam Churchill called to tell Father of a tian.. Chisler.

Sunday, March 13, 1864

Has snowed all day. Have read two of Aunt Martha's books. Wrote to my dear soldier boy. Commenced to read the old Testament. They had a new preacher. His name is Striclain -
perhaps they may hire him.

Monday, March 14, 1864

I riped to peaces my lite colard dress (calicoe) - am going to put in a bredth. Got ready to go to town, but got no chance. A man came with a horse to sell. Father went to town to see Shaw. Commenced to ...... pair of stockings.

Tuesday, March 15, 1864

I have helped wash - sewed some - knit some. Father has gone to Chester to see a team. Mother went up to Mrs. Grants. She gave her a pair of cotton stockens.

Wednesday, March 16, 1864

Finished fixing lite colard calicoe dress. Uncle Ira, Aunt Martha, Mary A. West came here. Mary & I called on Augusta. Yeruiah is no better. We had a boiled dinner. Was very cold & wind blew hard.

Thursday, March 17, 1864

Have finished Sarahs summer dress - finished footing stocking. Went to town a foot - had a serious time - got all mud & wet. Got some paper & envelopes, pens, ink, Buttons & silk. Mr. Crowningshields folks called.

Friday, March 18, 1864

Have worked on Sarahs dress. Learnt Seavina to knit roseleaf tating. Have written to my soldier boy. It is cold & stormy - am quite lame after my walk yesterday.

Saturday, March 19, 1864

Have mended my read (red?) dress - done up my undersleves & fixed up several other little things. Mr. Clough & wife were here in evening. Knit some in evening.

Sunday, March 20, 1864

Did not go to church. Father went. Mr. Jewel came home with Emma. He sent me a shugar cake. He paid Emma 5 dollars in money. Is snow on the ground - rather cold.

Monday, March 21, 1864

Father & Mother went to Concord to see some horses & to see about some flax. I made a nite cap & some tatting. It is very cold. They did not get horse nor flax.

Tuesday, March 22, 1864

Father went to Newberry to see (a) horse & bought one. Paid $110. Mr. Swift of Wiloughby came here. He is Agt of inshurance Co. Mrs. Grant sent for me. Put on my quilt & got it off - was
read & lite colard.

Wednesday, March 23, 1864

Came up to Mr. Grants to help her clean house. Mr. Grant has had his buildings inshured. Mr. Mayhews people were here. We cleaned two bedrooms& the butry. Father is having his horse
kept here.

Thursday, March 24, 1864

Have cleaned setting room - blacked stove. Read some in book title "A Yankee loose in Dixie". Is some warmer - has thawed a concidrible.

Friday, March 25, 1864

Have white washed kitchen & cleaned most of it. Mrs. Grant painted sitting room. Father came up here & got some hay - he eat supper with us.

Saturday, March 26, 1864

Received letter from my A.H. Stafford. Have finished cleaning cook room. Washed in afternoon & finished reading book written by a prisoner of war - Rev Mr. Geer. Is quite warm.

Sunday, March 27, 1864

Have come home from Mr. Grants. Wrote to my A.H. Stafford &
to William. Came to Mr. Warren - finished letter to Will since I
came here.

Monday, March 28, 1864

Helped get breakfast done up work - helped sweep chambers - took up carpet - got dinner & supper & various things. Anna is sick has got sore throat - is very winey but warm.

Tuesday, March 29, 1864

Got breakfast done up work - washed mullin & calicoe cloths - done up work after dinner - sowed some on a shirt - knit some in evening - dressed sauce for breakfast - has rained.

Wednesday, March 30. 1864

Got breakfast done up work - pared apples for sauce - got dinner & done up work & ironed. Knit some & read little. Got dinner. Mr Warren & wife went off to a party.

Thursday, March 31, 1864

Have helped do out the washing - was very large. Their carpenter was here today. Mr. Abe(?) Wrenford & Mr. Heart called in evening. Done some sewing. Alburt has tooth ache.

Friday, April 1, 1864

Have done ironing. Made hair(?) bed balences - helped about the work - went up stairs on ladder to make beds. Had introduction to Mr. Abraham Wrenford. Had some roly pulla(?) pudding for supper - was pleasant.

Saturday, April 2, 1864

Got breakfast - done up work - moped floors. Made bed balences. Has rained some. Mr. Martin Haris called. Two gentlemen called in evening. Mr. Holms was one Mr Warren went to Painesville.

Sunday, April 3, 1864

Got breakfast. Mr. & Mrs. Warren has gone to Mr. Hosfords. Wrote to my Abram H. Stafford - also to Aunt Eunice Russel. Got supper & done up work. Is cool today. Tore my calicoe dress.
Albert went to his work tonight.

Monday, April 4, 1864

Have washed - got flannel & calicoe clothes dry - left white ones in rince. Has rained some. Mr. Ammos Sweet called - staid to supper - am pretty tired.

Tuesday, April 5, 1864

Got breakfast & helped get dinner. Helped make one pair pants for Johny. I done some on pair for Ben. Has been cold & cloudy. Uncle Mason came today.

Wednesday, April 6, 1864

Got breakfast - done ironing. They put some hair under stove to dry of(f) all the perfumery that was the cap sheaf(?). Got my plaid dress torn & riped - sewed some - done up work after supper.

Thursday, April 7, 1864

Have got breakfast done up work - moped floors - got dinner. Mrs. Long called in evening. Orson Root & Burt came here - ate filopes with Charles. Sewed some. Has been warm but cloudy.

Friday, April 8, 1864

Received three letters - 2 from my A. H. Stafford - one from Mrs. Jayne. Mr. Warren has gone to Painesville. Mr. Haris came home. Pa & Ma called here little while - brought me some of
Sophronias wedding cake. Been at work on carpets.

Saturday, April 9, 1864

Got breakfast - done up work - moped floors - then went to sewing on carpet. Mrs. Warren got dinner. Have finished carpet for sitting room. Their carpenter finished. I got supper.
Burt came home. Has rained some & is cool.

Sunday, April 10, 1864

Got breakfast - helped do up work. Went home - found them all well. Mr. Warrens people went to Mr. Grants - found them gaining. Was very bad going. Mr. Gould & wife were baptised - I
expect today. Saw Miss Prouty.

Monday, April 11, 1864

Have washed & moped - helped sweep their rooms. Rained in morning. Finished a sock. Alburt Amus Sweet & Mr. Camp were here in evening a while - is school meeting evening - am rather
tired tonight.

Pages missing

Monday, April 18, 1864

We cleaned out the chambers - had rather a hard days work. Was very dusty. Had several calls. Was pleasant. Mr. Warren commenced ploughing. Have got quite a hard cold in head.

Tuesday, April 19, 1864

I washed flannel & calicoe cloths & white washed parlor & bedrooms. Mended calicoe dress. Mr. & Mrs. Warren have gone to party to Phelpses. Charles bought him a snair drum. Burt came home.

Wednesday, April 20, 1864

Have washed white cloths. Received a letter from Abram & one from Will. I moped floors & helped clean Mrs. Harises bedroom. They went to Kirtland. I got paper for their room.

Thursday, April 21, 1864

We have cleaned & scrubhard in Mrs. Harises room & have prepared her bedroom & bed sink. Burt came home. Mr. Amos Swett & Charly Root were here in evening. I received a letter from my
A. H. Stafford.

Friday, April 22, 1864

I got breakfast - done up the work. Helped paper their room & Benny & I put down the carpet. I done up work after supper. Am extremely tired. Mr. Haris went to Painsville.

Saturday, April 23, 1864

Got breakfast - done up work - moped parlor & bedrooms & kitchen bedroom & butry blached stove in sitting room & put down carpet. Told Mr. Warren to look up another girl. Has rained.

Sunday, April 24, 1864

Wrote to my A. H. Stafford. Mr. Blood, Burt, Mr E. Warren, Sweet Brith, Mr. Sweet & wife, H. & P. Hosford, Mrs Warner & young Tuttle were here today. Mrs Warren went to his folkses a
little while. Has been pleasant.

Monday, April 25, 1864

Had Harlo & Patience here to breakfast. Have washed. It rained. Helped pair apples for some boild cider sauce. Trimed some bordering for the Parlor. Beny helped me. Lucinda came
here tonight.

Tuesday, April 26, 1864

I came home. Mr. Warren paid me six dollars & quarter. Fannie Allen came down here in the forenoon. We all went down there in afternoon & quilted on Fannies quilt. Rode up with Mr.
Stafford. Has been cloudy all day.

Wednesday, April 27, 1864

Went to Town a foot. Bought calicoe dress - pair gloves - some trimming for hat - pair gloves & lock for trunk. Received letter from my A. H. Stafford. Mr. Stafford called. Is quite cool.

Thursday, April 28, 1864

Mother, Sarah & I went to Aunt Marthas - then to Aunt Marys. Staid to dinner. W. Clap & wife were there in afternoon - went to Mr. Wests. I commenced to make my new Calicoe dress. Is
quite cool.

Friday, April 29, 1864

Have been sowing on dress. Laurie Bushnell came here a visiting. Her & I called on Mrs. Clark & at Mr. Cowlses. Lovina & Frank were there. Father is at home puting in their crops. Is
cool but pleasant.

Saturday, April 30, 1864

Have finished my dress. Mother went to town - got her teeth. She got some buttons for my dress. Sarah and I went down to Mr. Staffords to read letter. Has rained some. Father got in wheat.

Sunday, May 1, 1864

Cynthia & I went to church. Rode back with Mrs. Osborns people - staid & took supper. It rained. Pa & Ma went to Munson - Aunt is better. I wrote to my Soldier. Had S.S. paper given
to me.

Monday, May 2, 1864

Father, Mother & I started to go to Panesville & Days rained & we stoped to Walis Woodrough - staid & took dinner. It turned to snow. Came home & peased seven blocks for quilts. Has
stormed nearly all day.

Tuesday, May 3, 1864

It has snowed & rained all day. I mended some & finished Sarahs summer dress. I cut out some blocks in evening.

Wednesday, May 4, 1864

I helped wash. Mrs. Grant was here in forenoon. Her & Ma went to Hiles. Sarah & I went to Staffords. I cut & peased seven blocks. Has been warm & very pleasant. Cut blocks in evening.

Thursday, May 5, 1864

Helped iron. Amity, Saphronia, Florence, Martha, Mrs Wescott & Shatluck(?) Turpin, Mr. Cowles & Mr Mitchel have been here. I cut & peased fourteen blocks. Mother went to Uncle
Iras. Has been pleasant. Baked cakes.

Friday, May 6, 1864

Mother & I washed bed cloths. We washed her Stump quilt. Mr. Mitchel called again. Mother, Sarah, and I went to Hannahs a visiting. Mrs. Hubberd Churchill was there. Fannie came to get
white wash brush.

Saturday, May 7, 1864

Cut out blocks for Sarah & some for me. Mrs. Stafford, Mary Bushnell, Mrs. Wescott, Mr. & Mrs. Crowningshield & Mrs. Gould, Susanah Florence & Alvena were here to tea. Yeruiah died about one oclock today. Rained in morning.

Sunday, May 8, 1864

Emma & Jewel came home. Mr. Geo. Wilson came here. Went to Church. Elder Hurlbutt was there for the first time. Wached(?) with Zeruiah(?) & her Fannie & myself & Mary Bushnell.

Monday, May 9, 1864

Went to bed & had a nap. Mrs. Hosford was here to dinner - also Martha, Mary Cooley & girl. Attended Yeruiahs funeral. Came to Mr. Osborns - got supper & done up work after.

Tuesday, May 10, 1864

Got breakfast - done up work. Baked pies & bread. Cleaned ceiling & windows in parlor & bedrooms. Got supper & done up work. Dressed sauce & made beds. Mr. O got home. Has rained. School comence.

Wednesday, May 11, 1864

Got breakfast & done up work - clean sitting room, two cupboards. Got dinner & supper - done up work. Mrs. Osborn white washed sitting room, Laurie & Mary called. Alona staid
while her mother went to town.

Pages missing.

Wednesday, May 18, 1864

Came to Mr. Coolies - done up work. Ellen & Mary called. Sarah came to stay & I went to Mr. Jewels. Fitted Emmas dress - trimed hat & drawers. Has been pleasant. Son - Mr. Otis Almond
went to Parkman. Am tired tonight.

Thursday, May 19, 1864

Done work - Ironed & riped up her dress & commenced to repair to repair it. Mary called. Ellen was here a visiting. Sarah, Ma & Lillie came here. Baked cake.

Friday, May 20, 1864

Have washed some - baked - ironed. Went down to Sam Churchills & she came up here. Several have called. Ma came to see about Emma's dress. They have cleaned school house. Is pleasant.

Saturday, May 21, 1864

Baked cookies - moped. Mr. Stafford was here to dinner. Mrs. Grant & Ma were here this afternoon. Augusta & Adelia called. Sowed on Rabeckas dress.

Sunday, May 22, 1864

Went home a short time. Emma was there. Had some greens for dinner. Went to meeting to school house. Wilson preached from 109 Psalm 39 verse. Wrote to my A. H. Stafford. Has been

Monday, May 23, 1864

Washed & baked & moped & hemed shimme. Mrs. Grant called - brought pail sweet milk - also some ham & cod fish. Sprinkled little once or twice but did not rain to amount to any thing.

Tuesday, May 24, 1864

Have ironed & done some sewing. Rebecca has sat up a concidriable today - has it to the table. Mary Shattuck called. Rained little this afternoon.

Wednesday, May 25, 1864

Got up at four oclock. Done housework & sowed on shimma. Mary Shattuck & her Mother came here a visiting. Went oaver home a few minutes. Munroe Hofen was killed by a shell

Thursday, May 26, 1864

Done little ironing. Carlin Pike called. Mother dressed the baby. I have cut, sowed, & would carpet rags today. Cooley worked up to Grants. Fannie called. Has sprinkled little today.
Has been cloudy.

Friday, May 27, 1864

Washed some of the babies cloths & cut carpet rugs. Ellen called - also some pedler came selling packages. Has been pleasant & warm.

Saturday, May 28, 1864

Have baked bread & one loaf for A. P. Cooley & moped. Mrs. Wescott & Sarah were here a visiting. Florence Seilly & Leon to supper. Has been pleasant but cool.

Sunday, May 29, 1864

Went to Church & Sabbath. Betsy came home with us. I came over to Cooleys & got supper. Leon was here. Went to Union prair meeting in evening. Staid at home all night. Rained lite.

Monday, May 30, 1864

Have washed & moped out some carpet rags. Mended old coat. Do not feel very well. Been pleasant. Nalty called. Cooley cleared out the chambers.

Tuesday, May 31, 1864

Done house work - ironed very little - cut rags. Cooley went to Panesville. I went home & got some medison - am feeling pretty bad - head & stomach aches. Received letter from my A. H.
Stafford. Has been pleasant.

Wednesday, June 1, 1864

Have ironed, swep chambers & cut rags. Went home little while. Found Uncle Clark & wife & Aunt Bacon there. Has rained a concidriable. Im feeling rather better today but neck is little stiff.

Thursday, June 2, 1864

Nothing of any account has taken place today. Have done some work & cut rags. Had some mustard greens for dinner - as still better. Stafford called.

Friday, June 3, 1864

Had Father, Hank, & Tila here to dinner. They were drawing lumber. Mr. Grant called. Has been pleasant & warm. Sarah went to Parkman.

Saturday, June 4, 1864

Have cleaned butry & baked bread - moped & cut large ball of carpet rags - finished - washed & ironed little. Viola Seillie(?) & Ma called.

Sunday, June 5, 1864

Went home got ready for Church. Went in our carriage for the first time. Hurlbutt preached in forenoon - Father Eddie in afternoon. Wrote to my soldier boy. Has been pleasant & warm.
Came over at night.

Monday, June 6, 1864

Have washed a very large washing - sowed on babies skirt. Leon called - Coolie called. Went to town. Sprinkled little but did not rain. Is cold tonight.

Tuesday, June 7, 1864

Have ironed. Gathered greens for dinner. Teacher called to see baby. Baked bread for Leon. Sewed edging on skirt. Washed little - moped. Mr. & Mrs. Grant called. Attended meeting at
school house.

Wednesday, June 8, 1864

Went to the Association - Had preaching in the morning for John 21 15.16.17 - Had dinner at Town hall - transacted business after noon & adjourned. Next is to be held at Royalton. Was
pleasant. Mr. Norton & wife came here.

Thursday, June 9, 1864

Have fed sheller for Father to shel corn. Elder Jayne & wife called. Adelia was here. We went over to Brother Crowning sheilds in evening. Martha came home with us. Elder Jayne &
folks were there. Has been pleasant.

Friday, June 10, 1864

Have ironed. Father & Mother went to Panesville. Ma bought her dress - also Cynthia. Viola Coolie gave a pair of leather shoe strings. Laid down & took a nap. Emma went to town. Has
been cool but pleasant.

Saturday, June 11, 1864

We started for Parkman. Took dinner at Bro. Baids. Came on to Pollies - took supper & staid all night. Father & mother went to Clarks. Today was pleasant. Rarie & Mary Town called to Pollies.

Sunday, June 12, 1864

Ate breakfast at Pollies. Then went to Clarks. Mr. Owens & wife came there. Mothers side pained her dreadfuly. I doctred her up. Clark went & got some linmanent for her. We came home.
Was pleasant but cool. Received letter from my A. H. Stafford.

Monday, June 13, 1864

Have cleaned up things we wore to Parkman. Straitned out butry some & helped about house work. Made skirt for Lilly. Wrote to my A.H.S. Will, Mrs Gray Shattluck & Hafers(?) & Adelia
called. Is pleasant. Brought little matter to wash with.

Tuesday, June 14, 1864

Have washed & peased ten blocks & Sarah 7. I went up to Eds a little while. They had company - The Mrs Cowles - also Mrs Day & child. Has been pleasant. Ma is getting better.

Wednesday, June 15, 1864

Helped iron. Went up to Mrs. Grants to fix over her silk dress - did not quite finish it. Had it to rip off from waist point to fix & skirt to gather & sew on. Has been pleasant & very warm.

Thursday, June 16, 1864

Have finished silk dress & fixed another. Mother came up there - came home about four o clock. Mrs. Grant made me a present of 40 cts. Pleated Cynthias skirt & sowed it on. Received a letter from my A. H. Stafford.

Friday, June 17, 1864

Helped pick guce - tucked dress for Cynthia. Went to Panesville. Bought shawl $3 - hoop skirt $1.26 - tatting shuffle 12 cts - collar 50 cts. Pen knife 40 cts. Was pleasant & extremely warm.

Saturday, June 18, 1864

Have done house work. Scourd the flore - done little mending. Mrs. Stafford called. Teacher was here to tea. Emma went to town. Mr. Bourn & wife came. It sprinkled very little.

Sunday, June 19, 1864

Our company & Ma went over to Uncle Iras. We went to Church. Had a splendid shour about noon. Came home at noon. Had another shour (shower) before night. Wrote to my A. H.
Stafford. Went to wedding at church. Mrs. Bassett? was married at Desiple Church.

Monday, June 20, 1864

Have mended hoops and several other things. Mr. Rust called to get a hired girl. Celestria was here in afternoon. Marion Carver called. They went to the circus. Has been warm & very dry.

Tuesday, June 21, 1864

Have helped wash - baked & we have borchered (butchered) an old hog. Hank had 16 lbs - Stafford 7 & Allen 8 - Mary Shattuck 5 3/4 & Cowles 12 lbs & Coolie 6 lbs 10 Oz - Chase 9 1/2 lbs. Has been warm.

Wednesday, June 22, 1864

Baked pies. Mrs. Bruonridge was here in forenoon. Ma & her went to Marions. Fannie here after noon & Teacher to tea & staid. Turpin called.

Thursday, June 23, 1864

Ironed coars cloths. Teacher here to dinner. Cut out some blocks for Sarah & self. Went to town, Teacher staid - bought some medison. Has been extremely warm.

Friday, June 24, 1864

Have peased a block & sowed on Pas shirt. Mother, Sarah & I went to Sages. Ranson was sick. Carried sap buckets - prepared syrup for cough.

Saturday, June 25, 1864

Helped clean cellar & done the fine ironing. Done up my garibaldi - sewed little. Father, Mother, & Sarah have gone to Munson. Emman to town. Milked both cows. Is warm and pleasant.

Sunday, June 26, 1864

Helped about work. Went to meeting - was Methodist quarterly meeting at our church. Had sabbath school & made some arrangements for celebration - the 9th June meeting in Mentor.
Wrote to A. H. Stafford.

Monday, June 27, 1864

Washed out white cloths & made soap - baked & took up pork & scalded it & put on new brine & tried up some of the pork.

Tuesday, June 28, 1864

Finished the washing. Mother & I went up to Mr. Cowles. Ellen, Adelia & Martha Eldrage was there. Laurie Teacher & Lovinna called there. Received letter from my A. H. S. Is cool.

Wednesday, June 29, 1864

I have ironed & knit some - mended little. Mrs. Grant called to go to Marias. Ma got out Mrs. Comans peas of linnen. I went up to Cowles a little while. Melinda Baker died.

Thursday, June 30, 1864

Have done up work after breakfast - baked pies - bound my fan - spooled some. Mother has set out some cabbage plants & tomatoes. Has been cloudy. They brought Melinda home.

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