Newspaper notices of Geauga Co., Ohio marriages, deaths, divorce petitions and other genealogically-relevant data found in the JEFFERSONIAN DEMOCRAT from July 1863 through December 1863, arranged in alphabetical order by surname.

Abstracted by J. T. Elderkin

ADAMS - Died in Huntsburg, September 8, 1863, Mary A. ADAMS, age 3 years, 11 months, 10 days, youngest daughter of George and Louisa Adams. Cause of death: Diphtheria. [Jeffersonian Democrat, September 18, 1863]

ALEXANDER - Married in Newberry, October 25, 1863, Riley ALEXANDER of Newberry and Lorinda WEBSTER. [Jeffersonian Democrat, December 11, 1863]

ALEXANDER - Married in Painesville, September 2, 1863, Joseph ALEXANDER of Cleveland and Mariette THWING of Munson. [Jeffersonian Democrat, September 18, 1863]

ALLEN - Married in Garretsville, December 21, 1863, P. ALLEN, Jr., of Chardon, and Hettie McELWAIN. [Jeffersonian Democrat, January 8, 1864]

ANDREWS, Abigail - See Pomeroy

ANDREWS, Lottie J. - See Brigham

BAGG - Died at the hospital in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, December 7, 1863, Wilford A. BAGG, aged 25 years, 9 months. Resident of Hambden, initially enlisted in 105th Reg., Ohio V. I., joined Pioneer Corps in May 1863. Cause of death: Chronic Dysentery. [Jeffersonian Democrat, December 25, 1863]

BALCH - Legal notice of divorce petition filed October 21, 1863, Sophronia L. BALCH vs. William L. BALCH, charging gross neglect of duty and absence of more than three years. She asked for custody of minor children and to revert to her maiden name of Sophronia Lovinia Hale. [Jeffersonian Democrat, various issues]

BARROWS - Married in Troy, August 11, 1863, Chester BARROWS and Mrs. Frances P. THRASHER, both of Troy. [Jeffersonian Democrat, August 21, 1863]

BEARDSLEY - Died in Huntsburg, August 5, 1863, Mrs. Esther BEARDSLEY, aged 84. Survived by husband of sixty-five years, 7 children, 41 grandchildren, 59 great-grandchildren and one great- great-grandchild, none mentioned by name. [Jeffersonian Democrat, August 21, 1863]

BESWICK, Alice E. - See Greenfield

BILLS - Died in Montville, October 3, 1863, Irwin BILLS, age 24, son of Evland BILLS. Cause of death: Typhoid Fever. [Jeffersonian Democrat, October 23, 1863]

BOUGHTON - Married in Middlefield, June 28, 1863, Chauncey BOUGHTON of Chardon and Mary WORDEN of Middlefield. [Jeffersonian Democrat, July 3, 1863]

BRIDGMAN - Died in Huntsburg, November 22, 1863, Mrs. Orpha BRIDGMAN, aged 54 years, 9 months, wife of Isaac Bridgman. [Jeffersonian Democrat, December 4, 1863]

BRIGHAM - Legal notice of divorce petition filed November 24, 1863, Permilia BRIGHAM vs. Joseph Luther BRIGHAM, charging that "at the time the defendant was married to the plaintiff, he had a former wife living to whom he had been, before that time, legally joined in marriage and also that the said defendant has been willfully absent from the plaintiff for more than three years." She asked for restoration of her maiden name, Permilia Hickok, and custody of minor child. [Jeffersonian Democrat, various issues]

BRIGHAM - Married in Loran, Stephenson Co., Illinois, November 8, 1863, Lewis D. BRIGHAM, formerly of Chardon, and Lottie J. ANDREWS. [Jeffersonian Democrat, November 27, 1863]

BROWN - Married at the Parsonage in Montville, August 8, 1863, Henry T. BROWN of Hambden and Emma M. WHITNEY of Montville. [Jeffersonian Democrat, August 14, 1863]

BROWN - Married in Bainbridge, November 11, 1863, William M. BROWN and Salemna A. ELY. [Jeffersonian Democrat, November 20, 1863]

BURDICK - Married in Hambden, November 25, 1863, Henry T. BURDICK of Hartford, Washington Co., Wisconsin, and Mrs. Helen T. PRATT, daughter of Elder Taylor. [Jeffersonian Democrat, December 11, 1863]

BUSHNELL - Died in Chardon, September 12, 1863, Mrs. Charlotte BUSHNELL, age 62, wife of Hiram Bushnell. Cause of death: Erysipelas. [Jeffersonian Democrat, September 25, 1863]

BUTLER, Chloe - See Cleveland

CALLISTER - Died in Claridon, December 10, 1863, William CALLISTER, age 48. [Jeffersonian Democrat, December 18, 1863]

CANFIELD, Cornelia N. - See Heckman

CARLTON - Died in Chardon, December 18, 1863, Guy CARLTON, age 78 years. Cause of death: Dropsy. [Jeffersonian Democrat, December 25, 1863]

CARPENTER, Lydia - See Radcliff

CHANDLER - Married in Holyoke, Massachusetts, December 17, 1863, Henry CHANDLER, Esq., of Buffalo, New York, and Frances E. LONG of Holyoke, Massachusetts. [Jeffersonian Democrat, January 1, 1864]

CLEVELAND - Died in Burton, August 27, 1863, Dr. J. S. CLEVELAND, age 55. Born Rutland, Vermont, August 3, 1808; married Chloe Butler 1831. Moved to Akron, Ohio in 1835, subsequently to Medina and Cuyahoga before settling in Geauga Co. in 1844. Cause of death: Malignant Erysipelas. [Jeffersonian Democrat, September 25, 1863]

CLEVELAND - Married at the residence of bride's father, September 30, 1863, J. B. CLEVELAND and Adelia WRIGHT of Claridon. [Jeffersonian Democrat, October 2, 1863]

COLLINS - Married, December 22, 1863, Martin H. COLLINS and Lovira A. METCALF. [Jeffersonian Democrat, December 25, 1863]

COONS, Emeline - See Loomis

COWLES, Judge A. - See Kellogg

COWLES, Laura - See Kellogg

DAVIS - Married in Chardon, July 25, 1863, Harjzell (?) J. DAVIS of Munson and Weltha A. HICOK of Harpersfield. [Jeffersonian Democrat, August 21, 1863]

DELAMATER, Rosetta - See Hatch

DENTON, Cornelia - See Phelps

DUNGAN, Lottie A. - See Garritt

DUNHAM - Married in Chardon, August 19, 1863, Addison A. DUNHAM of Pennsylvania and Julia E. FOOTE of Chardon. [Jeffersonian Democrat, August 21, 1863]

DYER - Died in Windsor, October 28, 1863, Newton W. DYER, aged 33. [Jeffersonian Democrat, November 27, 1863]

EGGLESTON - Died in Huntsburg, July 17, 1863, Joseph B. EGGLESTON, aged 42. Cause of death: Injuries suffered in a fall from a horse. [Jeffersonian Democrat, July 24, 1863]

ELY, Salemna - See Brown

EVERETT - Died in Montville, July 30, 1863, Alberta May EVERETT, aged 3 months, daughter of H. B. and L. W. Everett. Cause of death: Consumption. [Jeffersonian Democrat, August 28, 1863]

FALES - Married in Chardon, Willard FALES and Harriet E. MILLER, both of Hambden. [Jeffersonian Democrat, July 17, 1863]

FOOTE - Died August 31, 1863, Eugene FOOTE, age 13 years, 2 months, 8 days, son of F. and H. E. Foote of Munson. [Jeffersonian Democrat, September 11, 1863]

FOOTE, Julia E. - See Dunham

FULLER, Harriet - See Morris

GARRITT - Married in Windsor, September 20, 1863, George W. GARRITT, Esq., and Lottie A. DUNGAN, both of Montville. [Jeffersonian Democrat, September 25, 1863]

GORTON - Died in Chagrin Falls, November 23, 1863, Benjamin GORTON, aged 66 years. Cause of death: Dropsy. [Jeffersonian Democrat, December 11, 1863]

GREEN, Sarahette - See Prince

GREENFIELD - Married in Chardon, August 31, 1863, Anson GREENFIELD of Vassen, Michigan, and Alice E. BESWICK of Russell. [Jeffersonian Democrat, September 4, 1863]

GRIFFIN - Married in Hambden, December 22, 1863, Horace G. GRIFFIN and Harriet C. TAYLOR, daughter of Rev. Justin Taylor, all of Hambden. [Jeffersonian Democrat, January 1, 1864]

GRIFFITH - Died in Chardon, July 3, 1863, Dr. S. GRIFFITH, aged 63. Cause of death: Inflamation. [Jeffersonian Democrat, July 17, 1863]

HALE, Sophronia Lovinia - See Balch

HANES - Married in Burton, September 20, 1863, Reuben HANES and Hannah PHILLIPS, both of Byron, Kent Co., Michigan. Bride's father, not named, resident of Burton. [Jeffersonian Democrat, October 30, 1863]

HART, Joseph - See Morris

HART, Sarah - See Morris

HATCH - Married in Claridon, September 10, 1863, Orrin HATCH of Farmington and Mrs. Rosetta DELAMATER of Claridon. [Jeffersonian Democrat, September 18, 1863]

HAWES, Ellen - See Hodges

HAZEN, Helen - See Osmond

HAZEN, Matilda - See Lewis

HECKMAN - Married at the Presbyterian Church in Massillon, Ohio, November 26, 1863, Isaac T. HECKMAN of Lima, Allen Co., and Cornelia N. CANFIELD formerly of Chardon. [Jeffersonian Democrat, December 4, 1863]

HENDRICK, Elizabeth - See Stocking

HENDRICK, Simeon - See Stocking

HICKOK, Permilia - See Brigham

HICOK, Weltha A. - See Davis

HODGES - Married in Chester, September 15, 1863, William C. HODGES and Ellen HAWES, both of Newberry. [Jeffersonian Democrat, September 25, 1863]

HOSMER, Emily B. - See Waters

HOVER, Amelia - See Pomeroy

HUBBARD - Married in Hambden, October 4, 1863, Lt. George H. HUBBARD of Hambden and Elvira HUNGERFORD of Leroy. [Jeffersonian Democrat, October 7, 1863]

HULL, Olive - See Noble

HUNGERFORD, Elvira - See Hubbard

INGRAHAM - Died in Hambden, Jun 19, 1863, Esther INGRAHAM, in the 82nd year of her age. [Jeffersonian Democrat, July 3, 1863]

JOHNSON, Mary Jane - See Rider

JORDAN - Married in Munson, September 16, 1863, William R. JORDAN and Adelia WOODARD. [Jeffersonian Democrat, September 18, 1863]

KELLOGG - Died in Claridon, July 26, 1863, Mrs. Laura C. KELLOGG, aged 69 years, wife of Deacon Aranda Kellogg. Born in New Hartford, Connecticut, came to Claridon in 1811 with her father Judge A. Cowles. Cause of death: Erysipelas. [Jeffersonian Democrat, August 14, 1863]

KING - Died in Hamden, September 23, 1863, Elizabeth KING, 80, widow of Nathaniel KING. [Jeffersonian Democrat, October 7, 1863]

KING, Lucinda - See Searls

KINNIE - Married in East Claridon, December 14, 1863, E. G. KINNIE of Lake Mill, Michigan, and Ella A. ROYAL of East Claridon. [Jeffersonian Democrat, December 25, 1863]

LADOW - Married in Munson, September 27, 1863, Henry William LADOW of Russell and Eliza A. WARNER of Munson. [Jeffersonian Democrat, October 7, 1863]

LELAND - Married in Clyde, Sandusky Co., Ohio, Dr. J. S. LELAND of Green Springs, Seneca Co., and Cornelia PLUMB, daughter of Jared Plumb, Esq., of Woodville, Sandusky Co., Ohio. [Jeffersonian Democrat, October 30, 1863]

LEWIS, Julia A. - See Miner

LEWIS - Married in Munson, September 9, 1863, Chancy LEWIS and Matilda HAZEN, both of Munson. [Jeffersonian Democrat, September 18, 1863]

LONG, Frances E. - See Chandler

LOOMIS - Married at the Methodist Parsonage in Montville, September 24, 1863, Allen LOOMIS and Emeline COONS, both of Hambden. [Jeffersonian Democrat, October 16, 1863]

LOSEY, Mrs. Rhoda - See Wilkins

MAYHEW - Married in Auburn, July 6, 1863, George MAYHEW and Louise STAFFORD, both of Auburn. [Jeffersonian Democrat, July 10, 1863]

McCARTY - Died in Ridgeville, Lorain Co., October 26, 1863, Delia McCARTY, aged 1 years, 4 months, 11 days, daughter of Clark and Caroline McCarty. Also, October 31, 1863, Nelly McCarty, aged 3 years, 1 month, 15 days, daughter of Clark and Caroline McCarty. [Jeffersonian Democrat, November 13, 1863]

McELWAIN, Hettie - See Allen

MERRIMAN - Died in Burton, July 30, 1863, Franklin MERRIMAN, only son of Emily and David J. Merriman, age 5. Cause of death: Diphtheria. [Jeffersonian Democrat, July 24, 1863]

METCALF, Lovira A. - See Collins

MILLER - Died in Sumner, Bremer Co., Iowa, July 8, 1863, Chester MILLER, in his 70th year. Former resident of Munson. Cause of death: Pulmonary Consumption. [Jeffersonian Democrat, July 30, 1863]

MILLER, Harriet E. - See Fales

MINER - Married in Munson, August 20, 1863, Russell H. MINER, son of Dea. O. Miner of Munson, and Julia A. LEWIS of Chester. [Jeffersonian Democrat, August 28, 1863]

MORRIS - Named as heirs at law in a legal notice regarding the estate of John MORRIS: Rufus F. MORRIS, Nancy PERKINS, Jackson MORRIS, Silas MORRIS, Harriet FULLER, David MORRIS, Elizabeth SMITH, Sarah HART, James MORRIS, Burr MORRIS, Frank MORRIS. Sally MORRIS, widow. Rufus and Jackson stated to be of Occola Co., Michigan; Nancy, wife of Richard Perkins, of Allegan Co., Michigan; Eliza (elsewhere Elizabeth), wife of --- Smith, and Sarah, wife of Joseph Hart, both of Ravenna, Portage Co., Ohio; James, of Cleveland, Ohio; Burr, residence unknown. [Jeffersonian Democrat, December 25, 1863]

NOBLE - Married in Youngstown, October 8, 1863, C. R. NOBLE of Ashtabula and Olive HULL of Youngstown. [Jeffersonian Democrat, October 23, 1863]

ORCOTT - Died in Burton, June 18, 1863, Abbie C. ORCOTT, 9 years of age. Cause of death: Diphtheria. [Jeffersonian Democrat, July 30, 1863]

OSMOND - Married in Munson, July 3, 1863, Henry W. OSMOND of Newberry and Helen M. HAZEN of Munson. [Jeffersonian Democrat, July 10, 1863]

PERKINS, Nancy - See Morris

PERKINS, Richard - See Morris

PHELPS - Died in Chardon, September 30, 1863, Edwin Forman PHELPS, in his 68th year. Born in Aurora, Cayuga Co., New York in March 1796, married Cornelia DENTON in 1833. [Jeffersonian Democrat, October 7, 1863]

PHILLIPS, Hannah - See Hanes

PLUMB, Cornelia - See Leland

POMEROY - Died in Huntsburg, November 22, 1863, Mrs. Abigail POMEROY, wife of Alveston Pomeroy. Maiden name Andrews, married October 6, 1837. Three children, not named. Cause of death: Paralysis of the Nerves. [Jeffersonian Democrat, December 4, 1863]

POMEROY - Married in Munson, September 15, 1863, Charles C. POMEROY of Genesee Co., Michigan, and Amelia HOVER of Munson. [Jeffersonian Democrat, September 18, 1863]

PRATT, Mrs. Helen T. - See Burdick

PRINCE - Married in Chester, September 3, 1863, David PRINCE of Chester and Sarahette GREEN of Munson. [Jeffersonian Democrat, September 25, 1863]

QUIGGLE, Amelia - See Whitney

QUIGGLE, Hannah - See Shull

QUIGGLE, Maretta - See Stanton

RADCLIFF - Married in Hambden, December 31, 1863, William Norman RADCLIFF and Lydia CARPENTER, both of Hambden. [Jeffersonian Democrat, January 8, 1864]

REED - Married in Middlefield, October 8. 1863, William A. REED and Sarah C. WEBSTER, both of Huntsburg. [Jeffersonian Democrat, October 23, 1863]

RIDER, Chloe - See Samson

RIDER, Elder I. - See Samson

RIDER - Married in Chester, October 29, 1863, Edward E. RIDER of Munson and Mary Jane JOHNSON of Willoughby. [Jeffersonian Democrat, November 20, 1863]

ROBINSON - Married in Claridon, November 28, 1863, Calvin C. ROBINSON of Russell and Mary Jane RUSSELL of Newberry. [Jeffersonian Democrat, December 11, 1863]

ROYAL, Ella A, - See Kinnie

RUSSELL, Mary Jane - See Robinson

SAMPSON - Died in Chardon, November 6, 1863, Sarah J. SAMPSON, age 21 years, 10 months, 6 days, only daughter of Sylvanus and Mary Sampson. Cause of death: Typhoid Fever. [Jeffersonian Democrat, November 27, 1863]

SAMSON - Died in Painesville, date not stated, Mrs. Chloe E. SAMSON, age 36 years, 7 months, 5 days, at residence of her father Elder I. Rider. Cause of death: Congestion of the lungs. [Jeffersonian Democrat, September 11, 1863]

SEARLS - Named as heirs at law in a legal notice regarding the estate of Stephen SEARLS: Harris SEARLS, Grandison SEARLS, Madison SEARLS, Henry SEARLS, Lucinda KING, Harriet SEARLS, Marvin SEARLS, Philo SEARLS, Ambrose SEARLS. Pamelia SEARLS, widow. [Jeffersonian Democrat, August 21, 1863]

SHULL - Married in Hambden, November 16, 1863, Hugh SHULL of Brookfield and Hannah QUIGGLE, daughter of John Quiggle of Hambden. [Jeffersonian Democrat, November 20, 1863]

SMITH, Elizabeth or Eliza - See Morris

SMITH - Married in Chester, September 15, 1863, Delos SMITH and Susan ZETHMAYER, both of Newberry. [Jeffersonian Democrat, September 25, 1863]

SOBER - Died in Claridon, January 2, 1863, Austin SOBER, age 19, of Co. F, 105th Reg., Ohio V. I., youngest son of Benjamin and Eliza Sober of Huntsburg. Cause of death: Quick consumption following measles. [Jeffersonian Democrat, August 28, 1863]

SOBER - In hospital no. 8 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, February 24, 1863, Spencer B. SOBER, age 22, of Co. F., 105th Reg., Ohio V.I., oldest and only remaining son of Benjamin and Eliza Sober. Cause of death: Lung Fever. [Jeffersonian Democrat, August 28, 1863]

SPAULDING - Died in Munson, November 21, 1863, Alfred Eugene SPAULDING, age 5 years, 5 months, son of James and Harriet Spaulding. [Jeffersonian Democrat, December 11, 1863]

SPENCER - Died in South Thompson, Fremont N. SPENCER, age 2 years, son of S. E. and M. E. Spencer. Cause of death: Brain Fever. [Jeffersonian Democrat, October 16, 1863]

STAFFORD, Louise - See Mayhew

STANTON - Married in Hambden, November 16, 1863, Luman STANTON of Huntsburg and Maretta QUIGGLE, daughter of John Quiggle. [Jeffersonian Democrat, November 20, 1863]

STOCKING - Died in Hambden, August 5, 1863, Elizabeth STOCKING. Born Delaware Co., New York, daughter of Simeon Hendrick. Married Lyman Stocking 1836 and moved to Hambden 1838. Cause of death: Neuralgia. [Jeffersonian Democrat, August 28, 1863]

SWEEZEY - Born in Chardon, July 17, 1863, a son to W. D. and Cornie C. SWEEZEY. [Jeffersonian Democrat, July 24, 1863]

SWIFT - Died in Chillicothe, Ohio, September 20, 1863, Mrs. Dorothy W. C. SWIFT, age 65, wife of Rev. Warren Swift of Homer, Ohio, formerly of Geauga Co. [Jeffersonian Democrat, November 13, 1863]

TAYLOR, Elder - See Burdick

TAYLOR, Harriet C. - See Griffin

TAYLOR, Helen - See Burdick

TAYLOR, Rev. Justin - See Griffin

THRASHER, Mrs. Frances P. - See Barrows

THWING - Died in Chardon, September 7, 1863, Luther THWING, aged 74 years, 5 days. Originally from Hampden Co., Massachusetts, resided Geauga Co. from 1816. Cause of death: Heart disease. [Jeffersonian Democrat, September 25, 1863]

THWING, Mariette - See Alexander

TODD - Died in Nelson, Portage Co., Ohio, July 26, 1863, the Hon. L. C. TODD, in the 79th year of his age. [Jeffersonian Democrat, July 17, 1863]

TREAT - Onboard the gunship Marmoora off Greenville, Miss., October 20, 1863, Capt. John F. TREAT, age 34. Of Hambden, survived by wife and son (not named). Cause of death: Congestive Chills. [Jeffersonian Democrat, November 20, 1863]

WARNER, Eliza - See Ladow

WARREN, Mrs. Z. S. - See Williams

WATERS - Married, November 12, 1863, Lorrin WATERS and Emily B. HOSMER, both of Parkman. [Jeffersonian Democrat, November 27, 1863]

WEBSTER, Lorinda - See Alexander

WEBSTER, Sarah C. - See Reed

WHITNEY - Married in Hambden, November 13, 1863, Milo J. WHITNEY of Montville and Amelia QUIGGLE, daughter of Frederick QUIGGLE of Hambden. [Jeffersonian Democrat, November 20, 1863]

WHITNEY, Emma M. - See Brown

WILKINS - Died in Chardon, July 3, 1863, Ida Caroline WILKINS, daughter of Abel P. and Caroline Wilkins, in the tenth year of her age. Cause of death: Scarlet Fever. [Jeffersonian Democrat, July 10, 1863]

WILKINS - Married in Chardon Center, December 24, 1863, James WILKINS of Groveland, Oakland Co., Michigan, and Mrs. Rhoda LOSEY of Newberry. [Jeffersonian Democrat, January 1, 1864]

WILLIAMS - Died at Vicksburg, July 25, 1863, Francis G. WILLIAMS, in 27th year. Member of 42nd Ohio V. I. Brother of Mrs. Z. S. Warren. [Jeffersonian Democrat, September 4, 1863]

WOODARD, Adelia - See Jordan

WOODMANCE - Legal notice of divorce petition filed November 25, Helen WOODMANCE charging Ariel WOODMANCE with willful absence of three years, gross neglect of duty, and adultery. [Jeffersonian Democrat, various issues]

WORDEN, Mary - See Boughton

WRIGHT, Adelia - See Cleveland

ZETHMAYER, Susan - See Smith

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