Abstracts from the Painesville Telegraph

Abstracts from the Painesville Telegraph

Abstracted and contributed by Rena Ransom

The following are extracts from the Painesville Telegraph July 10, 1906, page 2:

Surnames mentioned:
Eggleston Hubbard Willman Lowe Luce Bacon Core Patterson Crody Rogers Loomis Eminger Hambden

July 9.
1.) Orin Eggleston has recovered from the measles.
2.) Elmo Hubbard and wife, Bert Willman and wife, Mr. L. Lowe and daughter, Merta, attended the Luce reunion in Windsor.
3.) Everett Bacon and wife of Warren visited his parents, P.C. Bacon, recently.
4). Glenn Core of Montville spent the Fourth at the Patterson home.
5.) Mrs. Levi Crody of Montville is spending some time with Mrs. Willman and calling on other friends.
6.) Mr. Charles Eggleston has reshingled his barn.
7.) A.L. Patterson has repaired his barn. Delos Rogers reshingled his house and while he was on the scaffold it fell, bruising him badly and breaking one rib.
8.) Miss Nina Loomis of Montville is spending some time with her sister Mrs. Earl Eminger.

Surnames mentioned:
Cowles Maynard McNaughton Chamberlain Morley

Geauga County

1.) A hurry call came to Sheriff Cowles from Hambden on the evening of the Fourth. The call urged the sheriff to hurry up, as a "drunken man is killing his family!" The sheriff hurried up, but when he arrived at Hambden he found no trace of bloodshed and no evidence that anybody's life was in jeopardy. He did learn, however, that a good citizen had been to Painesville, and walked a little unsteady. The sheriff also found the unsteady man's wife and children enjoying themselves with the crowd, well and hearty. So the hurry call was altogether too previous, and the sheriff rode home to Chardon pondering on the wild whims that come into some people's heads as soon as they get their mouth to a telephone.

2.) Married-At the residence of Justice M. L. Maynard and by him July 2, Mr. Ralph McNaughton of Claridon and Miss Ethel Chamberlain of Hambden.
3.) Upwards of forty members of the Chardon Research club spent a delightful day at Bass Lake on Friday, 6th inst. They had much to say in praise of the excellent dinner provided for them by the manager, John Morley, and of boat rides enjoyed on the beautiful lake.
4.) On the evening of the Fourth the Chardon people made some fine displays of fireworks, balloons and other Fourth of July ammunition, but it was noticed that the cannon cracker or bombs were not in evidence in Chardon on the Fourth. That's why we had no accidents.

The following are extracts from The (Painesville) Telegraph July 11, 1906, page 2:

Surnames mentioned:
Allen Bedient Bigalow Burr Cashen Clark Covill Croft Cushman Dayton Denton Everett Folsom Gretton Griffith Henry Holoday Hotchkiss Lloyd McKough Morgan Morse Murphy O'Brien Patterson Proctors Sidley Skinner Spencer Stamms Stetson Vogel Waldison Webster Whitney

Thompson Topics

South Thompson

1.) South Thompson July 9.--Mr. and Mrs. Elton Skinner of Collinwood were guests at W. J. Murphy's Sunday.
2.) Ladies Aid society of Montville M. E. church will meet with Mrs. L. W. Everett, Wednesday afternoon, July 18.
3.) Mabel, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Webster, has been seriously ill.
4.) Stamms and Proctors recently entertained relatives from Akron.
5.) The Fourth passed off very quietly here. The Visiting club met in John Morse's orchard and entertained themselves with ice cream and cake. Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Gretton entertained fifteen of their friends in the evening. They had a nice display of fireworks. Homer Spencer, Walter Lloyd and Roy Morse spent the day in Cleveland.
6.) Mrs. Lizzie O'Brien and children of Painesville were recent guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Croft.
7.) "Dame Rumor" says Philo Folsom and Mr. Hotchkiss were married last week.
8.) The Bedient family are entertaining a relative from Streetsborough.
9.) The Holoday family have moved back to the city.
10.) Mrs. Electa Griffith of Rock Creek is visiting relatives here.
11.) Alfred Sidley of Youngstown was in town last week.
12.) Arthur Bigalow recently lost a horse.
13.) Mrs. Katie Burr and little daughter of Chardon spent last week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dayton.
14.) Mrs. Marie Morgan and Miss Lizzie Cashen were in Painesville one day last week.
15.) The Vogel families are entertaining friends from Cleveland.
16.) Frank Croft, who has employment in the Brown Hoist Co. of Cleveland, spent the Fourth at home.
17.) Miss Lily Henry has returned from Fairport.
18.) James Clark, an old resident of this place, died in a Cleveland "Home" for old people, recently, aged eighty-six years.
19.) Mrs. Frank Morgan and son, Henry, visited her daughter, Mrs. Waldison, over Sunday.
20.) Mr. and Mrs. Cushman and son of Namphta, Idaho, visited her aunt Mrs. E. E. Allen, the past week.
21.) Norman Whitney is working for E. F. Stetson.
22.) Mrs. McKough is entertaining a friend from the city. Our neighborhood is quite a resort for city people through the warm weather.
23.) Some of our people attended the carnival at Painesville.
24.) Harold McKough of Cleveland and Miss Denton of Chardon spent the Fourth at John McKough's.
25.) Will Covill and Mr. Patterson of Collinwood spent Sunday at S. Covill's.
26.) Horace Folsom and wife from one of the western states are visiting relatives here.

The following are extracts from The (Painesville) Telegraph July 12, 1906, page 2:

Surnames mentioned:
Allyn Battles Bliss Cashen Clark Dayton Denton Dodge Eddy Fuller Gifford Grant Gretton Harvey Hazen Heath Hills Hope Hudson Johnson Maynard McCullum Metcalf Miner Morgan Moseley Murdock Nichols Nutt O\rquote Brien Parks Phillips Quayle Reed Rogers Scott Spencer Stevens Thompson Tinklepaugh Toop Wallace Whipple Whitney Wilson Wyman

Geauga County

1.) Chardon, O., July 12-Edwin Hope and wife of Huntsburg recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of their wedding.
2.) The Wilson family reunion was held one day last week at the home of H. T. Clark and wife in Huntsburg.
3.) L. E. Whitney and wife of Chagrin Falls visited his parents, V. E. Whitney and wife on Sunday.
4.) Henry Thompson and wife of Middlefield visited friends in Oberlin this week.
5.) A Middlefield reporter says: "A Cleveland base ball fan, attending the games here on the Fourth, was given the water treatment for a severe attack of boozeitis, by Dr. Murdock." That's a new name for it.
6.) Fred Grant, Fred Thompson and Judd Heath of Middlefield are in Michigan on a hunting trip.
7.) Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Will McCullum of Auburn, a son, July 4.
8.) Pioneer picnic at Lake Punde rson, August 31. Music by the South Newbury band.
9.) John Bliss and family of North Dakota, are visiting A. Bliss and wife in Burton.
10.) The Geauga county old home reunion at Burton, August 2.
11.) Egbert Tinklepaugh, a pharmacist of Franklin, Pa., spent the Fourth with his parents at Burton Station.
12.) P.D. Reed of Burton, a member of the Middlefield lodge, Knights of Pythias, has been reappointed district deputy chancellor commander of that order.
13.) Mrs. Oliver Denton and daughter, Maude, of Leavensworth, Kan., were guests of N. F. Moseley and wife of Thompson last week.
14.) Forrest Allyn and Bernice Quayle of Chardon were recent visitors at Perry Quayle's in Thompson.
15. A band of gypsies camped in Huntsburg last week. They received a cool reception and passed on to Middlefield.
16.) John Dodge and wife of Painesville and a friend, Mrs. Eddy, spent several days at Joint, last week.
17.) Fifty or more neighbors of A. S. Hudson and wife of West Chardon called on them with well-filled baskets on the Fourth. There was ice-cream and cake galore, followed by a fine dinner, after which there was a feast of music.
18.) Dr. C. O. Hudson, wife and daughter of Painesville and Misses Carrie and Ruth Hudson of Nottingham were recent guests at Asa Hudson's.
19.) There was a fine display of fireworks at B. F. Wallace's store in Bostwick on the evening of the Fourth.
20). Dellie Whipple of Bostwick visited relatives in Painesville last week.
21.) Ethel Gifford of South Russell is ill with nervous prostration.
22.) Guy and Hazel Stevens of Painesville visited at Porter Bruce's in Montville last week.
23.) Delos Rogers of Hambden fell from a scaffold and fractured several ribs. Nem Scott of Hambden also broke a rib while trimming a hedge for Arthur Johnson.
24.) Mr. Warren Spencer of Claridon is reported sick.
25.) The celebration of the Fourth in Claridon was a great success. A great crowd in attendance, a splendid program of amusements. Fine address by Rev. T. D. Phillips. Great fun and no disorders or accidents.
26.) Mrs. C. E. Morgan and Lizzie Cashen of South Thompson were visitors in Painesville. Thursday, last week.
27.) Will Hills and family of Chardon spent the Fourth at A. F. Gretton's in South Thompson.
28.) Mrs. Lizzie O'Brien and children of Painesville was a recent visitor with friends in South Thompson
29.) Fred Harvey and Minnie Nichols were married at the residence of M. L. Miner, J.P., in Bainbridge one day last week.
30.) O. T. Battles and wife fished at Aquila Lake on the Fourth.
31.) K. of P. excursion from Chardon to Put-in-Bay Thursday, July 19.
32.) Misses Eina Toop, Kittie Nutt and Claudine Fuller left Chardon for Chautauqua on Monday.
33.) Geo. W. Denton of Chardon left for Chautauqua on Wednesday to fill an engagement with Dana's orchestra as a musician. Expects to be absent six weeks.
34.) M. L. Maynard, Esq. and wife spent the Fourth in Cleveland.
35.) Judge W. S. Metcalfe is attending the meeting of the Ohio Staate Bar Association at Put-in-Bay this week, where he will deliver an address.
36.) Mrs. Guy Wyman and little daughter of Painesville are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will Hazen of Chardon.
37.) In a game of ball at Lake Punderson on the Fourth, Chardon defeated Burton, score 8 to 1.
38.) Miss Mabel Dayton of Painesville was with Chardon relatives on the Fourth.
39.) Mrs. Chas. Parks of Painesville was a recent visitor with relatives in Chardon.
40.) Chardon Band played at Claridon on the Fourth.
41.) There is a good prospect for apples, grapes and peaches.
42.) There were thirteen marriage licenses issued in Geauga county in June, as against sixteen in June, 1905.

The following are extracts from The (Painesville) Telegraph July 13, 1906, page 2:

Surnames mentioned:
Alexander Arnold Barlow Behm Benedict Benjamin Bergh Binnig Boss Bower Bradway Chaffe Corlett Cowin Crocker Davi s Dewey Ellis Elverton Fredebaugh Fuller Gilbreath Glines Keener Kenyon Kerber McClean Nye Ober Olds Proctor Ross Sidley Smith Sullivan Towell Tuttle Van Gorder Wheeler Wilber Wilcox Williams Wilson Wright

Thompson Topics

1.) Thompson, July 12.--Several ladies of the Congregational Aid society accepted an Invitation to attend the Footville Baptist church, which was entertained Wednesday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Proctor.
2.) At their last meeting the board of education decided to engage as principal of Thompson high school, Prof. Harvey H. Kenyon of Oneonta, N. Y.; teacher for grammar grade, Mr. Kenneth Cowin; for primary grade Miss Kittie Sullivan. Miss Anna Tuttle will teach at Bostwick, Miss Jennie Chaffe at East LeRoy.
3.) Very encouraging street railwa y rumors are still floating about town.
4.) Thompson boys played ball last Saturday with the Leroy "Bare Feets". The game was played on Thompson grounds and resulted in a score of 6 to 7 in favor of Thompson.
5.) Mr. W.C. Van Gorder came from Warren to remain for several weeks with his son, Mr. Edgar Van Gorder, and family.
6.) Mr. Harry Towell spent the Fourth with his family at the home of Mrs. R. B. Chaffe.
7.) Mrs. May Corlett of Painesville who has been a guest of her mother, Mrs. W. Benedict, returned to her home last Thursday.
8.) Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wilson of LeRoy were guests Tuesday of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Gilbreath. Mrs. Wilson remained for an extended visit with her sister, Mrs. Matilda Gilbreath.
9.) Mr. and Mrs. Wilcox and mother of Hartsgrove were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Wilber.
10.) Messrs. H. Fuller and J. Fredebaugh of Richmond were in town last Saturday.
11.) Mr. D. Williams of Hamden has been a guest of his cousins, Mssrs. Roy Elverton and Walter Olds.
12.) Mr. Nelson Arnold and lady friend of Geneva were Thompson visitors last Thursday.
13.) Mr. John Gilbreath was at home over the Fourth.
14.) Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Keener, Mr. C. G. Keener and family, Mrs. G. J. Binnig and children, Mr. and Mrs. L. Behm and children of this place, and Mr. H. M. Bower and family of Trumbull were Fourth of July guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. Ross of South Madison.
15.) A family party was enjoyed the Fourth at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Smith.
16.) Following are the names of three young gentlemen who entertained their friends the Fourth with pyrotechnical displays: Mr. Louis Chaffe, Mr. Charles Crocker, Mr. Paul Smith.
17.) Some of our young people spent the Fourth at Madison Park, others at Cold Springs.
18.) Mrs. Barlow and granddaughter of Washington, D.C., who have been guests of Mrs. Barlow's sisters, Mrs. E. A. Davis and Miss Kate McLean, returned to Washington, last Monday.
19.) Mrs. E. A. Wilber was a guest last Sunday of her son, Mr. Fred Wilber and wife of Geneva.
20.) Mr. H. Bergh of Cleveland, formerly of this place, spent the Fourth with Thompson friends.
21.) Mrs. Boss of Newbury was a guest last Thursday and Friday of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Kerber.
22.) Messrs. H. H. Gilbreath and F. G. Dewey were Painesville visitors last Saturday.
23.) Mr. A. L. Wilber had business in Painesville last Friday.
24.) Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nye were guests recently of their daughter, Mrs. E. Benjamin and family of South Madison.
25.) Mrs. A. G. Sidley and Messrs. Mark and Norman Sidley returned to North Madison last Thursday.
26.) Mrs. H. R. Tuttle, who has been seriously ill, is improving. Her daughter, Miss Mildred Tuttle, is suffering from the effects of a badly burned hand. She is attended by Dr. W. P. Ellis.
27.) Mr. and Mrs. David Alexander, who were recently called to Cleveland by the serious accident to Mr. Caldwell Alexander, returned to Thompson last Monday. The many friends at this place of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander learn with feelings of regret that they intend soon to leave Thompson having purchased a fine residence at Rock Creek.
28.) Mrs. R. B. Chaffe, Miss Jennie Chaffe, Messrs. Chrys Sidley and F. G. Dewey transacted business at Chardon last Monday.
29.) Mrs. George Wright was a Madison visitor Wednesday.
30.) Mr. Wm. Bradway of the Home at Sandusky, is visiting Thompson comrades
31.) Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wheeler and son, George, of Cleveland are enjoying the country air with friends at the center.
32.) Mr. and Mrs. A. Ober of LeRoy were guests last Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. S. Glines

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