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The following was extracted from an article in the September 8, 1886 edition of The Geauga Republican. There are two parts to the article: Part 1 is titled "The Pioneer Picnic Chronicled" and takes the form of an allegory. It has little or no genealogical information and so is not transcribed here.

The second part is the "List of Pioneers" which appears below. It is an exact transcription (spelling, punctuation, formatting, etc...) of the second part of the article. No information was omitted.

Please note that a cursory examination of The Geauga Republican shows that many of the individuals had obituaries or death notices in earlier issues of the newspaper. If you find your ancestor's name here, then it is likely that he/she will also have an obituary and/or death notice.

The Geauga Republican is an important source for genealogical data on Geauga and surrounding counties families. It is not indexed. Microfilm copies of the newspaper are available for view at the Chardon Public Library and The Ohio Historical Society. Additionally, The Ohio Historical Society will lend the microfilm through interlibrary loan.

List of Pioneers

Read at the recent Punderson's Pond Pioneer Picnic, whose deaths had occurred in the year since the last meeting:


Louisa Hayes, born in Fort Ann, N.Y., 1814, came to Auburn 1836, and died Feb. 19, aged 71.

Benjamin Chamberlin, born in Conn. 1799, came to Auburn in 1825, and died April 6, aged 87.

Parker Howland, came from New York to Troy in 1837, moved to Auburn in 1850, and died April 19, aged 78.

Sarah Woods, born in Oneida Co., N.Y., 1810, came to this County about 1830, and died May 6, aged 76.


James H. Kennedy, born in Aurora, Portage County, 1810, moved to Bainbridge in 1824, and died March 1, aged 76.

J. W. Collins, died March 10, aged 63.

Shabel J. McFarland, born in Adams, Berkshire Co., Mass., 1809, came to Bainbridge in 1820, and died July 20, aged 77.

Mrs. Meach, one of the pioneer settlers of Streetsborough, died in October, aged 60.


Delos Mumford, born 1818, came to Ohio in 1822, and died Nov. 28, aged 67.

Matthew D. Merriam, came to Burton in 1830, and died Jan. 14, aged 84.

Wm. F. Hotchkiss, came to Burton in 1834, and died Feb. 17, aged 83.

Mary Bossart, born 1811, came to Ohio in 1848, and died Feb. 28, aged 75.

E. Y. Hannum, came to Geauga County in 1831, and died March 15, aged 68.

Fanny Collyer, born and always lived in Burton, and died Aug. 5, aged 78.


Gaylord C. Warriner, born in Vermont 1808, came to Geauga County in 1830, and died in June.

Eben Metcalf, born in Enfield, Conn., in 1802, came to Chardon in 1837, and died July 7, aged 84.

Chloe Rider, born in Mass. in 1797, lived in Chardon nearly 60 years, and died in July, aged 89.

Alanson Knowles, born in Conn. in 1797, came to Chardon in 1826, and died in July, aged 89.


Orson Warriner, came from New York State, lived in Claridon over 60 years, and died March 22, aged 76.

Asenath Mastick Dyer, came to Ohio about 64 years ago. Age and date of death not given.

Capt. Fink. No dates given.


Elizabeth McCoy, born in New Canaan, Fairfield Co., Conn., lived in Hambden about 66 years, and died April 17, aged 90.

Eliza Roper, came from England about 1833, and died June 9, aged 83.

John Roper, husband of Eliza, came from England at same time, and died Oct. 4, aged 88.

Barney Brady, came from England about 55 years ago, and died March 21, aged 88.


Stephen P. Miller, born in Huntsburgh in 1814, and died Sept. 25, aged 71. Said to be first white child born in the township.

Caroline Lovell, came from New York to Ohio in 1833, and died Jan. 22, aged 65.

Alvin Kile, born in Conn., came from New York to Huntsburgh in 1825, and died Feb. 12, aged 87.

Royal Dimmick, came from Conn. in 1826, and died April 23, aged 81.

Davis Hall, came from New York about 1840, and died April 30, aged 71.

Lydia Warren, came from New York about 1833, and died May 10, aged 79.

Sarah Kile, came to Huntsburgh from Vermont when a child, and died May 15, aged 79.


Anson Shaw, born in Shrewsbury, Rutland Co., Vt., in 1812, came to Ohio in 1835, moved to Montville in 1862, and died Feb. 24, aged 74.

Samuel Rhodes, born in West Hampton, Hampshire Co., Mass., in 1812, came to Ohio in 1834, and died aged 74.

Fidelia Strong, born in Hampshire Co., Mass., in 1812, came to Huntsburgh in 1833, moved to Montville in 1844, and died Jan. 25, aged 74.

Elizabeth Rhodes, born in Huntsburgh in 1811, and died May 29, aged 75.

Horace Tucker, came to Ohio in 1816, settled in Huntsburgh, moved to Montville in 1867, and died May 2.


Plyn Harnden, born in Danby, Vt., 1821, came to Munson in 1836, and died Dec. 6, aged 64.

Caroline Hazen, born in Franklin, Conn., in 1810, came to Munson in 1827, and died Oct. 29, aged 75.

Sally Ann Knapp, born in Cableskill, N.Y., 1815, came to Munson in 1850, and died Jan. 12, aged 70.

Robert O. Roberts, born in Wales, came to Munson about 1840, and died in Russell last winter aged nearly 100.


Keturah Smith, came from Oswego Co., N.Y., about 1843, and died Jan. 15, aged 77.

Lewis Way, born in Canfield, Mahoning Co., in 1810, and came to Geauga in 1826, and died July 9, aged 76.

Carlton Wilber, born in Newbury in 1834, and died July 19, aged 51.


Mary Parkman, died March 8, aged 80.

Ezekiel DeWolf, born in Otis, Mass., came to Parkman in 1830, and died April 6, aged 85.


Chas. Wilson, came to Russell 30 years ago, and died Feb. 24, aged 65.

Artemus Robinson, born in Springfield, Mass., 1803, came to Ohio in 1818, lived in Russell 50 years, and died Jan. 24, aged 84.

Samuel Robinson, born in Shaftsbury, Vt., in 1806, came to Ohio in 1829, lived first in Newbury, then in Bainbridge, and finally in Russell over 40 years, and died March 18, aged 80.

John Dines, born in England 1807, came to this country in 1833, settled in Russell in 1837, and died at Chagrin Falls, Nov. 10, aged 78.

Henry Burnett, born in Warwick, Franklin Co., Mass., in 1794, came to Ohio in 1815, and died Nov. 11, aged 91.


Ellison Sperry, born in Manchester, Vt., in 1813, came to Ohio in 1835, and died Oct. 19, aged 72.

Luther Chapman, born in Montgomery, Mass., 1798, and died March 30, aged 88.

Caroline Houghton, born in Genesee Co., N.Y., in 1809, and died June 9, aged 75.

Wm. H. Scott, born in Crown Point, N.Y., in 1818, came to Ohio in 1831, and died March 24, aged 68.


No deaths of pioneers reported in these townships.


No report from this township as yet.

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