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The following photographs were contributed by Mary Davis Baker for use on the Geauga County Ohio USGenWeb page.

Peter Hall home, Auburn, Ohio

The house is much larger than it seems to be in this picture. There are living room, two bedrooms, hall, sewing room, dining room & pantry & huge kitchen downstairs. Also three large rooms upstairs.

Abigail Donaldson & Lewis Schuyler Hall ca 1863      Wallace William Hall Family      

From left to right:

2. Abigail Donaldson (b. 16 Oct 1843; d. 19 Nov 1919) & Lewis Schuyler Hall (b. 04 Dec 1839; d. 19 Feb 1914) - taken about the time of their marriage (03 Jul 1863) in Geauga County, OH

3. Wallace William Hall Family, Chardon, Ohio - seated, Emily A. Hollis & Wallace William Hall; standing, Olive Ann Hall, Case Milton Hall and his wife, Jessie Clark

4. Emily A. Hollis & Wallace William Hall, 1943


From left to right:

5. Members of Wallace William Hall Family - standing, unknown sailor, Wallace William Hall, Olive Ann Hall Zethmayr, Case Milton Hall; seated - Wallace Worthy Hall, Emily A. Hollis Hall

6. Members of Wallace William Hall Family - standing, Wallace Worthy Hall, Elizabeth Clauss Hall, Wallace William Hall, Emily A. Hollis Hall

7. Adult Children of Erwin (Zack) Hall & Lillian Estella Messenger Hall - back row: unknown man, Lewis John Hissett, Lillian Estella Messenger Hall, Mary Ethel Harrington Hall; front row: unknown woman, Ella Estella Hall, William Peter Hall, Alena Grace Hall Brooks, Andrew W. Brooks holding baby, Erwin Hall Brooks; circa. 1914

Unidentified Photos

The following photos are also a part of Mary Davis Baker's collection. They are related to the Hall family, but Mary does not know who they are. If you see someone you recognize, I'm sure Mary would appreciate hearing from you. Clicking on her name (live link) at the top of this page will bring up a pre-addressed email template for Mary.

    Unknown elderly woman - Chardon, OH    Unknown - related to Hall Family    Unknown children related to Hall family

Left to Right:

8. Unidentified elderly couple related to the Hall Family; photographs taken in Chagrin Falls, Ohio
9. Unidentified elderly woman related to the Hall Family; photograph taken in Chardon, Ohio
10. Unidentified man related to the Hall Family of Geauga County, Ohio
11. Unidentified children related to the Hall Family of Geauga County, Ohio

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