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To request a lookup from any of the references, click on the address of the owner and ask them politely. Please use Geauga Co. Lookup as the subject of your message and place your e-mail address in the body of the message. Please remember to thank them once your request has been answered.

To volunteer to do lookups, send the following information to ALICE ALLEN: Your Name, Your E-mail address, Title of Reference, Author of Reference

As you can see, volunteers are needed.

Reference Title



Bartlett, Trowbridge, Doncaster, Card, Strong, Phelps, and Pomeroy


Ruth Bartlett

Pioneer and General History of Geauga County, 1880


Debbie Brugman

History of Geauga and Lake Counties, 1878


Randy Hoover

1830, 1840, & 1850 Censuses for Geauga County


Alice Allen

1880 Geauga County Census


Alice Allen

1860 & 1870 Censuses for Geauga County


Alice Allen

Geauga County Marriages, 1806-1821

**Be sure to include county and state as Jean does lookups for other areas as well**



Our Huntsburg Heritage


Ty Pilarczyk


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