Diary of Abram Stafford

Diary of Abram Stafford -- Jan. - June 1864

This is a transcription of the Diary of Abram Harrison Stafford of Chardon Ohio, the son of Reuben Stafford. Abram served in Company E of the 103rd Regiment of the Ohio Volunteer Infantry, 2nd Brigade 3rd Divison. The spelling of words have been kept but phrases have been grouped or put into sentences.

Michael Harrison Stafford
A great grandson

Friday, January 1st 1864

Weather extreamly cold - ground froze hard. Nothing to eat - will get a few mouthful off meat about dark. A happy news years this. (Taken from 1863 Diary) The cattle are so poor it
takes 6 men to hold them up while one knocks them down.

Saturday, January 2, 1864

Weather Cold. We have been 3 days & only drawd 1 cracker & one ounce & a half off meal - big eaters fare rather ruff. (Taken from 1863 Diary) Boys have to forage or starve. We expect new cloths but don't get them.

Sunday, January 3, 1864

Weather a little moderated - rained some during the night. A little bit of snow fell - just enough so one could deserne it. Got orders to be ready to moove at 7 Oc next morning. I am on gard - am not vary well.

Note. For some unknown reason, diary entries for January 4 through January 5, 1864 are very similar to the entries for the same days in 1863.

Monday, January 4, 1864

Weather rainey - mooved out of camp at 7 - marched down to the ferry about one mile. Crosed over in a vary poor boat - it has sunk 5 or 6 times. It sunk this morning - 5 men & a team of
6 mules wer lost. Crosed in safety - went into camp 1 mile from ferry.

Tuesday, January 5, 1864

Weather damp & cold - was unwell last night. We have had a regular old shave in out tent today. I had my Upper lip shaved for the first time since I have been in the service - got my hare cut.

Wednesday, January 6, 1864

Weather lowering & stormy - still laying in camp with the same old rotine of duty. Boys go out Foragain one day & come back the next.

Thursday, January 7, 1864

Weather rainey & cold. We have to keep warm by huvering over a large fiar in the storm. We have drawn no rations today.

Friday, January 8, 1864

Weather cloudy & cold - ground covered with snow about 2 inches deep. This makes the boys hump up & say they never saw it so coldin Ohio - but I think they are sadley mistaken.

Saturday, January 9, 1864

Weather fine but cold - the snow still lays on the ground. The sun shines bright yet it dont thaw a mite. Co E have drawn 7 pounds of crackers for 3 days when we had a right to have drawn
126 lbs. This is the way Uncle Sam is agoing to faten us for the fight - at this rate we will soon be in fighting trim.

Sunday, January 10, 1864

Weather clear & cold. Ice in the Holston makes it daingerous ferrying acrofe (across) in a dugout. 2 Boys out of out tent have gone out after Forage. We have to go from 8 to 12 miles before before any thing can be baught. Today we drawed 2/3 of a teacup full of meal. Bully for the rations - I say about all the duty we have to do is to chop wood & keep warm if possible.

Monday, January 11, 1864*

Weather clear - it thaws a vary little where the sun strikes fair. Today we have drawn 2/3 of a pint of meal. The 2 Ohio cavalry are to start home tomorrow. On the 8 a Reb Spy was hung
at Knoxville by Liut Dutton of the 2 Ohio V V C. His name was Dix & was a native of Texas. They got the bigest roap in Knoxville - it was 3/4 inch - it broak - he again assended the
stairs with unmooved nerve .

Tuesday, January 12, 1864

Weather good - the Sun very pleasent today. We are still laying in camp - rations as short as ever. It is said our chaplain is out Foragain for us - I hope him good luck & a quick trip.

Wednesday, January 13, 1864

Weather cold & blustering - there is nothing going on but the same old rotine of camp life. We amuse ourselves by building good log fiars to keep warm. The smoak hurts my eyes verry bad &
makes the tiers run frealy.

Thursday, January 14, 1864

Weather cold & clear. Rations short as ever. Bought a little meal at 10 cents a quart & a little bacon for 20 cents a pound & glad of the chance.

No entries from January 15, 1864 to February 17, 1864

Thursday, February 18, 1864

Weather cold & blustering - snown quite hard. I am on Picit - it is a teagous (tedious) time to be out standing picit - still we have a pretty good post. Last night our our Brigade went out on a raid - started about eleven got back between 2 & 3. Accomplished nothing - they had lit in time to avoid us. It is said our cavelry neglected their duty in their rear.

Friday, February 19, 1864

Weather cold - freazing in the shade all day. Came off picit this morning at 10 Oclock - all quiet last night. I washed - had a big washing - 2 shirts, 1 pair of drawers - the same of socks. Blisterd my hands & liked to have froze to death. Rebs are closing in on us every day.

Saturday, February 20. 1864

Weather cold but a little moderated. We have fixed our houce - put on addition of one half tent - dug an isle through it & built a fiarplace & chimbly. It is a great deal more pleasent - can sit by the fiar & keep dry when we are not on duty. Our Reg drawed 2 peices of canon - each of 12 lbs calaber & their caseing. Got 7 rebs today.

Sunday, February 21, 1864

Weather dubious - snows vary hard. An order has just come to have everything ready for inspection at 11 Ocl. I am always ready for inspection. Inspection is over. I have wrote a letter
to Mary. This afternoon the sun shines bright & warm - it is a going to be fine weather after the storm.

Monday, February 22, 1864

Weather fine - rebs rather bold but they wont stand & fight like men - but run without. They have greatly superior numbers. Grub matters vary short. Got a ltter from home - answered it today. I have seen Osin(?) Partial today. I knew him, he dident know me. He looks natural & healthy & sais he liks soldering.

Tuesday, February 23, 1864

Weather quite fine. I was on duty last night. Our Brigage went ----- on a scout last night - Started at midnight. I couldent go on account of being on duty. I am on picit today. It took all the men in camps to relieve the Picit. It took lame, sick & all. I needent have gone but I took another fellows

Wednesday, February 24, 1864

Weather fine & looks like spring. Every thing quiet last night with the exception of the killing of a young deer. He came up to our picit fiar. One of the boys halted him & afterwards hit him with his gun & broke one of his hind limbs. He makes good eating. Our boys got back last night at 5 Oc.

Thursday, February 25, 1864

Weather splendid. Every thing quiet in front. All the troops around here are mooving up towards the Plains except General Haskell division. We are agoing to garrison Knoxville untill we are relieved by some green Tenn troops & Negroes. Drawed full rations of hard tack today for 4 days. Hope we will continue to do the same.

Friday, February 26, 1864

Weather warm & pleasent. I never saw such fine weather before. War news good - the hole Union army seems to be on the moove - every thing works favorable. Have been over to the 21 Ohio Battery - wrote to Mary - received one yesterday.

Saturday, February 27, 1864

Weather splendid - the sun shines bright & warm. I have done a big washing today for a soldier. Got 2 pairs of sock & 2 shirts from the Sanatary Co. We drue to see who was the luckey
man. I was not one on that kind. Received a letter from Grand Father & Milo. Received orders to be ready to march tomorrow.

Sunday, February 28, 1864

Weather windy and looks like rain - struck our tents at 8 Oc but dident move out until noon. There was so many milatary delais - we marched 11 miles - the most of us? was vary tiard - all hauling heavy loads. My feet are vary sore & had a new pair of shoes hurt mt feet. We marched ..... about 5 miles from eny water. A good many .... felt ..................... (writing too faint).

Monday, February 29, 1864

Weather rainey. Rained some last night - rained all day today. Marched 5 miles - arived at Strawberry Plains about 10 Oclock. Stood around all day trying to get acrofe the river.
The C 5 got acrofe & 3 companies of O V I (?). The rest encamped in a mud hole & no wood of eny account. All we could get we had to dig out from the dead ruins of a reb fort.

Tuesday, March 1, 1864

Weather ........................night.......................today. Only 4 men here out of the hole Co - the rest being of(f) to some house or barn for better shelter. I think this the hardest storm there has been since I have been in East Tenn. Wood all plaid out - had to dig logs out of an old ruined fort.

Wednesday, March 2, 1864

Weather clear & looks pleasent. Once more the Boys began to come back. They have laid a pontoon acrofe the river but it is in great danger of being carried away with the current &
driftwood. It takes a good many men to shield it from the driftwood. They broke away but wer fixed so fo(o)tmen could pass if they had a steady head. I got across.

Thursday, March 3, 1864

Weather clear but vary cold this winter morning. The ground froze hard last night. The company left camp as 6 this morning - went out 3 miles on the Dandridge road to stop the advance of
some reable cavelry - but they dident come. We started back at sundown. We came came into camp almost on a double quick. Had been without grub 24 hours.

Friday, March 4, 1864

Weather quite pleasent & warm. They are putting the pontoon down again. The ropes broke yesterday & had to be taken up or loose all the pontoons. They will soon have it across again. I
have wrote a letter to Mary. Commenced to bunk with Jim Firear - wind blows vary hard.

Saturday, March 5, 1864

Weather cold & cloudy with considerable wind. A large detail of men have been working on the pontoons. Wrote a letter to my folks. The wind blue a perfict gale last night & rained a little. I have been off after a rail. We have to go a good 1/2 m for wood & back (pack) it at that. We don't burn vary much you can bet.

Sunday, March 6, 1864

Weather disagreeable with cold winds. Still at work on the brig. Wrote a letter to Milton. It seames rather lonesum here today. Wish I could attend meeting instead of having to lay idle in camp - it would be mutch more pleasent.

Monday, March 7, 1864

Weather somewhat cloudy. I washed today - had a vary good place to wash. While I write it comences to rain & looks as though it mite continue to all night. My bunk mate is out on
fatique duty. I suppose he is at work on the brig. They are makeing brave head way with it. I presume it will be all done this week.

Tuesday, March 8, 1864

Weather fine & warm - still laying in camp. Got a letter from mother last night. I have a pretty lame ankle. It is quite painful & swolen. Wrote a letter to Mary. It is just 18 months today since we wer musterd into Uncle smas service. It dont seam so vary long.

Wednesday, March 9, 1864

Weather fine & warm. I am on picit a great many soldiers are pafsing through our line both ways. Saw a couple reb deserters come into our lines today. It is just 19 months today since I enlisted in the 105 Reg OVI.

Thursday, March 10, 1864

Weather rainey. Rained all night. We were relieved by out brigade commander Colonel Jack. We left our old camp for Newmarket about 1 1/2 Oc - arrived there at 7. All vary tiard. We had four days rations & our other dunnage made us big loads - distance 13 miles. The going was awfull. The 3 Brig was all along - the first brig fell a great deal - the 104 had lots of paper collars - they wer thick all along the road.

Friday, March 11, 1864

Weather windy & clouds fly over in great confusion - it rained a good smart shour last night. I dident wet put up my tent - a great many dident. Mooved camp put up out tents & policed out streats & had orders not to burn any but looce rails - but the boys said they were all looce so all the fence around sufferd & oficers said nothing. Willian Churchill came over.

Saturday, March 12, 1864

Weather pleasent. Last night after we wer all abead, the order came to be ready to march at 5 in the morn. Had Revalee at 4 Oc - started out of camp at 6 - marched about one mile & waited
untill 7 for the other division of out corps. Marched to Moristwon, distance 14 , arived at camp 2 1/2 oclock. Pitched tents & went over into an old reb camp & got my stakes to put up my tent. Lots of Reb winter quarters here. Somewhat tiard.

Sunday, March 13, 1864

Weather vary windy & cold. Have been over to the Rebs winter quarters. Ther is a great many of them. A big force must have been here this afternoon. The Rebs made a dash on our picit - drove them in. We fell in & awaited them but they dident come. We sent out a line of skirmishers & drove them back. They wer Reb cavely - we hear around 15 is all we have got. Wrote to Mary.

Monday, March 14, 1864

Weather chilly & cold. Had Co drill in the forenoon & Battallions in the afternoon. I understand that our fellows killed 5 of the rebs yesterday & wounded a Brigadier Gen. Rations are getting short - lefs than half. I have a vary bad cough - it begins to hurt me awful - went to the doctor - gave be some calomill & apirins pills.

Tuesday, March 15, 1864

Weather vary cold & windy - it froze some last night. It still continu to be cold & cloudy. Had Co. drill again. I hope it will play out soon. I drank some coffe this morning - the first for over 15 on m. Went out on picit - relieved paert of the 104 - wind blew cold - there was 6 on my post - a nice

Wednesday, March 16, 1864

Weather extremely cold last night - it snowed a little. One of the boys named Henry Wicks found 3 1/2 dollars on post. Our bead of leaves caught of fiar & burned one of the boys coats vary bad & 2 blankets & one napsack. Had a big fiar today - some our our boys sot a big field of wild grafs on fiar - it went like a whirlwing. Some took their dunnage & run like mad - burned the fence.

Thursday, March 17, 1864

Weather cold - it froze pretty hard last night. We have no drill - picit excuses us from drill. Wrote a letter to my folks. Got some apple butter, sourcrout, unions & potatoes from the sanatary store oficers. Tried to keep a large share but got orders to march. Dident have transpertation & gave it to the boys - I am glad of it.

Friday, March 18, 1864

Weather cold & windy. Got up for the march at 4 1/2 - started at 7 1/2 Oc - marched back to Mossey Crick - distance 18 1/2 miles. The wind blue into out faces all the way & blue hard. The dust flew so one couldent where he was agoing half the time. We wer a durty set at night - got to camp about sundown. The first 4 miles we marched at Division front through the field on
each side on the road. Ploud fields & every thing else.

Saturday, March 19, 1864

Weather fine & pleasent - was rather cold this morning before the sun got high. We drill today. The oficers are trying to get up a brafs band - dont think they will make out. The weather today is of the most disagreeable kind. It seams almost as cold as last winter.

Sunday, March 20, 1864

Weather vary disagreeable - the wind blows hard & cold. I went down to the depot - saw some Reb deserters. 3 or 4 were drefsed in our clothes - dont like that mutch there aught to be a
stop put to it. I have a vary bad head ache. Drue 3 day rations - they wer about 3/4 full ration. The CS Ind was attached to the 2nd brigade. Got a nice pair of socks - Mary sent them.

Monday, March 21, 1864

Weather cold & disagreeable. Had a new order last night - every man has to get out on roll call under arms at revallee. Had Brigade drill - drilled 3 hours. Went out on picit - had 5 men on my post. Wer stationed at a mans house. He wanted us to cut our own wood. We tried but soon got plaid out - then the rains ....suffered.

Tuesday, March 22, 1864

Weather stormy - commenced to snow about 7 AM - continued to snow all day. At dark it was 9 or 10 inches. It was a dreary old time for picits. Lots of grub came on to the post - chickens wer $1.00 apiece - buiskets .50 - pies .30 that a dog wouldent eat. We escorted all citazens to Division headquarters. Going out they had to have a pafs from Gen Stoneman.

Wednesday, March 23, 1864

Weather pleasent oer head but cold & snowy underfoot. Last night it was cold but I sleped pretty - an the snow most all went off today. Its makes it rather bad underfoot. I received 2 letters - one from home & one from Mary. We had rations due us but none came. Boys begin to grumble & swear.

Thursday, March 24, 1864

Weather pretty cold - what little snow was left yesterday mostly remains. We had company drill in the manual or arms & Battallions in the afternoon & dress perade at night. Wood is vary scarce - half to go about 1/2 m to get rails. We have but one ax to the company. Wrote a letter home. We expect to get pay everyday.

Friday, March 25, 1864

Weather cold & stormy - it stormed last night - snow this morning was 2 or 3 inches deep. But I guess (guess) it will be all gone before night or nearly so.

Saturday, March 26, 1864

Weather clear but a cold wind continues to blow. They have built a log? fence around a Grave yard is clost to our camp. Paymaster came up today & press me. We will get our little rations of money soon. Fred Hinkley braught me a half pound of tea - cost .75.

Sunday, March 27, 1864

Weather fine & quite warm. We got our $52.00 last night after dark drawed. Sent $40.00 home. We drawed 5 days rations today. I expect we will moove. The paymaster was not vary accomodating. There was a good meny he dident pay at all. Some had been absent without leave. I think he was more peticular than wise.

Monday, March 28, 1864

Weather warmer but the wind blows to hard for comfert. Some of our Boys went on a spree as soon as they got their chink. We have had Co & Batallion drill today. We have drawed some candles today. 3 of us got about 1 1/2 inch buly for the candles. I baught one the Suttler last night for .15 - it will be dressparad soon.

Tuesday, March 29, 1864

Weather stormy - rained a heavy shour last night & another this morning. Went on picit - all of the 103d & one Co of the 63 Ind. We released them about 3 Oclock here & give the stile of out lines or the 2 Co Sargeant was in command of the first 6 are outposts. They relieved from the reserve every 2 hours. No fiars aloud at night - only on the reserves.

Wednesday, March 30, 1864

Weather stormy - we had quite a heavy snowstorm last night & a good share of this forenoon. It melted about as fast as it come. It is rather of a disagreeable day to be on picit. Had some fun crofsing the Mossey crick - it was high. 2 fell in - went in clear up to their arms. Some Citazens came in with stuf to sell - Eggs .50 a dozen & they wer the only cheap thing to sell.

Thursday, March 31, 1864

Weather pleasent. I was on gard last night. Today is my 23d birthday. I dont think I shall get mutch of a present, unless it is a hardtack. There is a good deal of excitement today amonkest oficers & privates. Cap Hutchenson, who is in command of our regiment received a letter last night from one of our Lieutenants now at home that General Burnsides told him not to report to the Reg that they wer agoing to the Taxmal? & wer going to stop there.

Friday, April 1, 1864

Weather rainy - it stormed the bigest part of the night - slacked up about 1 1/2 - commenced again about 4 or 4 1/2 - continuous most all night. We had orders to moove this morning at 5 but did not get started till 7. Marched through mud & rain untill about 6 - made 16 1/2 or 17 1/2 m. The 3r Division was all that mooved. We wer commanded by Co Riley - it was awfull going & slippry. We had a very wet camp.

Saturday, April 2, 1864

Weather rather lowery & raines a little once in a while. We had revalee at 4 - started about 6 1/2 - mud vary deep - went on the Railroad. We made about 9 miles - came up to Bulls gap - found some Tressell work burned - stoped & a lot of men wer detailed to work on it. The Rebs burned the best resadence eny whar around here - he was a union man & is in the union army snallpox here.

Sunday, April 3, 1864

Weather fine but rather cold last night - froze a little last night. Yesterday I went out after forage - had something of a tramp - got 12 eggs, 1 quart of milk, a little butter - all of which went vary well. Co E was to(o) lazy to turn out for role call. Our camp is pretty nasty - it is an old cavelry camp &
low ground - mud pretty deep. Policed today - wrote a letter home.

Monday, April 4, 1864

Weather wet & stormy. Our camp is vary muddy - nothing of importance is transpiering. They will have Bull gap Tressell done in a few days. The report is that the Rebs have taken up the railroad rails & carried them off. Done a big washing of 2 peices. Saw a piece in the daily that Colonel Wolfers wer dismist from the service.

Tuesday, April 5, 1864

Weather continues to be wet & rainey - our camp is almost afloat from the heavy rains last night. It drove drove a good meny out of their tents. Wrote a letter to Mary. I havent received a bit of mail for a long time. A mail for out reg came today. It contained 1 paper for Henry Schlechter.

Wednesday, April 6, 1864

Weather clear & sunshine quite warm & spring like. I was over the the depot when the train came up. They had no mail nor papers. The communications are broken. A carload of ladies & children came up. They are rebs & have to go through our lines. I believe we take an equal number of union inside. Aught to have drawed rations today but none came.

Thursday, April 7, 1864

Weather warm & quite clear. I have been out forageing - I went out about 6 or 7 miles. I got some eggs & butter. I lost my old pen & holder. I found a good meny union People but they hadent but a little scarce enough for themselves. The rebs run an engine down to Lick crick under a flag of truce. Them came after some citazens we are sending out of our lines. Got 2 letters - one from M E C & one from home.

Friday, April 8, 1864

Weather rainey - a great deal of water fell last night - sun shone a little while in the afternoon & rained in less than an hour. Had a hail storm. The hail was about the size of peas. Got a mail but nothing for me. I wrote one to M. E. C. (Mary Elizabeth Churchill). I am not feeling vary wel today. Had a short drill in the manual of arms. 19 months ago today we wer sworne in to the service.

Saturday, April 9, 1864

Weather continues to be stormy - rained all night. Last night I was pretty sick - the forepart of the night vomated & felt better afterwards. 20 months ago I enlisted. No mail came up today. 25 deserters came in today.

Sunday, April 10, 1864

Weather rainey with a vary cold searching wind. I wrote a letter home. Went over to the depot - got a Commertial - a big mail came in today - none for Abe. I guess they have all
plaid out on me.

Monday, April 11, 1864

Weather pleasant and sone shine quite warm. 16 new recruits came to the Regiments. I wish them good luck - one of their number died while enrout for here.

Tuesday, April 12, 1864

Weather stormy this morning but is more pleasant this afternoon. This afternoon our letters came up from the plains. Rob Nevel was with them.

Wednesday, April 13, 1864

Weather somewhat more pleasant than common - no rain today. The Boys are getting sick vary fast - the water is vary poor & our camp is an old swamp. I am quite unwell myself - havent no
appetite. No mail today. I bought a little honey - .50 a pound. Oh I do wish I could get something fit to eat.

Thursday, April 14, 1864

Weather cloudy but not much rain - a big squad went at the Doctor's call. 3 times as large as ever before in Tenn. I got 4 letters today & one towel by mail. Major Robinson came today - he is agoing to make our band what it should be - a good one. Havent ate eny thing nor cant.

Friday, April 15, 1864

Weather cloudy - it rained some last night & this morning. I ate a few eggs today - nothing els. Wrote a letter to Mary. I wish we could get out of this sickley hole.

Saturday, April 16, 1864

Weather cold and disagreeable with an occasonally stormy rain. Moved camp, we went about 3/4 of a mile - have a better camp but water isent mutch better. I am pretty sick - sicker than I have been for a long time. Went out to a house & got a pint of milk for my supper. I ate more than comon.

Sunday, April 17, 1864

Weather more pleasant that common. I was on picit in the depths of a big wood - no one came near. I am pretty week - got no mail.

Monday, April 18, 1864

Weather rainey - rained from midnight untill night with an occasional halt for a new hold. Had no shelter on post - went out & got 2 custard pies made to order. They are bully best I have ate since I have been in the service. 2 pretty good looking girls where I got them. I shall have a good breakfast, that I will.

Tuesday, April 19, 1864

Weather stormy. I am pretty sick, that is for me. Received a letter from home.

Wednesday, April 20, 1864

Weather more pleasant - did not rain today. Went down to the depot - got a paper & my hair barberd. Went into the Christian Commission. Wrote a letter to Turpin(?) Cowls & got one from Mary. Had to go on perade tonight. Wrote a letter to Susan.

Thursday, April 21, 1864.

Weather pleasent & quite warm. Had a Co drill - the hole left wing dident have out 50 men. Dident drill mutch - I am quite unwell - dont know what is the matter.

Friday, April 22, 1864

Weather fine - looks some like rain. I guess the cold weather is past for this year. Had Battallion drill in the manual of arms. Gen Schofield came over to see us on dress perade. He said to our oficers that we wer the best drilled reg in east Tenn - what there was left. I went out. I got 2 custard
pies - cost $1.00.

Saturday, April 23, 1864

Weather fine & quite warm - am on picit. One of the boys have been in to camp & bring out the news that we are ordered to be ready to move with 3 days rations in light marching order -
dont know to where they are going. My post is in the thick woods - received a letter from home.

Sunday, April 24, 1864

Weather a little rainey is the morning but the wind came up & blode a perfict gaile. Reg have gone went at 2 1/2 this morning. They relieved all the picits but my post whitch they skiped. Relieved myself & come into camp this morning. Wrote a letter to Mary. Lundabary is here with me - he comenced to tent with me day before before yesterday - has been detached for coopering.

Monday, April 25, 1864

Weather quite fine - wind blows pretty hard. Rose with the dawn - All quiet in camp. A rumor is afloat that we are agoing to fall back passed away the pretty fast. Had a good novel to read. The people around here are feeling vary bad _ think we are going back. I hear the boys are tearing and burning the railroad above here for about 30 miles. Wish I was ther.

Tuesday, April 26, 1864

Weather vary fine - sun shines vary brightly & warm. Went out foraging - got 4 dozen egs. a canteen full of milk & got a good dinner at Colliers - got back to camp about 3 Oc.

Wednesday, April 27, 1864

Weather warm & quite pleasent. The 1st Brigade all went down today on the cars. C. E. Sargeant went down on the afternoon train. I help get him aboard. He was on a stretcher - cant sit up - his disease is rheumatic. I did hate to see him leave - it seamed like loosing a dear friend.

Thursday, April 28, 1864

Weather stormy - the Reg has got back. They came in about 6 1/2 this morning. A few came in last night. They stoped at lick crick last night. They have been up to Jonesburrow. They have
tore up the railroad clear down there - got on the cars & road to loudan - distance 85 m - arrived & got in camp at 12 Oclock. Some the boys wer jolly.

Friday, April 29, 1864

Weather some rainey but warm - got up a 5, started at 6 - marched 19 mi. Roads vary slipprey. Boys found a lot of whiskey - good meny feel jovial. 4 or 5 got hurt by falling of the railroad. Got into camp 5 1/2.

Saturday, April 30, 1864

Weather cloudy & rained some during the day - had revale at 3 1/2 O.C.. Started on our march a little after daylight. Rained a good share of the night - tents wet & heavy. Marched this day before we got into camp 25 miles. All pretty hard. A great many fell out & came up on the cars - joined the rest of our corps. We are encamped at Charlston on the Hiwassey River.

Sunday, May 1, 1864

Weather fine - rained most all night last night. Mooved camp this morn. Mooved into an old slashing - lots of brush & small trees - no ax to clear offwith. Had to do it with a small hatchet. Wrote 2 letters - one to Mary. Charleeston is not mutch of a place.

Monday, May 2, 1864

Weather clear in the morning but clouded up before noon. A high wind arose & continued all day. Rained some about noon. Drew a few potatoes - enough for a meal apiece. They wer sanatary. Had do do some more policing. Vary cold for the time of year.

Tuesday, May 3, 1864

Weather clear & cold - had a heavy frost last night. Had reavalee at 3 1/2 - started at 5. Turned into camp about half past one. We have marched from 16 to 17 miles. Our camp is 5 miles from Cleveland on the Dalton Railroad. Cleveland is quite a place - there is some pretty large buildings. The railroads branch of(f) about 1 mile from Cleveland.

Wednesday, May 4, 1864

Weather vary fine - had revalee at 3 1/2 Oc. Started on our march a little after 5. Marched 12 miles - had only made 8 by railroad - the public roads being vary crooked. Got into camp at
12. Are 14 miles from Dalton by rail. Rebs within 3 miles. We are in Georgia(?) about 2 miles. There is a good deal of woods heare. The railroad is torn up badly. Sherman done it last
winter when we wer at Knoxvile.

Thursday, May 5, 1864

Weather fine & warm. The 109 went out on picit - relieved the 65 Ind - all quiet untill about 6 O'clock when out picits wer fiard on by reb Cavelry. We got into line but it was of no
use for they ran.

Friday, May 6, 1864

Weather hot - the sun shines bright. We wasent relieved for picet untill about 9 Oc. Went into a new camp - have drawed 5 days rations. Have got orders to march at daylight.

Saturday, May 7, 1864

Weather fine but vary hot - had revalee at 2 1/2 Oc. Marched out just at day break. Marched 7 miles - was drawn up in line of battle. Rebs drove our cavelry in but afterwards fell back. Lots of yanks came up here. The report is that Tunneil hill is ours - our side said to have lost 40 killed - got 2 to 800 prisoners. No water here but 2 wells.

Sunday, May 8, 1864

Weather fine but vary hot. Had revalee at 3 Oclock - started out at 5 but our forward progress was slow. We have went in many different directions. I suspect we are to prevent a flank moovement. There has been a little cannonadering but not vary brisk. 20 months ago today we wer made U. S. troops. There is lots of artillery mooving along the line & some infantry.

Monday, May 9, 1864

Weather fine & vary hot. Had revalee at 2 Oclock. Marched 3 or 4 miles stoping vary often & resting long at a time - but finally they stoped our skirmachers - they wer 26 Ky. They made
a charge - we followed close at their heels to support if required. A good deal remooving from one post or posish to another. Shot & shell flew thick some of the time. We wer in close rainge of their small arms. Gen Manson said we would have to charge a hill called a Potato hill but they throwed out to(o) heavy a line. Besides their blank reached the farthest.

Tuesday, May 10, 1864

Weather cloudy with some rain last night. We laid on our arms - some dident unpack their napsacks - but we did. All was pretty quiet on both sides after dark. The 24 had 4 wounded
yesterday. Gen Tudays Division made 2 charges & wer repeled each time. This was yesterday. They lay on our right. We fell back about 8 Oclock - marched 3 niles through a dence wood at a
battallion front. Gen Manson is a brave Gen.

Wednesday, May 11, 1864

Weather cold & rather windy - last night it rained vary hard & about all night. Co. E was on picit or skirmish all night. Called in about 7 - laid in camp all day. The rebs made a scare by advancing on us. We soon had heavy support. They concluded to withdraw without feeling of eny further.

Thursday, May 12, 1864

Weather cool - had revalee at 3 Oc - marched at 5. Done some heavy reasting this day. Marched towards the right flank - went into camp about sundown - made 13 mi. We are agoing round
to reinforce Mcferson wo is in the rear of the enemy. We pased Buzzards roost & Tunnel hill. The latter in in our hands. I believe our whole Corps is along or all that is in Georgia. 3 Divisions. 2 more in Ky & Tenn.

Friday, May 13, 1864

Weather warmer - had revalee at one or a little before. Marched at halp past - marched 10 miles & stoped for breakfast - had 50 m to get it in. Marched through snakes gap & halted in the front. Sent out skirmachers - got here about noon - must have marched 18 miles. 3 Regular Reg have gone out in front to reconnoiter. They are 15, 18, & 19. Heavy fiaring on our right. We are now in their rear. Had a scare after dark.

Saturday, May 14, 1864

Weather fine - had revalee at 5 O. Got some breakfast & marched on the Rebs. Found them vary strong - had a fort (1 or 4 rows of rifles pits). Gen Manson Brigade (2nd) made a charge over a cleard lot about 1 mile in weadth. They had a cross fiar on us from 2 batteries. We drove them from one line of breastworks. They fell back to a higher hill in the same ridg. We had to advance out of cover in order to see them. We wer almost in a stones throw of them. They throwed grape &
canister at us with an ever tyering energy. There was 4 regs of us all stood to their work well but the 5 Tenn they run. The 109 had to check them by threats. We had orders to shoot them. All
left the hill but 24 Ky & us. Then the 24 (Ky) was drawed off & left us alone without hardly eny munition. A greaty many drue off for want of the same. I picked up and got wounded mens
cartrages. We wer relieved by the 4 Corps. They dident come up to the thick work vary well. Its said we wer force to go in so Captain Hutchenson who was in command of the 103 was killed. He
was a brave man. Captain Philfrol was killed. They were the 2 senior officers.

Sunday, May 15, 1864

Weather cloudy and smokey. Yesterday after being drawed off from the field I went & found my napsack. It was all right save my blanket which was gone. Picked up another old one - had a
good nights rest considering. Drawed 3 days rations in the morning. We cleaned our guns & mooved out. We supported the 20 AG?. This day they made some desperate charges - took 4 pieces of artilley but had to leave them but afterwards retook them. Our artillery got in posish & done good execution. This helped a great deal. I understand we took a few pieces of artillery.
Yesterday they fiard but few shots & done little or no good. Our Reg lost yesterday that was known to be eather killed or wounded 80 men - a good many more are missing. 8 or 10 was killed on the field. 2 from Co E - Sargent Strebler, collar barrer & Elingmond. 5 more known to be wounded - 2 corporals & privates Cox & Puffer severely - one cant be found since he left the
field. His name was James Cobb. Another corporal and private was knocked down by the explosion of a shell. They was not hit but stuned. I was staggered by one but dident fall. Gen Manson was nocked speachless & senselessfor a time. I dont know as he has regained his speach yet. Last night he was crazy

Monday May 16, 1864

Weather Cloudy & vary smokey. The Rebs made a charge on us last night but was repulced. It was preciscely at 11 Oclock. It was a desperate charge. Artilley was in good demand. We got in
line but had no hand in it. Got up a little before 4 Oclock - got our breakfast but still lay here. There is no hard fighting going on this morning as yet only occasionally a few shots of musketry & at times a grown up gun. We staid until noon before we mooved. Rebs are in full retreat. We are agoing on the left flank again - marched untill after 7 Oclock. Crossed or forded the Coosey River. It was slow & the artillery & wagons had to be helped. Our Division was all that crossed here. I never saw sutch crooked roads in all my life. We march towards almost every point of the compass. Marched 10 miles.

Tuesday May 17, 1864

Weather cloudy & rained some before we got up whitch was at 4 Oclock. Dident march untill 9 on account of having to wait for the supply train. Marched untill noon when we fetched up at another river which cant be forded its main Cosignacy? across a little after 9 Oc - crossed on ferry boats fixed like pontoons. Artillery crofed on a ferry boat - marched about 6 or 7 miles - got into camp 2 1/2 Oclo. Roads full of large mudholes.

Wednesday May 18, 1864

Weather clear - had revalee at 4 1/2. Started at 5 1/4 - marched along doing some heavy resting & some pretty hard marching. Went into a cornfield & stoped for further orders - staid all night. I went out after forage - couldent get anything but a couple of ears of corn. Most all the citazens have most all left. Boys more than go for garden stuff sutch as unions & lettice & ransack houses. We draw lefs than 1/2 rations.

Thursday May 19, 1864

Weather pleasant but cold nights & hot days - had revalee at 1 1/2 Oclock - started at 3. Marched pretty hard for a little while then done heavy resting wayting for other troops to come up. About 4 Oclock we fetched up on the rebs, marched in line of battle over a mile - most of the way through a woods of dence under brush. Sent out skirmashers - rebs got routed a little before dark. We advanced a little farther and stoped - wanted us to sleep without our blankets. Couldent see it - at least I couldent. Yesterday we found a lot of bacon while skirmaching - it was burried & cookin.

Friday May 20, 1864

Weather but a little smokey - had revalee at 3 1/4 - started at 4 marched in line of battle about 8 miles through woods & fields. Drove the rebs before us - drove them through the towns of Cartersville & Cafeville. They wer all deserted - 3 or 4 citazens is all I saw - everything is sacked - stores, groceries, & private houses. They are nice little places. The first - Cafeville - was the largest. They crofsed the river - all but a few & burned the RRs.

Saturday May 21, 1864

Weather clear & warm. Drawed rations last night. Took from 11 to 12 before they wer delt out. Vary few had eny thing to eat. The 20 we got a mail I got 5 letters - one from home, one from Mich & 3 from Mary. I wrote one home & one to Mary. Would have wrote more but Jonney REbs made an advance. Our Brigade went out & drove them under the cover of their artillery & made them burn the wagon. Brig had revalee at 5 1/4. Got back to camp about 10 Oclock.

Sunday May 22, 1864

Weather extraordinary hot & sultry. Had revalee at 4. Went to church in the forenoon. At noon we wer orderd to march in light marching order. Went 9 or 10 m in the 24 KY & .... all that went. Colonel Sterling wanted 25 vol to go and burn a rolling mill machien shop & foundary. The same from the 24 P Vol. We advanced under fiar of the enemy & before we left, they and their out buildings were one grand sheet of flames. We retreated under cover of smoke as mutch as posible. We got off without the lofs of a man. I had several close calls. There was quite a huddle of houses around it. Ladies brought out grub for us. They seemed glad we had come. We got 20 prisoners. This gave employ to over 300 persons & turned out 8 tun of finished iron every day. They had $500000 worth of iron there besides the machienry which was vary valuable. A. G. General of our division said the first Brig had tried all day to burn it & failed. So our Division come & not fail. I expected a hard time.

Monday May 23, 1864

Weather clear & hot. Got in camp last night about 11 Oclock. Had revalee at 4 & orders to march at 6. Mooved at 7 - marched 10 mi. It was vary dusty & hot - marched fast - a great meny fell out. Found the Rebs(?) to dispute our crofsing the river water no whar to be found only at the river had to get it under a sharp fiar - some got wounded. I had a good wash & filled some canteens. Our cavery have got across & are trying to drive them away. I hear artillery.

Tuesday May 24, 1864

Weather hot & looks some like rain. Had revalee at 3 1/2 Oclock. Mooved down to the river & crofsed on pontoons that was throwed acrofs during the night. They wer skeleton ones & coverd
with duck or canvas. They wer splended. One team could draw a lot of them. Marched 10 mi - skirmached a great part of the way - got into camp after dark. A good deal of rain fell during the
fore part of the night - got some wet.

Wednesday May 25, 1864

Weather clouday & looks like more rain. Got up at 4 & stood under arms untill day light - marched until 10 at night - rained a vary hard shower - marched about 12 miles. I was on gard -
only one corporal for duty in Co. E. Laid down in a vary muddy lot. Some one is having a hard fight.

Thursday May 26, 1864

Weather warm. Had revalee at 12 1/2. I laid down at 11 3/4. Marched 8 miles before breakfast. I saw one of old Stockhams sons & Dale Maxwell. He belongs to the 41. We are working around into posish - skirmached with them most all day. I think they have a vary strong posish. Our artellery has not done mutch as yet. I dont know as we can get eny posish to bear on them. I am sleepy. We aught to have drue rations tonight but none came. Got beef after dark.

Friday May 27, 1864

Weather pleasant. The ball has opened - connonading quite heavy but no rations. I believe we shall have a heavy fight today. Our Reg are ordered out on the left as skirmachers - no one hurt. Was relieved about 2 Oclock - came back to our old posish. Advanced after we had made a little coffey & got some hardtack. Took our posish close to jonney reb heavy cannonading. They shelled us pretty smartley - every shelll bursted over our heads. They are good marksmen.

Saturday May 28, 1864

Weather warm & still last night. Mr. reb made a charge but wer easily repulsed. Canons opened earley on both sides. They have a good rak on our Reg. Built some temporary works to sheild
us from the pieces of shell as mutch as posible. We are hold up as reserve today - to reinforce week points eny whare on the line. We are under fiar all the time but hardly eny one gets
hurt. Old Jack cant be taken or supprised.

Sunday May 29, 1864

Weather fine but warm. The ball keped up all night. They made 3 unsucefsfull charges last night. I believe we are agoing to get a few pare of shoes. I am almost barefoot - toes out on the ground. A good meny of out Division are being keped under fiar a long time - quite a number of them are being wounded. The Rebs had it all day as they liked. They shelled us all day but dident do mutch harm. We have a middling good breast works of rails & logs.

Monday May 30, 1864

Weather clear & vary hot last night. The rebs made 3 charges. Our masked Batteries opened & they wer repulced each time with little lofs on our side. Theirs must have been great - their must have been over 100 peacies of artillery carrying death into their ranks. It was carried along the lines as far as cannonading could be heard. The 1st brigade was not engaged - they are on our left. I went over to see Bill Churchill - he was all right. There has been brisk fiaring all day - bullets &
shells are our whistlers.

Tuesday May 31, 1864

Weather clear & hot. Things wer quite quiet last night. We sleped as mutch as 5 or 5 1/2 hours. Rebs made a charge - drove in out picits or skirmachers - dident open up our artilley - killed or wounded 30 or 40. Not mutch els for excitement. A few of our men got killed or wounded - some 15 or 20 out of our Division - heavy cannadering most all day.

Wednesday June 1, 1864

Weather vary hot & makes us hunt the shade. Mr. Rebs dident do mutch last night. They have some batteries planted that rake pretty clost. We draw rations. I received a letter from home
written the 19 - some of the home ducks have been drafted - bully for them. I receive a letter from Mary yesterday - sent one home - one to Michigan - one to Mary.

Thursday June 2, 1864

Weather cloudy & looks some like rain. We wer relieved last night about 12 Oclock - got up about daylight. Started for the left - went about 4 miles - formed in line of battle - sent out
skirmachers - had a slight skirmache. Sutch a place to march through. Sutch a growth of underbrush I never saw. We charged on them - drove them into their works. 8 of our reg wounded. They opened their batteries & threw shell & canester. Some of our corps lost heavyer than we. Co. E had one man wounded - James Watson hit on the arm with a piece of shell. It is only fractured.

Friday June 3, 1864

Weather cloudy & somewhat cool. I never saw sutch a rainstorm in my life. It rained until we got wet through & through& 2 or 3 hours afterwards, the ground was all a sheat of water. We had to lay in line of battle all night - one 1/2 on watch all the time. It was terrible - I would rather give a
years wages than go through the same. The Rebs have got a cross fiar on us. We are in 3 or 400 yards of 2 of their batteries. The 103rd is in front of our brigade with the 5 Tenn. Their loss
was heavyer than ours. We cant leave to get eny thing to eat - only 2 at a time. I am afraid this will make a good meny sick.

Saturday June 4, 1864

Weather seatted down to a rainey spell. We are all completely drenched. Had one scare last night - but amounted to nothing. Colonel Bird came up today with a fresh Brig of 9 Reg. The 65 Ill took the place of the 5 Tenn. Col Cammeron commands our brigade. Had a chance to put up our tents just at night. Rebs backed off - left their fortifications. We wer in easy gunshot of their canon.

Sunday June 5, 1864

Weather rainey & look vary unfaberable. We have chainged our front on first Co - are agoing to put up our tents. Colonel Casement is in command of our Reg. Colonel Sterling is detached
on General Cox Staf. We have had a big job of policing.

Monday June 6, 1864

Weather pleasent - rations ran out last night - not mutch prospect of eny more. Washed some of my cloths. Boys all a grumbling because they are hungry. We are now on the exstream right of the army - the 14 & 20 & 17 Corps pased to the left today.

Tuesday June 7, 1864

Weather clear & hot. No rations yet & no prospects. Boys more than grumbaling. Had orders to march - started but dident go far before the order was countermanded. Got 2 days rations of
hardtack about 4 O'c - boys ate about half at one meal.

Wednesday June 8, 1864

Weather fine but vary hot. Today the 103d Reg have served 21 months - have 15 mo more to serve. I received 2 letters last night from Mary. One was dated 25, the other 30.

Thursday June 9, 1864

Weather hot & showery. Rations all gone again & not mutch prospect of getting eny more. You can bet the quartermaster gets damned & oficers get no rest. I believe out Division Commissary
is to blame - he is a drunken fellow - his name is Maple.

Friday June 10, 1864

Weather vary hot & showery - ghad one or 2 vary heavy showers. Roads are pretty bad. We had orders to moove - started about 10 - marched about 6 miles. Came up to the rebs in a new
place - put out skirmachers & went into camp about dark. Drue 1 days rations of hardtack & 3 of sugar, coffee, & meet.

Saturday June 11, 1864

Weather foggy - had revalee at 4 - commenced raining at 6 - rained most all day - some of the time it rained vary hard. Camp is getting muddy. I got 2 letters - one from home & one from Mr.
Hayes. A few Rebel deserters came in. I wish they would all come & give themselves up. We are within sight of the works. They are on vary high hills. They have got the strongest hold they have had since they left around Dalton.

Sunday June 12, 1864

Weather is vary unfavorable - rained most all night - last night - all day today or it has up to this time whitch is 12 & makes no spects of stopping. The roads are aufull - almost impassable. I dont see how they can get grub to us on sutch roads. I hope we wont march today. I have a vary bad headache. Rained all day - can hardley keep fiar enough to do what little cooking we are obbliged to do.

Monday June 13, 1864

Weather vary rainey - rained all night last night & all day today. I wrote a letter home. Not mutch agoing on - only waiding through the mud. Every thing is wet & I dont know when I can get them dry. It is reported that we have got trains running acrofs the Etawa. They now run within 6 m of the 23 AC.

Tuesday June 14, 1864

Weather cloudy with a little rain in the morning but cleared off before 8. It was a nice day. Boys all improved it by hanging out their blankets. Pretty heavy canonadering - our fellows shelled the reb camp. 6 or 8 came in today. I wish they would all come.

Wednesday June 15, 1864

Weather pleasant - warm. Struck tents at 10 - mooved out to the front about 2/4 of a mile & commenced skirmaching withe the enamy. Advanced about 1 1/4 mile farther. Took 2 lines of
temporary works without eny firfs to speek of - skirmachers lost pretty heavy. They wer the 65 Ill. Lieu Noles Inspector general of Colonel Cammerans staff was mortaly wounded. Our brigade took
100 prisoners today - some gave themselves up. Got 3 let(ters) - one from Mary, one from home & one from Alburtus awer.

Thursday June 16, 1864

Weather vary hot last night. We threw up 2 lines of works. The first we had hardly finished when we wer orderd to advance. It was pretty dark woods - vary dence. Advanced about 1/2 mile.
They shelled us but to no purpose. We are in a vary short distance of 2 or 3 or their batteries. Fortifide 3 times this day & night.

Friday June 17, 1864

Weather vary hot. Advanced on them about 12 - went about 1 mile. Vary hard skirmaching. Took 1 line of works. Advanced clost to their fort of 10 guns. The Boys worked hard to build
works for protection. They more than shelled us vary severely. A battery was planted in our rear. They had to light out - couldent stand the preshure in the night. We advanced a little farther & built some more works. Had orders to charge out but wer countermanded. I never saw such cannonadering.

Saturday June 18, 1864

Weather vary stormy. Throwed up 3 lines of works today - skirmaching vary heavy. Drove them out of one line of works. The Rebs more than shelled us. June 18 - Weather vary rainy.
Rained all day or nearly last night. They left some of the strongest works I ever saw. They had 8 guns planted. We flanked them out. They gave up a great deal of work. The boys are getting tiard out - rations pretty short. Still I can stand it.

Sunday June 19, 1864

Weather bad - rained all day & vary hard. Commenced to advance about 6. Our reg of skirmach advanced about 2 miles - run on something not to be drove. They had a big crick & pond that
we couldent waid - went in up to neck. They had a battery planted as to have a rake on a brig (bridge). They have got pretty good works. I believe our reg lost 7 killed & wounded one
slightly in Co. E by shell on head. I never was eny wetter. They have a pretty strong line. They shot 2 to our once. I was in cleared field.

Monday June 20, 1864

Weather cloudy. I presume it will rain again. Are relieved from shirmach - every thing vary wet. Later we forced our way acrofs the brig. About 2 Oclock our reg took the lead. Not mutch fiaring - a few got wounded - I dont know how meny our reg did loose. Co. D had one man killed. Rebs tried to make their men charge us but couldent. We built a line of works in sight of their line of battle. Rained vary hard - about 2 hours. Co. E on skirmach. No supper nor dinner.

Tuesday June 21, 1864

Weather dubious - rains most all the time. Still on skirmach but no enamy in our front or at least none to be seen. They are fiaring on boath sides. I am vary tiard & sleepy. They shift our line every 2 or 3 hours. First brigade laying back in camp yesterday & today waiting for us to open a road for them to follow up. Received a letter from home.

Wednesday June 22, 1864

Weather vary hot - no rain. Today we struck tents about 11 - advanced at 1. Went before we got our posish. There is a show for a pretty big fight. 2 Division had quite a fight & we doubled quicked to his right to prevent a flank moovement. I wrote a letter home. We put up works. Some think the jonnies will make a charge tonight.

Thursday June 23, 1864

Weather cloudy - had a pretty good nights rest. Last night weather cleared up & was vary hot before night. A little excitement was got up this afternoon by our picits falling back.
They wer from a green Ind Reg. Wrote a letter to Mary.

Friday June 24, 1864

Weather clear & extremely hot. Not mutch excitement. Oficers think the Jonnies are coming out through our lines. They say it is their only salvation. They claim we are on the only road that they can retreat on - but I cant see it. We have had them surrounded to meny times. I dont think they can get through our lines if they dont weaken them eny. Wrote a letter to A. L. Carver.

Saturday June 25, 1864

Weather vary hot - yes more than hot. We are laying behind our works. They are the best we have built in Georgia. No peticular excitement. Skirmaching keped up all the time. I washed my shirt but had no soap. We havent drawed eny for a long time. We are not lousey - no not eny. I expect the Jonnies are in rather of a tight place - at least I hope so. Gen Shermonds chief of engeneer was here yesterday. A Brigadier - he ordered our works strengthened.

Sunday June 26, 1864

Weather clear & pleasent but vary hot. We have just had a call for church - it is 8 oclock. We have had orders to be ready to moove at a moments warning. I received a letter from Mary
last night after dark. It was an extra good one. Our chaplain preached a good sermon today.

Monday June 27, 1864

Weather vary hot. Had Prair Meeting last night. They got us out at 2 this morning. Marched & skirmach about 4 miles or 4 1/2. Had one man wounded. Some of the other reg lost more.
Drove them out of one fort & charged them once - but there was not mutch to charge. Our brigade went right into their lines. There was fiaring on every side. We had skimachers on every side
but one. After a while we chainged our cource & came around so our right rested on their left. Advanced a little farther & stoped to build works. We wer all tiard out marching through the
woods & swamps. We had just got our works done when Co. E went out on picit. Rebs charged on - haskil was repulced.

Tuesday June 28, 1864

Weather extremely hot. We advanced our lines about 1/2 mile forward. The enamy in line having run on to their encampment. We chainged our lines a little & also exchainged a few shot. We
wer relieved by Companies A, B, & G. Co. G had a man wounded a few momentsafter we left. Derias Manchester of Co. E shot himself through hand. It was a bad wound - had a holt of the
mussel of gun & moved it. Hammer struck brick.

Wednesday June 29, 1864

Weather not quite so warm - looks like rain. Clouds completely shut out the sun out. Our works are clost to the rebs. They wounded one of Co. F men through sholder while sitting in tent & understant they unjointed his arm - not mutch chance for him to live. One more man wounded making 2 this day. Wrote a letter home.

Thurday June 30, 1864

Weather vary hot & sultry with an occasional shour. _ Co out of our Reg went on skimach & 4 men out of our Co. It will be our turn tomorrow night. I am on duty tonight. We are out of
crackers & have been for 2 days. Some of the boys havent tasted bread for 60(?) hours.


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