Franklin County Ohio FRANKLIN COUNTY ADOPTIONS, 1866-1901 Franklin County Ohio FRANKLIN COUNTY ADOPTIONS, 1866-1901

From Probate Court COMPLETE RECORDS for Franklin County

Adoption in the earlier years was not usually done in the courts.

  • It was common for a family to "shelter" a child who was on it's own whether it's parents had died or it had run away.
  • It was also common to take on a child "indentured servant" in order to teach the child a trade or skill. (Usually the child's parent or guardian gave consent.)
  • Also children were "adopted" from the County Infirmary [County Commissioners]. (The mother was usually unmarried.)

The Records that the following information was taken from are now housed at the Ohio Historical Society. (The original volumes, and microfilm.)

The index which follows contains:

  • Name of the child/children involved (in some cases the adoptive name)
  • Year of Adoption
  • Volume & page where the Actual Record is located
  • Other Miscellaneous Information
Please be aware that this is just an index and the actual record needs to be examined for verification of all the information available.


Child Year Vol/pg Remarks
ACTON, George Elmer 1894 31/121 Elmer BAKER, aged 3
ADAMS, Bessie G. 1879 10/296 nee Bessie G. Evans
ADKINS, Geneva 1891 26/135 Geneva FAUCETT
ALLEN, Charles 1884 15/492 Chas. Allen GIBBARD
ALLEN, Nanna Etta 1897 38/258 Nanna RODERICK
ALTMAN, Myrtle 1883 15/316 Myrtle GARNER
AMMONDS, Anne 1881 12/478 Mary COWGILL
ANDERSON, Clyde R. 1901 41/591 Clyde R. WOOD, ae 4
ANDRE, Charlotte 1896 35/197 Charlotte JOERDING, ae 20
ANDREWS, Charles 1898 40/498 NO Name Change
ANDREWS, Leona 1900 47/5 Leona May YOUNG, ae 5
ANTHONY, Esther E. 1895 29/589 NO Name Change
ARMOR, Daisy 1879 11/49 NO Name Change
ARNETT, Effie Levisa 1881 13/29 NO Name Change
ASHBAUGH, Eliza Ruth 1884 16/558 Eliza Ruth PALMER
ASHENFELTER, Loretta May 1899 43/10 Loretta May
BAKER, Elmer189431/121Geo. Elmer ACTON, ae 3
BARD, Grace 1893 27/432 Grace BEAVERS, ae 6
BARNES, Dora Adella 1897 38/258 NO Name Change
BARRETT, Alta May 1882 13/198 Alta May HOLLAND
BARTHMAN, Martha Fay 1896 34/605 Martha Fay Williams, ae 7,
Heir of Julia P. BARTHMAN
BARTHMAN, Oliver P. 1896 34/605 Oliver P. WILLIAMS, ae 5,
Heir of Julia P. Barthman
BATES, John 1881 12/210 John MALONEY
BAUGHMAN, Hazel 1901 41/594 Pauline Isabelle DAVIS, ae 1
BAUMBER, Grace A. 1894 31/382 Grace A. GALVIN ae 4
BEATHARD, John Rosal 1892 28/11 NO Name Change
BEAVERS, Grace 1893 27/432 Grace BARD, ae 6
BEECHER, Charlotte Lucille 1900 47/2 Charlotte B. CRAWFORD, ae 9
BELL, Myrtie 1883 15/402 Myrtie BONNETT
BENEDICT, Doris 1898 43/11 Doris SWICKARD, ae 3
BENEDICT, Russell 1899 43/9 Russell SWICKARD, born 1897
BENNETT, Joseph 1895 31/569 Walter RANGER, ae 9
BIGELOW, Homer Ellsworth 1898 40/605 Homer Ellsworth NEWTON, ae 8 1/2
BIGELOW, Mary Elizabeth 1898 40/606 Mary Elizabeth NEWTON ae 12 1/2
BLUM, Walter 1892 28/75,76 Walter BROWN,
heir of John BROWN
BOESHANS, Hazel Lenore 1895 31/557 Hazel LENORE, ae 5
BOLEN, Lillie 1892 28/9 Lillie WILLIAMS
BOLHRIG, Emma 1894 31/378 Nelly TAYLOR
BONNETT, Myrtie 1883 15/402 Myrtie BELL
BOOTH, Carrie Ester 1894 30/590 heir of Kate BOOTH, age 8
BOTT, Frank 1900 41/587 Frank REITTER ae 16
BOWMAN, Clara Esther 1898 40/503 Clara Esther POTTER ae 4 mo.
BOWMAN, Ruth Ella 1898 40/505 Ruth Ella CROWNER ae 4 mo.
(Twins perhaps?)
BOYD, Marion Elizabeth 1894 30/454 Marion Elizabeth BRADLEY ae 6 wks
BRADLEY, Marion Elizabeth 1894 30/454 Marion Elizabeth BOYD, ae 6 weeks
BRENTLINGER, Gladys 1894 31/386 Carrie DAVIS
BROCKHOVEN, Harry Thomas 1899 43/37 Harry THOMAS ae 4
BRODBECK, Olive Gertrude 1885 17/79 Olive Gertrude THOMPSON,
heir of David J. Thompson
BROOKS, Rachel 1897 38/270 Rachel LACY ae 7
BROWN, Eugene 1898 40/502 Eugene PRICE ae 1 mo;
Lillian PRICE & John DELLAS
BROWN, Walter 1892 28/75,76 Walter BLUM;
heir of John BROWN
BUCK, Florence Anna 1896 34/429 Florence Anna SIMPKINS, ae 5
BUCKHOLZ, Anna B. 1882 13/379 Ella FARRINGTON
BUCKHOLZ, John 1882 13/382 NO Name Change
BUCKHOLZ, Lizzie 1882 13/380 Sadie FARRINGTON
BURNHAM, Martha Evaline 1899 43/32 NO Name Change; ae 14 mo.
BURNHAM, Ruth 1901 41/596 Ruth L. DYTON, ae 3
BURTON, Emma F. 1885 18/201 Emma F. SIMPSON, ae 9
BUSH, Florence 1900 47/9 Florence Bush PAYNTER ae 7 mo.
BUTT, Fannie Mary 1893 29/418 Fannie Mary ROCKWELL
BYNNER, Emma E. 1897 38/260 Emma Fern GROOM ae 8;
heir of Sherman & Nettie GROOM
BYRNER, Eleanor 1895 31/605 Eleanor GUYER ae 10
CADWALLADER, Mabel 1891 26/123 NO Name Change
CALDWELL, Mable 1891 27/113 NO Name Change; age 6;
heir of John CALDWELL
CALDWELL, Mary 1891 27/113 NO Name Change; age 10;
heir of John CALDWELL
CANDY, Lillie Ethel 1894 31/553 Lillie Ethel LASHER, ae 9
CANFIELD, Clara Worcester 1895 29/591 Clara Canfield WORCESTER;
Adoption reversed; see also V33/P19; heir of S.E. Jr. & Clara CANFIELD
CARPENTER, Mable 1893 28/508 Mable COONTZ; ae 13;
heir of Martha COONTZ
CASE, Willie 1882 14/183 Charlie W. SAGER
CASSUBE, Arthur 1900 47/7 NO Name Change; age 12;
heir of Julia CASSUBE
CHRISTE, Nellie 1898 40/562 Nellie THOMPSON ae 5
CLARE, Clarence188213/583Clarence Clare HILLS
CLARK, Katherine Agnes 1899 43/31 Katherine Agnes Clark PECKHAM Ae 8
CLARK, Virginia Elizabeth189943/8Virginia Elizabeth JACKSON; born Feb 1899
COCKRELL, Blanche189228/77NO Name Change; age 7
COLLINS, Stella Belle188416/97NO Name Change
CONKLIN, Carrie May189635/199NO Name Change; age 3
CONWAY, Vevie188416/159Janetta POTTER
COOK, Bertha187910/512Bertha PITTON nee COOK
COONTZ, Mable189328/508Mable CARPENTER; age 13;
heir of Martha COONTZ
COOPER, Harry189737/402Harry JONES ae 1 mo.
CORD, Grace189228/23Grace EVANS
COWGILL, Mary188112/478Anne AMMONDS
COWGILL, Wm. Harvey188314/499Wm. Andrew McDONALD
COYLE, Laura Groves189531/561Laura GROVES ae 8
CRAWFORD, Charlotte B.190047/2Charlotte Lucille BEECHER ae 9
CRAWFORD, Nyra Lucilia189531/563Nyra LUCAS ae 6
CRAWFORD, Odra May189947/23Odra May PAINE ae 5
CROW, Julia189943/38Julia LANG ae 6
CROWNER, Ruth Ella189840/505Ruth Ella BOWMAN ae 4 mo (see Clara BOWMAN)
CULVERWELL, Nellie Florence189531/573Nellie Florence EUKE ae 11
CURTIS, Hellena Irene189531/567Hellena Lucille SELBY, ae 2
DANENHOWER, Dorothy189430/84Dorothy OKEY ae 8;
heir of Isidor DANENHOWER
DAUGHERTY, Mable Beatrice189531/603NO Name Change; age 3
DAVIS, Carrie189431/386Gladys BRENTLINGER
DAVIS, James Waiter Tod190141/592Arthur LAMB ae 4
DAVIS, Pauline Isabelle190141/594Hazel BAUGHMAN ae 1
DELANEY, Alice189330/88Alice Delaney MORAN ae 7;
heir of Mary DELANEY
DELLAS, John189840/502Eugene PRICE=Eugene BROWN ae 1 - Mother; Lillian PRICE
DE POY, Clyde189330/90Clyde FETTERS ae 5;
heir of Anthony DEPOY
DEVAN, Ada Florence189228/256NO Name Change; age 13
DEVAN, Victoria189228/256NO Name Change; age 10
DEWITT, Phyllis Cornelia189430/413Phyllis Cornelia KECK; ae 6;
Heir of Oliva KECK
DONAHUE, Mary Florence189125/572Mary FLORENCE; born Jan 1891
DUNLAP, Marie Stanslus189943/42Marie Stanslus RAFFERTY ae 8
DYTON, Ruth L.190141/596Ruth L. BURNHAM ae 3
ECCLES, Edwin Johnston189330/94Edwin EVERY ae 14 mo;
heir of Eliza EVERY
EDMONDS, Chester Isaiah190141/595Chester LANNING ae 5 mo.
EDWARDS, Belle--heirs189430/415Clarence Adel YOUNG ae 3 weeks
EDWARDS, Lillian Shera189840/201Lillian SHERA ae 1 mo.
EISEL, William189227/104NO Name Change; ae 1
EMMERLING, Margaret189840/501Margaret Elsie KERN; ae 8 mo;
Heir of Margt. EMMERLING
ENDLEY, Lemuel188113/173William P. GRAFF
EPLEY, Charles Newton188416/242Charles Epley PATTERSON
ESWINE, Charles R.190139/602NO Name Change; ae 5
EUKE, Nellie Florence189531/573Nellie F. CULVERWELL, ae 11
EVANS, Armsford190047/16Armsford Evans FINNEGAN ae 12
EVANS, Bessie G.187910/296Bessie G. ADAMS, nee EVANS
EVANS, Charles Harrison190047/6Charles Harrison SWITZER ae 12
EVANS, Grace189228/23Grace CORD
EVANS, Harry Bradshaw188113/32NO Name Change
EVANS, Mary Rebecca189228/7Mary Rebecca KILE
EVANS, Minerva Frances188011/332NO Name Change
EVERY, Edwin189330/94Edwin Johnston ECCLES ae 14 mo;
Heir of Eliza Every
EWING, Bishop190141/597Bishop Ellsworth SURRELL
FAHERTY, Agnes189330/92Agnes RYAN, ae 3 weeks;
heir of Sarah RYAN
FARRELL, Ruth189531/571Ruth JOHNSON ae 1
FARRINGTON, Ella F.188213/380Anna BUCKHOLZ
FARRINGTON, Sadie188213/382Lizzie BUCKHOLZ
FAUCETT, Geneva189126/135Geneva ADKINS
FENSTERMAKER, Lulu189329/105NO Name Change
FERREL, Jefferson188112/90NO Name Change
FETTERS, Clyde189330/90Clyde DEPOY, ae 5,
heir of Anthony DEPOY
FIDLER, Nellie May Bette189843/4May FOURTH ae 2
FIELDS, Blanche Fern190141/589Bertie Leota WOOD ae 1
FIELDS, Winifred Ruth190047/18Winnie Marie DARE ae 9 mo
FINNEGAN, Armsford Evans190047/16Armsford EVANS ae 12
FLEMING, Alfretta190141/590NO Name Change; same page: Wm. Lynn JOHNSON ae 6
FLEMING, Florence C.189531/559NO Name Change; ae 2
FLEMING, Nellie Marie189328/249NO Name Change
FLORENCE, Mary189125/572Mary Florence DONAHUE; born Jan 1891
FORTNER, Myrtle190047/12Thelma Ellis STRUMPLE ae 1 mo
FOSTER, Elsy189228/29NO Name Change
FOSTER, Etta189228/29NO Name Change
FOURTH, May189843/4Nellie May Bette FIDLER ae 2
FROHENBERG, Anna189531/555Anna SCHENK ae 15
FROHENBERG, Katie189531/555Katie SCHENK ae 17
GAINER, Myrtle188416/561Poss. MERKLE; other same page
GALVIN, Grace A. 1894 31/382 Grace A. BAUMBER ae 4
GANON, Mary188113/28NO Name Change
GANON, Henry F.188113/28NO Name Change
GARNER, Belle188315/316NO Name Change
GARNER, Lucille Gertrude189943/35Lucille Gertrude VOLK, b Jul 1899
GARNER, Myrtle188315/316Myrtle ALTMAN
GAUER, Amelia Sophia189635/195Amelia S. HOEFER ae 9
GETREU, Maud May190047/1Maud May MOSS ae 12
GIBBARD, Charles Allen188415/492Charles ALLEN
GILBERT, Joseph Orlando188213/418Joseph Orlando REMINGTON
GILL, Hazel Margaret189840/507NO Name Change; ae 2
GILLETT, Ralph190047/2Ralph LYNN ae 2
GITHENS, Mary190047/24Mary WEINLAND ae 15
GOBLE, Chester Wm.189533/605John RUBY
GOODIN, Fay Alice189126/249NO Name Change; ae 9
GOULDNER, Frederick Lee190047/18Frederick SWANK ae 8
GOULDNER, James Francis190047/19James F. SWANK ae 10
GRAFF, William P.188113/173Lemuel ENDLEY
GRAHAM, Floyd Lefler189738/272Floyd LEFLER ae 7
GREEN, Maud May189126/251NO Name Change; heir of Alexander GREEN
GREY, Emma189329/571Emma WRIGHT
GROOM, Emma Fern189738/260Emma E. BYNNER ae 8;
heir of Sherman & Nettie GROOM
GROOMS, Edgar Palmer189738/12Homer PALMER
GROVES, Laura189531/561Laura Groves COYLE ae 8
GUNKLE, Bertha189129/419Maud MITCHELL
GUYER, Eleanor189531/605Eleanor BYRNER ae 10
HAFER, Lucy Elizabeth188416/559Lucy Elizabeth PALMER
HAINES, Katie189632/270Katie HISCHKE ae 3 mo
HALL, Charles189738/266NO Name Change
HALL, Edna H.188314/356Edna H. WALTON
HARDING, Violet Marie190047/11Ada Helen HOWE ae 2
HARRIS, Florence Louise189327/434,Jennie MADDEN ae 2, adoption nullified
HART, Raymond Bertrand189840/560NO Name Change; ae 6 mo
HEDRICK, Loretta May189943/10Loretta May ASHENFELTER ae 1
HENNEKE, Amelia189126/77NO Name Change;
heir of Kate HENNEKE
HENNIS, Joseph Leo189840/561Joseph Leo SAGSTETTER ae 3; Heir of Clara HENNIS
HESCHKE, Anna Greta189330/86Anna JUDSON ae 2 mo
HESSE, John Adolf189329/105NO Name Change
HIGGINSON, Gertrude B.189840/500Gertrude B. Schreiner ae 10
HILL, Mary189947/21Mary H. WAGNER ae 6
HILLS, Clarence Clare188213/583Clarence CLARE
HISCHKE, Katie189632/270Katie HAINES ae 3 mo
HITE, Eva Goldie189531/549NO Name Change
HOEFER, Amelia S.189635/195Amelia Sophia GAUER, ae 9
HOLLAND, Alta May188213/198Alta May BARRETT
HOMMEDIAN, Ethel188517/143NO Name Change; heirs of Bell HOMMEDIAN
HOMMEDIAN, Wallace H.L.188517/143NO Name Change; heirs of Bell HOMMEDIAN
HORNET, Edna189435/286Edna Pearl MINNICK ae 6
HOWE, Ada Helen190047/11Violet Marie HARDING ae 2
HUMMERICH, Jacob W.18613/432adopted female
HUTCHINS, Annie188213/548Florence Mabel RANDALL
HYLE, May189228/25May Hyle LYNAS
INGALLS, Mary189227/111NO Name Change; ae 7
JACKSON, Helen189431/384Helen LITCHFORD ae 2
JACKSON, Peter189737/402NO Name Change
JACKSON, Virginia Elizabeth189943/8Virginia E. CLARK b Feb 1899
JOERDING, Charlotte189635/197Charlotte ANDRE ae 20
JOERGER, Chester A.189947/8age 3 weeks
JOHNSON, Frank190141/586Frank WILSON ae 6
JOHNSON, Ruth189531/571Ruth FARRELL ae 1
JOHNSON, Wm. Lynn190141/590NO Name Change; ae 6; Alfretta FLEMING
JOHNSTON, Alexander - heirs188315/117Minnie ULRICH
JONES, Cora189737/402NO Name Change
JONES, Harry189737/402Harry COOPER ae 1 mo
JONES, Mary189843/7Ethel PARISH ae 6
JONES, Willie Julia190050/247Edith Mae SWELLY ae 2
JOYA, Chester189328/253Chester SIBLEY; heir of Mary JOYA
JUDSON, Anna189330/86Anna Greta HESCHKE ae 2 mo
KARNES, John189125/442John PRICE; ae 3; heir of Adelia KARNES
KECK, Phyllis Cornelia189430/413Phyllis Cornelia DEWITT; ae 6; Heir of Olivia KECK
KEHM, Francis Wm.189840/604Geo. Martin LOCKE ae 4 mo; heir Of Martin G. LOCKE
KELLER, Joseph188113/169Charles SCHMIDT
KELLY, Anna Bell190147/606NO Name Change; ae 1 mo
KELLY, Florence C.189943/13Florence C. SPITLER ae 11
KELLY, William E.189943/13Wm. E. SPITLER ae 5
KENNEDY, Helen189327/100Helen MOORE ae 6
KERN, Margaret Elsie189840/501Margaret EMMERLING; ae 8 mo; Heir of Margt. EMMERLING
KILE, Mary Rebecca189228/7Mary Rebecca EVANS
KING, Bessie189531/607Lila Bessie VINT ae 3
KINGRY, Edward Elijah188112/550Edward Elijah MEACHAM; heir of Mary MEACHAM
KINGRY, Lavestie Edna188315/13Samuel MINER's heirs
KINSER, Anna189327/436NO Name Change
KLEINLEIN, Wilbur David189943/14NO Name Change; born Dec 1898
KNODERER, Maribel189227/75Maribel SAVIER ae 8
KOEHLER, Anna188213/371Anna KUEBRICH
KOEHLER, William188213/372William KUEBRICH
KRIM, Earl189943/5Earl Dean KRIM
KUEBRICH, Anna188213/371Anna KOEHLER
KUEBRICH, William188213/372William KOEHLER
LACY, Rachel189738/270Rachel BROOKS ae 7
LAMAN, Alice189740/31Alice Marie TIPTON ae 1
LAMB, Arthur190141/592James Walter Tod DAVIS ae 4
LANG, George189943/34NO Name Change; ae 16
LANG, Julia189943/38Julia CROW ae 6
LANNING, Chester190141/595Chester Isaiah EDMONDS ae 5 mo
LASHER, Lillie Ethel189431/553Lillie Ethel CANDY ae 9
LEFLER, Floyd189738/272Floyd Lefler GRAHAM ae 7
LEGER, Helen E.189840/498Helen TAYLOR ae 5 mo
LENORE, Hazel189531/557Hazel lenore BOESHANS ae 5
LITCHFORD, Helen189431/384Helen JACKSON ae 2
LOCKE, George Martin189840/604Francis Wm. KEHM; ae 4 mo; Heir of Martin G. Locke
LUCAS, Nyra189531/563Nyra Lucilia CRAWFORD ae 6
LUCKS, Charles 188112/410Albert John SMELTZER
LYNAS, May Hyle189228/25May HYLE
LYNN, Ralph190041/2Ralph GILLETT ae 2
McCORMICK, Clarence189840/205Clarence SMITH ae 3 mo
McDONALD, Wm. Andrew 188314/499Wm. Harvey COWGILL
McDONNEL, Minnie May189943/36Minnie May ROBYae 10
McDOWELL, Ethel189840/87NO Name Change; ae 3
McEWEN, Goldie188314/500NO Name Change
McHENNA, Oscar Earl190047/14Oscar TEVLIN ae 5
MADDEN, Jennie189327/434,Florence Louise HARRIS ae 2; nullified 1900
MALONEY, John188112/210John BATES
MARTIN, Nellie Hazel189328/252Nellie Hazel SHEAF
MAY, Nellie189634/427Nellie May MORTON ae 1-1/2
MEACHAM, Edward Elijah188112/550Edward Elijah KINGRY; heir of Mary MEACHAM
MEALHEIM, Gertrude M.189126/452Cora Margaretha STINE ae 10
MEINSON, William188517/105William MUELLER
MENELEY, Adelia188011/499NO Name Change
MENGER, Frances189740/33Blanche Edna STUMP ae 5; heir of Eva May STUMP
MICKEL, James188011/332NO Name Change
MILLER, Charles Henry189430/584Henry Gordon PINNEY, from Chicago
MINER, Samuel -- heirs188315/13Lavestie Edna KINGRY
MINNICK, Edna Pearl189435/286Edna HORNET ae 6
MITCHELL, Maud189129/419Bertha GUNKLE
MOEHL, Sylvia Celia189130/586Sylvia Celia SHEEHAN ae 3
MOEHN, Harrold189328/255Geo. Harrold SHROCK ae 3
MOORE, Helen189327/100Helen KENNEDY ae 6
MORAN, Alice Delaney189330/88Alice DELANEY ae 7; heir of Mary DELANEY
MOREHEAD, Susan A.188113/31Eva May REDMAN
MORGAN, Mary Jane189431/551Lee Fay SHRIVES ae 2 mo
MORTON, Nellie May189634/427Nellie MAY ae 1-1/2
MOSS, Maud May190047/1Maud May GETREU ae 12
MUELLER, William188517/105William MEINSON
MUTISPAUGH, Charles189430/588Geo. Clyde WILLIAMS
MYERS, Benjamine R.187911/37Herman PITKELOW
NAGLE, Pearl189430/195Pauline Adele SCHNEIDER ae 5; heir Of Geo. M. & Josephine NAGLE
NEISWANDER, Ella189738/272NO Name Change
NEUNER, Carl Otto189634/425Dewitt T. WOLFREY; parents named
NEWTON, Homer Ellsworth189840/605Homer Ellsworth BIGELOW ae 8-1/2
NEWTON, Mary Elizabeth189840/606Mary Elizabeth BIGELOW ae 12-1/2
NIENKIRCHEN, Clarence Louis189329/499NO Name Change
OARE, Sanford Brownlee190047/13Sanford Brownlee SOKOFF ae 5
OARE, Winnie Marie190047/18Winifred Ruth FIELDS ae 9 mo
OKEY, Dorothy189430/84Dorothy DANENHOWER ae 8; heir of Isidor DANENHOWER
ORB, Anna C.189840/497Anna C. RUSH ae 8 mo
ORMES, Ada Belle189943/15Ada Belle STAGGS ae 6 mo
OVERBECK, Doris Lydia 190147/607Ruth RITTER ae 1 - Elizabeth
PAGE, Mabel Beatrice189531/565Mabele Beatrice SMULLEM, ae 14
PAINE, Odra May189947/23Odra May CRAWFORD, ae 5
PALMER, Eliza Ruth188416/558Eliza Ruth ASHBAUGH
PALMER, Homer189738/12Edgar Palmer GROOMS
PALMER, Lucy Elizabeth188416/559Lucy Elizabeth HAFER
PARISH, Ethel189843/7Mary JONES ae 6
PARSONS, Marie Maud189126/450NO Name Change
PATNO, Willie189738/264Willie WOLF ae 4
PATTERSON, Charles Epley188416/242Charles Newton EPLEY
PATTERSON, Philip D.188113/29NO Name Change
PAYNTER, Florence Bush190047/9Florence BUSH ae 7 mo.
PECKHAM, Katherine Agnes 189943/31Katherine Agnes CLARK ae 8 - Clark
PHILLIPS, Maria189228/27NO Name Change
PHILLIPS, Olive189228/27NO Name Change
PICKERING, Daisy May188112/90heir of Jennie PICKERING
PINNEY, Henry Gordon189430/584Chas. Henry MILLER from Chicago
PINNEY, Ida M.189843/6NO Name Change; ae 14
PINNEY, Maud188113/126NO Name Change
PITKELOW, Herman187911/37Benjamine R. MYERS
PITTON, Bertha187910/512Bertha COOK
PORTER, Doris189738/266Doris Nevada WARE ae 6 mo
POTTER, Clara Esther189840/503Clara Esther BOWMAN ae 4 mo (see Ruth BOWMAN)
POTTER, Janetta188416/159Vevie CONWAY
PRETTYMAN, Harry189738/262NO Name Change; born Mar 1897
PRICE, Eugene189840/502Eugene BROWN ae 1 mo; Lillian PRICE; John DELLAS
PRICE, John189125/442age 3; John KARNES, heir of Adelia KARNES
PRICE, Lillian189840/502same page; Eugene PRICE
QUIMBY, Adaline H.187910/200Adaline RICHARDSON; heir of Sarah J. Richardson
RADLEY, Joseph188314/347NO Name Change
RAFFERTY, Marie Stanslus189943/42Marie Stanslus DUNLAP ae 8
RANDALL, Florence Mabel188213/548Annie HUTCHINS
RANGER, Walter189531/569Joseph BENNETT ae 9
RANNEY, Oliver189126/382NO Name Change
REASONER, Elmer189738/268Elmer URY ae 14
REDMAN, Bessie G.189227/106Bessie G. RYAN ae 2; heir of James RYAN
REDMAN, Eva May188113/31Susan A. MOREHEAD
REITTER, Frank190041/587Frank BOTT ae 16
REMINGTON, Joseph Orlando188213/418Joseph Orlando GILBERT
RICE, Jeremiah18593/9J. & L. WILSON
RICHARDSON, Adaline H.187910/200Adeline H. QUIMBY heir of Sarah RICHARDSON
RITTER, Ruth190147/607Doris Lydia Elizabeth OVERBECK Ae 1
ROBINSON, Daisy187910/201Daisy SPADE
ROBY, Minnie May189943/36Minnie May McDONNEL ae 10
ROCKWELL, Fannie Mary189329/418Fannie Mary BUTT
ROCKWELL, Jennie Bell188517/589Jennie Bell WOLCUTT
RODERICK, Nanna189738/258Nanna Etta ALLEN
ROEDELSBERGER, Lizzie -heirs189328/250Paulus THALER
RUBY, John189533/605Chester Wm. GOBLE
RUSH, Anna C.189840/497Anna C. ORB ae 8 mo.
RUSH, John189840/497NO Name Change
RUSH, Mary189840/497NO Name Change
RYAN, Agnes189330/92Agnes FAHERTY ae 3 weeks; heir of Sarah RYAN
RYAN, Bessie G.189227/106Bessie G. REDMAN ae 2; heir of James RYAN
SAGER, Charlie W.188214/183Willie CASE
SAGSTETTER, Joseph Leo189840/561Joseph Leo HENNIS ae 3; heir of Clara B. HENNIS
SAVIER, Maribel189227/75Maribel KNODERER ae 8
SCHENK, Anna189531/555Anna FROHENBERT ae 15
SCHENK, Katie189531/555Katie FROHENBERT ae 17
SCHMIDT, Charles188113/169Joseph KELLER
SCHNEIDER, Grace189431/380Grace STOCKDALE
SCHNEIDER, Pauline Adele189430/195Pearl NAGLE ae 5; heir of Geo. M. & Josephine NAGLE
SCHREINER, Gertrude B.189840/500Gertrude B. HIGGINSON ae 10
SCHREINER, Mary A.189840/500NO Name Change
SCOTT, Harry189327/436NO Name Change; born March 1893
SCOTT, Percy189227/102Percy STAFFORD ae 9
SCOTT, Wm. & Bertha heirs189227/102names not listed
SELBY, Hellena Lucille189531/567Hellena Irene CURTIS ae 2
SHEAF, Nelie Hazel189228/252Nelie Hazel MARTIN
SHEEHAN, Sylvia Celia189130/586Sylvia Celia MOEHL ae 3
SHERA, Lillian189840/201Lillian Shera EDWARDS ae 1 mo
SHIPE, Ida188517/83Ida SWENY
SHRIVES, Lee Ray189431/551Mary Jane MORGAN ae 2 mo
SHROCK, George Harrold189328/255Harrold MOEHN ae 3
SIBLEY, Chester189328/253Chester JOYA, heir of Mary JOYA
SIMPKINS, Florence Anna189634/429Florence Anna BUCK ae 5
SIMPSON, Edmund188518/202Edmund SMITH, ae 4; heir of Jennie V. SMITH
SIMPSON, Emma F.188518/201Emma F. BURTON ae 9
SMELTZER, Albert John1881 12/410Charles LUCKS
SMITH, Clarence189840/205Clarence McCORMICK ae 3 mo
SMITH, Edmund188518/202Edmund SIMPSON, ae 4; heir of Jennie V. SMITH
SMITH, Henry188011/499NO Name Change
SMITH, Mary Ethel189126/474Mary Ethel SPANGLER ae 6; heir of Lucy W. SMITH
SMULLEM, Mabele Beatrice189531/565Mabel Beatrice PAGE ae 14
SOKOFF, Sanford Brownlee190047/13Sanford Brownlee OARE ae 5
SOPHER, William188113/126NO Name Change
SPADE, Daisy187910/201Daisy ROBINSON
SPADE, Henry W.187911/49 NO Name Change
SPANGLER, Mary Ethel189126/474Mary Ethel SMITH ae 6; heir of Lucy W. SMITH
SPENCER, Freddie188417/107Freddie STEFFIN
SPITLER, Florence C.189943/13Florence C. KELLY ae 11
SPITLER, William E.189943/13William E. KELLY ae 5
STAFFORD, Percy189227/102Percy SCOTT ae 9
STAGGS, Ada Belle189943/15Ada Belle ORMES ae 6 mo
STEFFIN, Freddie188417/107Freddie SPENCER
STEWART, Helen189840/506Helen SUYDAM ae 7
STINE, Cora Margaretha189126/452Gertrude M. MEALHEIM ae 10
STOCKDALE, Grace189431/380Grace SCHNEIDER
STRUMPLE, Thelma Ellis190047/12Myrtle FORTNER ae 1 mo
STUMP, Blanche Edna189740/33Frances MENGER ae 5; heir of Eva May STUMP
SUEDELBACH, Mary Josephine189327/77NO Name Change; ae 2
SURRELL, Bishop Ellsworth190141/597Bishop EWING
SUYDAM, Helen189840/506Helen STEWART ae 7
SWANK, Frederick190047/18Frederick Lee GOULDNER ae 8
SWANK, James F.190047/19James Francis GOULDNER ae 10
SWARBRICK, William189126/125William Swarbrick WINNARD
SWELLY, Edith Mae190050/247Willie Julia JONES ae 2
SWENY, Ida188517/83Ida SHIPE
SWICKARD, Doris189843/11Doris BENEDICT ae 3
SWICKARD, Russell189943/9Russell BENEDICT born 1897
SWITZER, Charles Harrison190047/6Charles Harrison EVANS ae 12
TAYLOR, Ella189840/498NO Name Change
TAYLOR, Helen189840/498Helen E. LEGER ae 5 mo
TAYLOR, Nelly189431/378Emma BOLHRIG
TEVLIN, Oscar Earl190047/14Oscar Earl McHENNA ae 5
THALER, Paulus189328/250Lizzie ROEDELSBERGER heirs
THOMAS, Harry189943/37Harry Thomas BROCKHOVEN ae 4
THOMPSON, Nellie189840/562Nellie CHRISTE ae 5
THOMPSON, Olive Gertrude188517/79Olive Gertrude BRODBECK, heir of David J. THOMPSON
TIPTON, Alice Marie189740/31Alice LAMAN ae 1
ULRICH, Minnie188315/117Alexander JOHNSTON heirs
URY, Elmer189738/268Elmer REASONER ae 14
VINT, Lila Bessie189531/607Bessie KING ae 3
VOLK, Lucille Gertrude189943/35Lucille Gertrude GARNER born July 1899
WAGNER, Mary H.189947/21Mary HILL ae 6
WALTON, Edna H.188314/356Edna H. HALL
WARE, Doris Nevada189738/266Doris PORTER ae 6 mo
WEIDLE, Frederick Nicholas190047/4Nicholas WEIDLE ae 4
WEIDLE, Nicholas190047/4Frederick Nicholas WEIDLE ae 4
WEINLAND, Mary190047/24Mary GITHENS ae 15
WHITE, Mabel189329/94NO Name Change
WILLEKE, Fredk. & Barbara 189738/274no names given - heirs
WILLIAMS, George Clyde189430/588Charles MUTISPAUGH
WILLIAMS, Lillie189228/9Lillie BOLEN
WILLIAMS, Martha Fay189634/605Martha Fay BARTHMAN ae 7; heir of Julia P. BARTHMAN
WILLIAMS, Oliver P.189634/605Oliver P. BARTHMAN ae 5; heir of Julia P. BARTHMAN
WILSON, Frank190141/586Frank JOHNSON ae 6
WILSON, Harley J.189531/575NO Name Change; ae 16 mo
WINNARD, William Swarbrick189126/125William SWARBRICK
WINNING, Pearl Anderson188314/347NO Name Change
WINSTAFFER, Thomas Williard188416/158NO Name Change
WOLCUTT, Jennie Bell188517/589Jennie Bell ROCKWELL
WOLF, Anna E.189738/264NO Name Change
WOLF, Willie189738/264Willie PATNO ae 4
WOLFREY, Dewitt T.189634/425Carl Otto NEUNER; parents named
WOOD, Bertie Leota190141/589Blanche Fern FIELDS ae 1
WOOD, Clyde R.190141/591Clyde R. ANDERSON ae 4
WOOLLEY, Harold Dean189529/587NO Name Change
WORCESTER, Clara Canfield189529/591Clara Worcester CANFIELD; Adoption reversed; see also V33 P19, heir of S.E.Jr.& Clara CANFIELD
WRIGHT, Emma189329/571Emma GREY
WYLIE, Frank E.189329/94NO Name Change
YOUNG, Clarence Adel189430/415Belle EDWARDS heirs; ae 3 weeks
YOUNG, Leona May 1900 47/5 Leona ANDREWS ae 5

Submitted by Don Ort at [email protected] on 10/25/98.