Fayette County, Ohio - Marriages

Fayette County, Ohio Marriages

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ALLEN, Samuel m: Sophia LATTIMER, Aug. 10, 1823

ANDERSON, Thomas m: Josephine WILLIAMS, July 11, 1865

ANDERSON, Mahlon m: Helen FULTON, 1856

ARMSTRONG, George m: Catherine Edge ELLIS, Oct. 16, 1845 [2nd Wife]

ARMSTRONG, John m: Elizabeth PARRETT, Mar. 25, 1817

AYSIE, Samuel m: Lettie A. FULTON, 1886

BAILEY, Burton m: Harriet TIMMONS, Sep. 18, 1820

BALDWIN, William D. m: Ella K. COOK, Jan. 28, 1878 - His Biography

BARNES, John L. m: Sally L. FORD, 1867

BARNETT, Hiram m: Mary McARTHUR, Apr. 1, 1823*

BART, Charles m: Lois FULTON, 1908

BINEGAR, James m: Rebecca SIMMONS, Jun. 15, 1848 *

BOSTWICK, Adoniram m Roxanna or Roxennia BUCKLEY, 10 Dec 1822

BRECTEL, Milton Jesse m: Margaret Leone FORD, 1929

BUSH, Enoch m. Mary N. BUSH  28 Jan 1836  
SOURCE: IGI, Edition 1988, Batch/Sht#M513021, Lib. Call#292630.  Fayette County, Ohio, CERT of Marriage #1228,
Vol. B. pg. 76.  The New Testament, Enoch Bush Family Bible.

BUSH, Enoch to Mary Jane Coyner BRYAN, 22 Aug 1869
SOURCE: IGI, Edition 1988, Bach/Sht#M510322, Lib. Call#292631.)

BRYANT, Absalom m: Margaret McARTHUR, Feb. 11, 1830*

BRYANT, Absalom m: Milcha Ann McARTHUR, Apr. 20, 1849*

BURNETT, Thomas m: Ania Z. FORD, 1908

CAREY, Thomas m: Elizabeth CLEVENGER, Dec. 18, 1828 [2nd Wife]

CARR, Roy m: Erma FORD, 1905

CASEBOLT, Harrison m: Rachel ARCHER, Sep. 9, 1845

CHAFFIN, Solomon m: Elizabeth McARTHUR, Oct. 21, 1830*

CLIFTON, Isaac m: Nancy RITCHIE,RITCHEY, Aug. 29, 1848*
                  (found in Pickaway Co., Ohio queries. Submitter: David Ritchie - DRitchie@SE-Iowa.net)

COCKERILL, William S. m: Phebe MOONEY, Feb. 22, 1824

CONNETT, Abraham m: Nancy REES, Dec. 31, 1832

CONNETT, James m: Catherine REES, Mar. 7, 1834

CONNETT, Joseph m: Mary WITTY, Jan. 25, 1826

COX, James m: Sarah FORD, 1874

CREAMER, Simeon m: Elizabeth CONNER, Apl. 24, 1823

CREAMER, Vertia m: Bessie FULTON, 1902

CROSS, Warren H. m: Effie FULTON, 1884

DALE (DEAL), Jacob m: Jane POWELL, Sep. 18, 1853

DAVIS, Edward m: Fanny BURSON, Nov. 16, 1823

DAWSON, Thomas B. m: Anne WOOD, Mar. 12, 1829

DAWSON, Thomas B. m: Elizabeth Ann DEVALON, Aug. 14, 1845

DAWSON, William m: Eve Ann HEDRICK, Jul. 3, 1844

DICK, Morgan Maurice m: Hannah Minerva BUCHANAN, 2/12/1857
Submitter: Sharon Johnson, Paws63@aol.com

DONOHOE, Riley m: Belle GRASS, 1893
[Vol 5, Page 354]

ECKLER, Pearl G. m: Mary FULTON, 1904

EISTO, Stanford m: Ada FORD, 1896

FANSHER, David H m: Susan GRASS, Aug. 4, 1880

FANSHER, Isaac m: Rebecca MILLER, 1847
[Vol C, Page 110]

FANSHER, James m: Charlotte L. SCOTT
[Vol 1, Page 802]

FIETHORN, Samuel m: Mary O. FORD, 1872

FLAGG, Clarence m: Helen FORD, 1922

FLYMIRE, Orval m: Osle M. FORD, 1910

FORD, Albert m: Lucile RAPP, 1905

FORD, Ambrose m: Nora JOHNSON, 1885

FORD, B. Bert m: Ida J. SETH, 1898

FORD, C. L. m: Mary El EAVER, 1928

FORD, Charles m: Maude E. SHOOP, 1911

FORD, David m: Martha WRIGHT, 1893

FORD, Francil C. m: Olga STARKEY, 1924

FORD, Frank m: Viola May BOWMAN, 1904

FORD, Franklin P. m: Bertha C. JOHNSON, 1896

FORD, George m: Mary Ellis BUCKMAN, 1856

FORD, George S. m: Susan R. LETT, 1880

FORD, Granville C. m: Frostie M. WHEAT, 1907

FORD, John W. m: Susan E. PAR, 1914

FORD, Lafayette m: Etta HARPER, 1887

FORD, Lee R. m: Geraldina L. WALKER, 1924

FORD, Milliard m: Narcissa GRIFFITH, 1854

FORD, Ralph R. m: Elsie SHERWOOD, 1923

FORD, Robert S. m: Catherine E. HUDSON, 1937

FORD, Samuel S. m: Mary Eliz BROWN, 1853

FORD, Thomas m: Lizzie Jane CURRY, 1921

FORD, Thomas m: Esther V. HEAD, 1917

FORD, Thomas m: Laura KUTH, 1879

FORD, Thurston m: Ethal WALSH, 1929

FORD, Hezekiah m: Ella REAVES FORD, 1897

FORD, W. B. m: Della CARTWRIGHT, 1914

FORD, Wallace m: Nora LANSFORD, 1914

FORD, William m: Ellassa STEWARD, 1882

FORD, Zebulon m: Laura Helen WILLIAMS, Jan. 24, 1865

FOSTER, Lan m: Florence LOOFBOURROW, 1913
#14353 "19" page 448

FRANK, John m: Martha J. FULTON, 1863

FULTON, Alvin m: Rena DECK, 1908

FULTON, David R. m: Dorothy OGDEN, 1846

FULTON, Frank T. m: Anna Laura KING, 1898

FULTON, Harry m: Annie BARKLEY, 1890

FULTON, Henry m: Maggie HUGHES, 1882

FULTON, Henry m: Lattuce PANCOAST, 1846

FULTON, J. m: Eliza A. GRIFFITH, 1862

FULTON, Jefferson D. m: Laura A. FULTON, 1892

FULTON, Mahlon A. m: Ella A. MARTIN, 1902

FULTON, Napolean m: Rachel E. WILLIAMS, 1872

FULTON, Scott m: Ozilla ADDUX, 1892

FULTON, Sherman m: Faye NULT, 1906

FULTON, Shreve W. m: Libby HARRISON, 1872

FULTON, Thomas m: Eliza A. SMITH, 1874

FULTON, Wade m: Harriett THOMLINSON, 1850

FULTON, Wade m: Mary E. STEVENSON, 1873

FULTON, Wade m: Scicoto TAYLOR, 1875

FULTON, William m: Eliza LOOFBOURROW, Nov. 19, 1811

FULTON, William A. m: Sarah STANLEY, 1874

FULTON, William J. m: Anna M. DARK, 1877

FULTON, Wm A. m: Nancy J. ALLEN, 1868

GARRINGER, Frank E. m: Maude FULTON, 1897

GILLIAM, William F. m. Mary Elizabeth MORRIS 22 oct 1840
The person that sent me this record also has a scanned copy of the license.  if you are interested, e-mail me.

GRAHAM, Hoyt m: Alice Marie LOOFBOURROW, 1917
#15161 "10" page 293

GRASS, John m: Mary FLINT, 1879
[Vol 3, Page 284]

GRASS, William m: Alice PYLES, 1879
[Vol 5, Page 473]

GREGORY, John m: Caroline DAWSON, Jan. 19, 1843

GROVE, Noah m: Mary GRASS, 1887
[Vol 4, Page 417]

HALL, Jas M. m: Martha E. FORD, 1915

HANNAMAN, George m: Polly  (?) , Nov. 1812

HAMILTON, Jesse m: Minerva CAREY, Aug. 8, 1854

HARRISON, Michael m: Rachel Rupert , Aug. 27, 1822 ; married by David Cranan, JP.

HENDERSON, Nathen T. m: Miss Katherine LARKIN, October 22, 1826
Source:" Marriage certificate" Linda Hardman

HAWKINS, William m: Mary Ann COOVER, Jan. 22, 1839

HIPPLE, Jessie m: Laban FULTON, 1908

HISE, Edwin m: Della FULTON, 1901

HISER, Harry H. m: Ethel Ida FORD, 1919

HOLOCOMB, Bartley BC m: Sylvia May FULTON, 1897

JENKINS, George m: Annie FORD, 1890

JENKS, Oscar m: Mary Iva FORD, 1931

JONES, Charles m: Sylvia FORD, 1930

JONES, Isaac m: Doracy BARLY, Jan. 27, 1836

LANDON, Thomas A. m: Mary J. HUKILL, Oct. 15, 1826*

LEWIS, William Harvey m: Rebecca Jennie WILLIS, Feb. 9, 1864

LeWRIGHT, Bennet P. m: Narcissa LOOFBOURROW, 1838
#1390 "B" page 117

LeWRIGHT, Edmond W. m: Helen L. LOOFBOURROW, 1838
#1385 "B" page 115

LINDSEY, George m: Nancy FULTON, 1898

LOOFBOURROW, J. G. m: Mary Jane GREGORY, 1840
#1551 "B" page 153

LOOFBOURROW, Lemuel m: Alta E. CLARRIDGE, 1887
#8537 "4" page 372

LOOFBOURROW, Nathan m: Hannah PANCOAST, 1813
#111 "A" page 23

LOOFBOURROW, Orlando m: Frances G. DeLANY, 1838
#1501 "B" page 142

#4776 "1" page 713

#57 "A" page 12

MADDOX, Thos S. m: Geraldine FORD, 1937

MARINE (see below.  Note from Nancy M. Dickinson)

MARK, Adin Emmett m: Anna May RODGERS, Jan. 1, 1879

MARK, Allen Lathan m: Frances KIRKPATRICK, Aug. 17, 1845

MARK, John m: Polly LOOFBOURROW, 1839
#1440 "B" page 127

MARK, W. Matthew m: Hanna KIRKPATRICK, Aug. 21, 1842

MARPOLE, Jared m: Sarah CONNETT, Jul. 11, 1833

MARTIN, Nelson m: Sarah Ann FORD, 1858

MARSHALL, Joseph m. Elizabeth BRANNAN,  Nov 6,  1916 at Washington Court House, Fayette Co, OH.  Signed by Frank M. ALLEN, Judge of the Probate Court and by Clara C. ALLEN,
Deputy Clerk.

MATSON, Joseph m: Maria CAREY, Feb. 1, 1849

McGAFFERTY, James W. m: Polly FULTON, 1877

MELVIN, Eli m: Margaret Elizabeth HUKILL, Sep. 10, 1846

MILLER, Jesse m: Lina D. FORD, 1908

MILLER, John m: Adaline ORR WARD (a widow), Jun. 21, 1857 - Found here: Miller Family

MILLER, John W. m: Susan E. MARK, Feb. 21, 1867

MILLER, Robert m: Mariah BURNETT, August 7, 1851

MILLER, Thomas m: Christiana DAWSON, Mar. 7, 1839

MILLER, William A. m: Lucy E. FORD, 1877

MOORE, Thomas m: Mattie FORD, 1892

NOBLE, Thomas Pollock m: Mary Eleanor McARTHUR, Apl. 24, 1879 *

NORRIS, E. S. m: Emma FULTON, 1890

PARKE, Joseph m: Annette LOOFBOURROW, 1859
#3953 "1" page 294

PHILLIPS, Harley C. m: Margaret Leone FORD, 1930

POWELL, John m. Mrs. Mary MILLER   4 May 1826

PURSELL, Charles W. m: Anna FORD, 1880

SHERRY, John m: Nell FORD, 1887

SLAGLE, Charles Albert m: Rachel F. MARK, Oct. 3, 1877

SMITH, Milan Lewis m: Mahala ARMSTRONG, Mar. 11, 1838

SMITHSON, Albert H. m: Annie FANCHER, 1879
[Vol 3, Page 326]

SMYTHE, Samuel m: Sophronia LOOFBOURROW, 1834
#1127 "B" page 59

SNIDER, Charles O. m: Stella FORD, 1910

SPANGLE, Edison m: Lissie GRASS, 1885
[Vol 4, Page 253]

STAFFORD, Young m: Polly HEATH, Dec. 16, 1819

STEWARDSON, Charles m: Edith Winfred FORD, 1909

STICKLEY, Joseph m: Eliza A. FULTON, 1879

SUNDERLAND, William F. m: Barbara Ann POST, Oct 10,1846

SYFORD, Morgan m. Sarah FREEMAN  11 OCT 1869

TERRY, Anthony T. B. m: Sarah E. LOOFBOURROW, 1858
#3772 "B" page 203

THARP, O. W. m: Grace FORD, 1908

THIEL, Simon P. m: Bernice FORD, 1919

TOBIN  See below for all the Tobin Listings I have found (note from Nancy M. Dickinson)

TRUITT, Thurman m: Stella FORD, 1916

WHITE, William m: Phebe FULTON, 1867

WILLIAMS, James L. m: Nancy STOCKTON, 1847

WILLIAMS, James M. m: Sarah Jane ROEBUCK, 1851

WILLIAMS, John m: Sarah DAWSON, Aug. 26, 1828

WILLIS, Addison m: Minnie FULTON, 1909

WILLIS, Thomas N. m: Margaret WELLER, Nov. 29, 1922

WILSON, William C. m: Alice FULTON, 1877

WOOD, Joel m: Sarah PRICE, May 8, 1814

TOBIN Marriages in Fayette County:
The number/number following the year of their marriage is the Book/page that the marriage is in in the Fayette County Archives.

Abraham Tobin m. Miriam Sanderson 1869 2/153
Ancil Tobin m. Sadie Bray 1897 6/179
Charles B. Tobin m. Maude Mavle Mace 1902 7/341
Grover C. Tobin m. Gertrude Bock 1913 9/444
Henry C. Tobin m. Mary Ann Creamer 1853 C/310
Harley Jacob Tobin m. Gertie Evlee Whitmore 1899 7/96
John W. Tobin m. Laura Null 1867 2/44 (note... John W. is the youngest son of Abraham and he is the only one of their children that was born in OH. The next youngest child, Lucinda Tobin was 7 years old in the 1850 Census and born in VA. John was 1 yr and born in OH.)
Jackson Tobin m. Mary West 1873 2/340
James Tobin m. Elizabeth Severs 1874 3/36
Leander G. Tobin m. Nancy A. Tobin 1878 3/215 (note... there is a note that Leander is marrying the widow of his deceased brother. In a few more lines you will see that Samuel Tobin married a Nancy Hixon in 1864. I cannot find a record of his death to confirm that this is his widow.)
Madison Tobin m. Laura J. Ottinger 1867 2/35
Oliver S. Tobin m. Sue H. Williams 1876 3/149
Samuel D. Tobin m. Nancy Hixon 1864 1/605
Urban C. Tobin m. Rena Hendrickson 1890 5/195
Urban C. tobin m. Stella E. Shirk 1910 9/132

Annie Tobin m. John Shurr 1866 1/758
Armilda Tobin m. Isaac Cory 1885 4/239
Constance Tobin m. Glenn Vannorsdall 1911 9/218 (Constance is my Grandmother's sister. My Grandmother, Marie Louise Tobin, is not listed here as she and my Grandfather, Charles C. Marine, married in Covington, KY as she was a schoolteacher and they wanted to keep their marriage a secret so she could go on teaching for a little while.)
Della Tobin m. George Barnes 1907 8/328
Emily Tobin m. James Hixon 1861 1/413
Emma Tobin m. George Flowers 1877 3/174
Ella Tobin m. Clifton Vaughn 1897 6/159
Lucinda Tobin m. Nathan Brock 1869 2/167
Lizzie Tobin m. Eli Lambert 1880 3/385
Leotie Tobin m. Charles E. Keller 1891 5/231
Mary C. Tobin m. thomas E. Greer 1860 1/345
Mary A. Tobin m. William Goldsberry 1870 2/191
Mabelle Tobin m. Fred Marchant 1906 8/195
Nancy A. Tobin m. Leander G. Tobin 1878 3/215
Stella Mae Tobin m. Glenn Frazell 1903 7/429
Zella Edith Tobin m. Elmer L. Tracy 1899 7/70

MARINE marriages in Fayette County:

Again, the format is Name m. Name year of marriage then book/page

Charles E. Marine m. Lillie Moore 1920 10/430
David E. Marine m. Belle Adams 1882 4/80
Edward marine m. Margaret Geller 1851 C/257
Elton Marine m. Sallie West 1912 9/323
Jeremiah B. Marine m. Huldah J. Post 1899 7/14
Lemuel E. Marine m. Mary Hawkin 1888 5/28
Robert Marine m. Serepta Turbus 1837 B/119
Robert Marine m. Della Harper 1892 5/297
Russell Marine m. Lettie Critzer 1901 7/272
William Marine m. Nora Jean Ross 1867 2/63

Alsina H. Marine m. Harvey Farmer 1878 3/260
Addie Marine m. Don McCoy 1914 9/479
Cora may Marine m. William S. Bonham 1898 6/187
Mary Marine m. Hatfield Wright 1851 C/233
Nannie Marine m. C.P. Cripps 1877 3/155
Sallie E. Marine m. John W. Cripps 1871 2/235
Sarah Marine m. Jacob M. Fetherlin 1872 2/285
Serepta C. Marine m. William A. Claar 1891 5/217
Theressa Marine m. Harold Brakefield 1902 7/313

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