Sugar Grove Cemetery
Located in New Martinsburg, Perry Township, Fayette County.

Courtesy of Trudy McCreary
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Page 1 Briggs, Samuel
Caylor, John
Cline, Elizabeth
Illegible, Eliza Jane
Page 2 Garinger monument
Garinger, Chlora M.
Garinger, Harold D.
Garinger, Ivah M.
Page 3 Garinger, Oliver E.
Garinger, Oliver O.
Meekin, Hannah
Page 4 Illegible
Post, Esker
Richards, Sarah
Richards, William
Page 5 Scott, Robert
Stedman, Ira A.
Sturgeon, Mary A.
Sturgeon, Robert
Page 6 Tracey, Jefferson
Wright, A.
Wright child

Posted 29 November 2004