Index to photos of tombstones in Sugar Creek Cemetery, Fayette County, Ohio
Sugar Creek Cemetery

Courtesy of Trudy McCreary
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Page 1 Blue, Garnet
Burnett, Samantha
Carr, Catherine
Carr monument
Page 2 Carr, Violette
Coil, Polly
Coil, Sarah M.
Colaw, Corise
Page 3 Colvin, John
Colvin, John
Colvin, Margaret
Colvin, James
Page 4 Fent, wife of
Glaze, Catherine

Glaze, Jacob
Page 5 Hawk, Hewnry S.
Heath, Sarah M.
Howardd, Emailine
Humes, Emma
Page 6 Humes, Frankie
Larkins, Mary
Manuel, Thomas
McLaughlin, Mary Ann
Page 7 Miller, Jacob
Miller, Charlise
Miller, Christe Ann
Miller, Christenah
Page 8 Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, George
Miller, Robert
Miller, Robert W.
Page 9 Miller, Susan
Miller, William
Mines, Druzilla
Prisley, William
Page 10 Pursely, Jacob
Pursely, Jasper
Pursely, Rachel
Pursely, Sophia
Page 11 Rankin, Cyrus
Rupert, Elizabeth
Rupert, Lucy Ann
Sexton, John
Page 12 Stitsworth, Josephn
Stitsworth, Catherine
Yeoman, Henry A.
Yeoman, Jasper
Page 13 Yeoman, Lacey
Yeoman, Olivia
Yeoman, Rachel
Yeoman, Bethiar
Page 14 Grove, Minnia
Glaze, John
Miller, Benjamin
Fuller, Jessie
Page 15  

Posted 10 December 2004