Photos of tombstones, Bloomingberg Cemetery, Fayette County, Ohio
Bloomingberg Cemetery

The Bloomingburg Cemetery is located located west side of SR 238 south of Bloomingburg, Paint Township.

cemetery view cemetery view

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Page 1 Allen, Capt. Ananias
Allen, Rachel
Gordon, Charles and Mary
Hayes, James
Klever, John
Page 2 Larrimer, Arthur R. (2)
Larrimer, Andrew and Almira
Larrimer, Anna E.
Larrimer, Edgar W.
Page 3 Larrimer, Bertha, Willard, Ellis and Herbert Larrimer, Elizabeth Jane
Larrimer, Henry and Rachel
Larrimer, Ray and Susan
Page 4 Larrimer, John and Esther
Larrimer, Ilo Wynn
Larrimer, Laura and Isaac
Larrimer, Ray and Susan
 Page 5 Larrimer, Ray and Susan (2)
Larrimer, Susannah
Larrimer, Thomas and Mary
Gordon, Charles and Mary
McClain, Alan H.
McClain, June
 Page 6 McClain, Caroline
McClain, John
Self, Harold W.
Shellabarger, Elizabeth
Page 7 Warner, Jean Lampe
Warner, John Warner, John and Maude
Warner, William Neal
Worrell, Isabell

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