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Ada Shepherd Autobiography

Submitted by Suzy Wilson


My Autobiography.

We were asked to write an essay which I
think is hard for the first time.
I am going to tell you as near as I can a
bout my life. To me it is a very interesting subject
but not very easy to write.

My mother was born in Huron, June 28, 1853.
My father was born in Venice Nov 18, 1852.
It is about three miles the other side of Sandusky.
He came to Huron when he was 17 years old
in 1869, and was married Jan 28, 1877.

To let you know what I am I will tell what my
parents are. No doubt but what they are Caucasions.
My mother is German and my father is Yankee.
His occupation in Spring and Summer is a
farmer and Winter is a cooper.
He hasn't any principle occupation.

I was born in the city of Huron, May 18, 1879.
This house is on corner Center and Van
Ransler Street and from there we moved into a
grocery store where Mr. Wikel's store is, and
afterwards we went into another grocery store
where Mr. Driver's store was, from there to Kelly's
Island to fish.

Our house was almost on the beach, and I
remember what on old house it was and what
a pile of rats they were in it. It was very pleasant
to me to have the lake in from of the house
and grape vinyards surrounding it, but they
did not belong to us.

We staid there six months when we returned
to Huron. We moved in Miss Haskins house by
the Methodist Church, as they were tenants in
our house, and my father went in Tin business
and in two weeks moved in our own house.

I cannot tell you very mucy that I did when
I was small, but I don't suppose I was any better
than any other child, and perhalps worse.
I remember that I stuttered so much "they say
it is because I talked too much" and when any
one was there I kept a talking so much they
had to put me in another room, then I would
talk just as loud as I could so they'd be sure
to hear me. (Its a good thing I don't talk as much now.)

I used to call brother chit-chit-Charley. I
stutter yet sometimes.
I never cried very much, but I guess I talked
enough to make up for that.
The prints of my teeth are on the window sill yet.

I think as much of my life as I know a
bout, I've had a very pleasant time,
And one great pleasure is to visit your friends
on a big farm when it takes you about
a week to go over it.

I will not describe any of my pleasures
for it would take up to much time.

I will now tell you some about my school life.
I went to the old school house before this
one was built.

I will now name my teachers, Miss Hall,
Miss Keifer, Miss Snyder, Mr. Gove, and Miss
Klasen who is my teacher now; I liked all my
teachers very well, but I liked Miss Klasen
the best.

I had a great many pleasures while I've
been to school and difficulties, such as,
Mensuration and Physical Geography.
I have been to a great many parties
and sociables, the past year and have had
a very pleasant time especially to the one
Friday night.

This is my first attempt to write an essay
but did not make a very good success of it
and hope to improve in my next essay.

Property of Ada Shepherd
Apr. 13, 1894 Ohio


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