Erie County Early Settlers!

Stephen Miller

Submitted by Leora Ferguson

Among the invaders at Windsor during the Canadian rebellion of 1837-38 was Stephen Miller, from Florence in this county. He was wounded in the engagement, and unable to escape with the main portion of his comrades; he crawled into a fence corner for safety, where he was found by the British soldiers. He was taken before Colonel Prince who was asked what should be done with the prisoner, to which he replied. with the heartlessness of a fiend "Shoot him,damn him!" Poor Miller begged for time to write a few words to his wife before he was separated from her forever, but that favor was denied him. He then asked to be allowed in an interview with some friend, that he might send a vital message to his family; and even this was ruthlessly refused, While the platoon was being found for his destruction, a Mr. James, defying the ferocity of Prince, rushed to his side and received his last words for his wife. With but little delay, the soldiers were placed, and a volley of musketry told the last of Miller's earthly career.



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