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A Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society since 1973

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Brief History of
East Cuyahoga County
Genealogical Society

In about 1970 Ann Bueltman, Florence Chambers and Virginia Billinghurst, all members of Western Reserve Historical Society, placed an ad in the local suburban newspapers inviting people who would be interested in researching their family histories to a meeting at the Bueltman home. Few responded to that first invitation; however, the second ad was more successful. Those early meetings were attended by 10-12 people, but the group quickly out-grew Annís home and the meeting place was changed to the South Euclid Library.

The group later met at the church on the corner of Wilson Mills and SOM Center Road in Mayfield and when it closed, moved to the Ross C. DeJohn Center in Mayfield Heights. In 2019 the group moved to Cuyahoga County Public Library, Mayfield Branch at 500 SOM Center Road.

In 1973 forty-four genealogists requested and received a Charter from the Ohio Genealogical Society. One of those founders, Nancy Turo, is still a member of ECCGS.

Over the years 25 of our members have served as Presidents. They are: Ann Bueltman (1973-74), Howard Wilcox (1974-75), Florence Chambers (1975-76), Nancy Turo (1976-77), Eleanor Smith (1977-78), Louise Gilliss (1978-80), John Entsminger (1980-81), Marsha Chenin (1981-83), Ronna Bryant (1983-85), David Thorpe (1985-87), Jean (Clough) Schoonover (1987-89), Willea Atkinson (1989-91), Theodore Ray (1991-93), Dale Jackson (1993-94), Jennifer Sacher (1994-96), Regis Campbell (1996-98), Lucinda Newton (1998-2000), Brent Morgan (2000-03), Vicki Vigil (2003-06), Joellen OíNeill (2006-08), Marilyn "Mac" Sauer (2009-11), Lois Wheeler (2012-2014), Karen Ewers McHugh (2015-2017), Lila Kliot (2018), Stacie Murry (2019-present).


        Mildred Bach Pearl Lewton
        Doris Beaukman Mary McConocha Woloszyn
       Virginia Billinghurst Florence Main
       Barbara Blaser Marian Mapes
       Betty Blosser Hazel Miller
       Anna Bueltman Jean Miller
       Florence Chambers Robert Morgan
       Janet Clarke Evelyn Nee
       Meredith Colket Mary Paterson
       Kenneth Dean Carolyn K. Perry
       Catherine Evans Elaine Piccino
       John Grey Iona Schmid
       Betty Grissinger Eleanor Smith
       Dorothy Hamilton Ella Tallman
       Donald Icke Evelyn Taub
       Erma Ilig Nancy Turo
       Ruth Jones Wilson Vanderlip
       Lacy Kincannon Betty Warman
       Nannette Kline Robert Watson
       Frank Kruzman Howard Wilcox
       W. J. Lantz Mary Clare Yarham
       Dorothy Laurianti Sue Ellen Yatsko
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