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Delaware County Lookup Volunteers

Thank you for visiting the Delaware County GenWeb site. This is a new page set up to give assistance to researchers who live outside the area, and need your help.
If you would like to volunteer to do lookups, contact me here at Email Robert M. Sizelove, Sr.
These email links are provided for your research, please be courteous and understanding with those who have volunteered their time to do simple lookups. They are folks who have big hearts and will try to help you, but remember, they like the rest of us, have jobs and families. So request may take time, please be patient with them.

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Special Lookups
Robert Sizelove  I spent some time visiting Hunt Cemetery, in Harlem Twp. It's located at the corner of Green-Cook Rd & Center Village Rd. Maps show Wickiser Cemetery couple driveways east of this cemetery, on the south side of road. While in the area, I talked to three different residents in the area asking for directions or any knowledge of the location of Wickhieser/Wickiser Cemetery. No one residing in this area that I talked to knew anything about this cemetey. Would appreciate hearing from anyone that has knowledge or location. Is it extinct or just hard to find? Thanks, Robert - 15 July, 2008
Jean McPherron   I need someone to find out where my ancestor Jemima Cook (wife of Ziba Cook) was buried. I believe she died in Delaware County, Ohio in 1847. I don't know where, and I'm guessing the date is too early for good records. Or is it? She is the daughter of Jacob Cooke IV, who lived and died in Washington County,PA. She and her husband with their little family moved to Ohio (Richland, Knox, and apparently Delaware) in about 1815 or so, and Ziba died in Knox County (no gravesite -- I've looked). But Jemima survived him by a dozen years or so, and is said to have died in Delaware. I know there are some nieces and nephews who died there (Cookes) and are buried in the Old Delaware (?) Cemetery, but I can't find Jemima. There is one Jemima listed on the internet in a cemetery, but she was born way too late -- probably another niece or distant cousin. Jemima was born about 1760 and died in 1847. Any help would be so useful. I have been searching for years. Thanks, Jean McPherron - 8 Jan. 2009

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