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Naturalizations Card Index
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Located at the Cuyahoga County Archives in Cleveland, Ohio, this card index contains 53,414 cards. Volunteers of CAGG, the Computer Assisted Genealogy Group (Northeast Ohio), transcribed and then proofed the cards. The Archives are checking the correct court if none was listed on the cards and any other question that may show up when entering the information from the cards. This information will be added when it is received.

When requesting a copy of a naturalization document from the Archives you should provide the following information: the person's name, date of declaration and/or date of naturalization, and the reference to the relevant volume, by name, e.g. DOA, DOAM, NB, and to the appropriate volume and page numbers. Persons can communicate with the Archives by mail, or visit in person, at 2905 Franklin Blvd. N.W. Cleveland, Ohio 44113; or they can make a request by telephone (216) 443-7250, fax communication (216) 443-3636, or by e-mail, [email protected]. The Archives hours are 8:30 to 4:30.

Our thanks and appreciation to the CAGG members who are working on this project. In alphabetical order, Margaret Babb and Sister, Donna Blaha, Steve & Betty Bloom, Jerry Burkinshaw, Bill Chown, Kay Collinwood, John & Shirley Dailey, Virginia Dawson, Bill Frank, Judy Gilbert, Terry Gillespie, Irene Hamilton, Clint Hart, Dorothy Hertzel, Jean Hoffman, Wally Huskonen, Bob Minnich, Alice Monroe, Ray Pagel, Al Schempp, Ed Singler, Carol Skulina, John & Sandy Stoika, Claire Sutton, Rose Marie Swafford, Cynthia Turk, Lee Twitchell, Mike Volker, Joe Vondruska. Technical assistance by Dick Rose and Holly Timm.

  1. Aabye to Abt
  2. Accorsini to Addison
  3. Adelman to Agurk
  4. Ahein to Albright
  5. Alchieri to Allwood
  6. Almareon to Ampt
  7. Amster to Anderson, C.
  8. Anderson, D. to Andexter
  9. Andolek to Anter
  10. Anthony to Arfano
  11. Arff to Arnoff
  12. Arnold to Ashdown
  13. Asher to Aufmuth
  14. August to Azzarello
  15. Aabye to Abt
  16. Bain to Banchert
  17. Band to Barren
  18. Barrett to Bassauer
  19. Bassett to Bebenroth
  20. Becaj to Beinker
  21. Beischlag to Benicz
  22. Benigar to Bergenstein
  23. Berger to Bershlis
  24. Bert to Biko
  25. Bilan to Black
  26. Blackburn to Blufstein
  27. Bluhm to Boewka
  28. Bogacki to Bonifant
  29. Bonig to Boughton
  30. Bouille to Brandon
  31. Brandt to Bretzer
  32. Breuer to Brooker
  33. Brookes to Brumling
  34. Brun to Buffington
  35. Bugadzsia to Burlovic
  36. Burmaester to Bytsura
  37. Cabala to Campion
  38. Campolo to Carni
  39. Carolan to Cazella
  40. Cbula to Chalupecky
  41. Chamberlin to Chirtia
  42. Chishalm to Cifranic
  43. Ciganko to Clinton
  44. Cloeson to Colecchio
  45. Coleman to Conroy
  46. Conser to Cornlett
  47. Corns to Craik
  48. Crain to Cultrono
  49. Cuming to Czuth
  50. Dabac to Dariezzo
  51. Darmody to Day
  52. Dayorilli to Delsonno
  53. Deluca to Deutelbaum
  54. Deutsch to Dierker
  55. Diermayer to Diwe
  56. Dixen to Domanski
  57. Domaradski to Doucha
  58. Dougherty to Driscoll
  59. Driscoll to Dunkel
  60. Dunlap to Dzvoncsko
  61. Eadeh to Eibn
  62. Eich to Elton
  63. Elwell to Erenst
  64. Ererson to Ezri
  65. Faath to Farraona
  66. Farrel to Feldman
  67. Feldscher to Fialko
  68. Fiander to Finz
  69. Fiocco to Flattery
  70. Flaum to Forkas
  71. Forman to Franke
  72. Frankel to Freundx
  73. Frew to Friez
  74. Friggens to Fyhr
  75. Gaa to Gallagher
  76. Gallas to Gasiorowski
  77. Gaskell to Geigliotta
  78. Geil to Geraci
  79. Geradine to Gerson
  80. Gerstein to Giblin
  81. Gibson to Gillrich
  82. Gilmartin to Glantz
  83. Glanz to Glover
  84. Glowacki to Golder
  85. Goldfaden to Gordler
  86. Gordon to Grabski
  87. Grac to Greblunas
  88. Greco to Grief
  89. Grieger to Gross
  90. Grossart to Guhre
  91. Guiazdowski to Gyurn
  92. Haab to Hahn
  93. Haider to Hameroff
  94. Hamill to Hansis
  95. Hanson to Hart
  96. Hartel to Hauzer
  97. Hava to Hehtmer
  98. Heib to Hemming
  99. Hempe to Hermanek
  100. Hermann to Hiffernan
  101. Higgins to Hlavac
  102. Hlavacek to Hoffman, Hugo
  103. Hoffman, Ike to Holztrager
  104. Homa to Horvath, Joseph
  105. Horvath, Jozef to Hravnak
  106. Hrazdil to Huey
  107. Huge to Hutley
  108. Hutman to Irwin
  109. Isaac to Jaenke
  110. Jaffa to Janocky
  111. Janos to Jeglie
  112. Jehlik to Johansson
  113. John to Jones, Richard
  114. Jones, Robert to Junger
  115. Jungman to Kalan
  116. Kalapos to Kapicka
  117. Kapl to Kasgsak
  118. Kashin to Kavan
  119. Kavanagh to Keller
  120. Kelley to Kepic
  121. Kepka to Kilbane
  122. Kilcoyne to Kirton
  123. Kirtz to Klein, Isaac
  124. Klein, Isidor to Klimo
  125. Klinc to Knific
  126. Knight to Koch, Frank
  127. Koch, Fredreick to Kohn, Dana
  128. Kohn to Komber
  129. Komchugo to Koren
  130. Korencan to Kostinek
  131. Kostner to Kovsca
  132. Kowach to Krall
  1. Kramar to Kreinkamp
  2. Kreisberg to Krlic
  3. Krnac to Krzywkowski
  4. Ksenich to Kuiper
  5. Kujanek to Kurka
  6. Kurlander to Kyttler
  7. Laakso to Lanesi
  8. Lang to Lasecki
  9. Lash to Lawrinson
  10. Lawson to Leibka
  11. Leibling to Lerner
  12. LeRoy to Lewel
  13. Lewicki to Lincis
  14. Lind to Llewellyn
  15. Lloyd to Lorber
  16. Lorch to Ludlee
  17. Ludvik to Lyuteran
  18. Maahs to Magen
  19. Magera to Malacha
  20. Malafa to Mandel
  21. Mandelbaum to Marek
  22. Marello to Marshalla
  23. Marshick to Masek
  24. Maselock to Matuse
  25. Matusik to McAlpine
  26. McAndrew to McDonagh
  27. McDonald to McGregor
  28. McGrew to McMahon
  29. McMaim to Meier
  30. Mieghan to Merrick
  31. Merrigan to Michael
  32. Michaelis to Miler
  33. Miles to Milligan
  34. Milliken to Mitschke
  35. Mitses to Mondok
  36. Mondrzecki to Morgan
  37. Morganto to Mraz
  38. Mrazek to Mulloy
  39. Mullur to Mzik
  40. Nabakowski to Necid
  41. Neckar to Netzel
  42. Neu to Niec
  43. Niedbala to Novack
  44. Novak to Nyquist
  45. Oakley to Oezek
  46. O'Farrell to Omsiak
  47. Onda to Osher
  48. Osherowsky to Ozwald
  49. Pabst to Panitanis
  50. Panka to Passol
  51. Passov to Paxton
  52. Pay to Pelich
  53. Pelik to Perzewski
  54. Pesata to Petrash
  55. Petre to Philion
  56. Philip to Pindar
  57. Pinder to Platzner
  58. Plavan to Pollack
  59. Pollak to Pour
  60. Pousart to Priday
  61. Priebe to Prussac
  62. Prutton to Quinley
  63. Quinlivan to Rahotino
  64. Raibert to Raus
  65. Rausch to Reiches
  66. Reichle to Renbold
  67. Renk to Richmond
  68. Richter to Ringstmeier
  69. Rini to Rocco
  70. Rochalski to Romel
  71. Rominski to Roskopf
  72. Rosoff to Rovere
  73. Rowans to Rusch
  74. Rusesin to Rzanca
  75. Saad to Salerno
  76. Sales to Santoni
  77. Santore to Schmigle
  78. Schmigotzki to Schoeller
  79. Schoen to Schue
  80. Schuelein to Schusterman
  81. Schuszler to Scotland
  82. Scott to Seits
  83. Seitz to Sharofsky
  84. Sharp to Shoos
  85. Shore to Sills
  86. Silpe to Sindelar
  87. Singer to Skotko
  88. Skowanski to Slowikowski
  89. Slusarczyk to Smith, Tom
  90. Smith, Victor to Sojka
  91. Sojovic to Soukup
  92. Soulek to Spisak
  93. Spissmann to Stanczuk
  94. Stane to Stefani
  95. Stefaniak to Stepe
  96. Stephan to Stilson
  97. Stimpfel to Strank
  98. Strasser to Studzenski
  99. Stulla to Sturman
  100. Susa to Swendsen
  101. Syezeinski to Szombathy
  102. Taake to Taw
  103. Taxtor to Testen
  104. Teta to Thompson
  105. Thoms to Tocse
  106. Tod to Topka
  107. Topolski to Trefny
  108. Tregob to Tuck
  109. Tucker to Uhler
  110. Uhlich to Ustach
  111. Uszczek to Vane
  112. Vanecek to Vercek
  113. Verderber to Vitkovicx
  114. Viton to Vondrak
  115. Vondrasek to Wagner, John
  116. Wagner, Josef to Walsh, John
  117. Walsh, Joseph to Wartha
  118. Warton to Weedon
  119. Weeks to Weismann
  120. Weiss to Wenger
  121. Wentenbauar to Whiteley
  122. Whittaker to Wilk
  123. Wilkings to Wind
  124. Winkel to Wlecke
  125. Wodisky to Wolff
  126. Wolinski to Wrubell
  127. Wukjebs to Yost
  128. Young to Zakrzewski
  129. Zakszewski to Zele
  130. Zeleczky to Zimerman
  131. Zimmer to Zoya
  132. Zrahm to Zywerzyk

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